30 Fresh WordPress Themes in Various Layouts

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Most of the cases a potential customer will have to look through to your business via your website. Subsequently your website can make or kill your business. You have to ensure that your website both contains aesthetically strong and pleasing content and a very user friendly interface. Primarily you should go for five of the main features that can attract any possible customer towards your service. These are: Responsive design, Colorization capabilities, and good browser compatibility with the support of an advanced option panel. It is also important to maintain a sleek design and a trend of basic styling which will strip out all the unnecessary elements, thus the customer can pay his/her attention solely towards the content with minimal distraction. Accomplishing the balance between the essential and minimal contents is not an easy task to perform, but it is the magic of an efficient content designer to emphasize the minimal styling design of your website.

Nowadays the developers are creating some amazingly new ways to manipulate wordpress into all kinds of useful websites. As new wordpress themes are releasing day by day with added features. WordPress users can be benefitted to boost up their websites and blogs via an enormous community which is spreading its branches around in the very popular open source content management system. I, myself have always a soft corner for an excellently designed and a well forged blog with relevant collections of images, videos and blog posts with a simple yet effective design. And in my opinion wordpress is simply incomparable. It’s very useful for any type of website and most interestingly it is supported by most of the popular browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera etc. Avoid such themes which do not back up features like email support and periodic updates.

We have previously featured 100 Beautiful responsive WordPress themes.

In this article we showcased 30 fresh wordpress themes in various layouts worthy of paying attention.

1.   Hydra

2.   Fine Food

3.   Humble

4.   Nexus

5.   Tumblepress

6.   Nucleus

7.   Bloggie

8.   Volcano

9.   Spacing

10. Scoreme

11.  Lucid

12.  Jai

13.  Raiden

14.   Eris

15.   Point

16.   Bellum

17.   Mosaico

18.   Petrichor

19.   Aggregate

20.   Simpl

21.   Grandnews

22.   Opus

23.   Reporter

24.   Studio960

25.   Grunge

26.   Magzimize

27.   Praenoto

28.   Blogdrops

29.   Official

30.  Anthology


This is a guest post by +Debarshi Ghosh Dastidar. Debarshi is a creative writer and web design enthusiast. He is a WordPress fanatic and likes free flat wordpress themes more than anything.

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