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100 Beautifully Designed Responsive WordPress Themes

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100 Beautifully Designed Responsive WordPress Themes

Responsive WordPress themes are designed to render perfectly on any screen size, resolution and device. This simply means that you can focus more on the better aspects of your website without worrying about how and where your visitors choose to access your site. Today, websites are displayed on tablets, mobile devices, laptops, big screens, home computers, and applying and tweaking a WordPress responsive theme ensures that your website doesn’t disappoint at any time. With WordPress responsive themes, you do not need to worry about tweaking, updating or applying some extra code as the specific theme is your all in one solution. In light of this, responsive themes have become widely popular across the globe, and good news is that most of them can be used by both beginner and advanced users. To make this easier, most of these responsive themes are complete with detailed documentation, and if that doesn’t work, there’s always the prolific customer support or online forums to count on. Listed below are our top 100 WordPress responsive themes, and we hope they help you make a perfect choice. Lucid [ Demo Link ] Glamour is a magazine style WordPress theme that features a multi column homepage display, and allows visitors to browse through your content the way they want. Its responsive layout allows it to be rendered on any screen size, resolution or device, and is tagged with a host of features including shortcode compatibility, powerful options panel, unlimited Google fonts, translation ready and Adsense and SEO optimized. Trim [ Demo Link ] Just as the name reveals, Trim by Elegant theme is a fully responsive WordPress theme that is clean, minimalistic and exquisitely designed. Created to suit beginners and advanced users alike, Trim comes list of extensive features includes secure and valid code, unlimited color schemes and unparalleled support, complete localization, cross browser and shortcode compatibility and complimentary page templates. SimplePress [ Demo Link ] If you’re looking to uplift your website with a clean and professional look, SimplePress is an excellent choice. This fully responsive WordPress theme is appointed with an uncluttered homepage that features clear hierarchy and an elegant Javascript slider. Some of its appealing features include responsive design, theme options, shortcodes, and page templates. Avada [ Demo Link ] Avada is a fully responsive and retina ready WordPress theme that comes loaded with an overwhelming number of perks. Some of its most notable features include 5 header designs, intelligent admin panel, custom shortcodes and options, unlimited colors and fonts, and retina ready. Flexible [ Demo Link ] Flexible by Elegant Themes is a sleek and minimal WordPress theme that is equipped with plethora of features including font customizer, perpetual updates, unlimited color schemes, cross browser compatibility, unparalleled support, page templates and much more. Reveal [ Demo Link ] Reveal is a fully functional and responsive WordPress theme that is designed to look great no matter what screen size, resolution or device it is displayed on. Some of its appealing features are responsive layout, theme options, custom widgets, logo upload, button shortcodes, video support, Google Web Fonts and cross browser compatibility to name a few. Hero [ Demo Link ] Hero is a minimal and clean responsive WordPress theme that is specifically designed for individuals who want to showcase their best work in the best way. The most appealing characteristic of this theme is probably its parallax homepage banner, but there are also others such as slideshow shortcode, custom widgets, localization support, filterable portfolio, logo upload and responsive layout. SmartStart [ Demo Link ] SmartStart WP is a clean yet powerful responsive theme...

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60 WordPress Gallery Plugins

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60 WordPress Gallery Plugins

WordPress gallery plugins are a great way for blog publishers to boost the visual effect of their blog, and in today’s day is an absolute essential for photographers and artists looking to showcase their best work on their WordPress websites. These plugins help exemplify the artists work in the best light, and integrate seamlessly with your existing blog design. Listed below are the most popular WordPress gallery plugins that will be an excellent addition to any WordPress blog or website. NextGen [ Demo ] After nearly 8,000,000 million downloads, the NextGen Gallery speaks for itself. It’s one of the most robust plug-ins to use and is appointed with a plethora of display options that are suited for the novice and professionals. This template by NextGen allows you to customize, resize and seamlessly add a thumbnail gallery to your WordPress blog/website. Some of its features include responsive layout, control slideshows, change thumbnail size, backgrounds, borders and spacing. FlippingBook [ Demo ] FlippingBook is a convenient way to create a photo gallery on your blog. It seamless leafs out the pages and coverts it into an enviable album that is interactive and is easy to use with no extra navigation or interface. WP Easy Gallery [ Demo ] By installing WP Easy Gallery, users can set custom dimensions, sort order of images, include multiple galleries, and even short codes for easy integration. With an easy to use interface, this plugin is a preferred by many definitely publishers with several bug fixes to improve its usability. RoyalSlider [ Demo ] With RoyalSlider, you get a powerful content slider and powerful image gallery that creates staggering image galleries with photos from Flickr or your image gallery. Its core features include touch compatibility with Windows 8, Android and iOS. SlideDeck2 [ Demo ] This gallery plugin allows you to create appealing content sliders without any coding. Embed your own custom HTML, add video and text or simply grab funnel content from Instagram, RSS feeds or YouTube. OmniGallery [ Demo ] OmniGallery allows you to easily add photos from Picasa, Facebook, Pintinterest and Instagram with as simple to use interface. All you have to do is select the post page where you would like your gallery displayed and then simply select OmniGallery. Lazyest Gallery [ Demo ] The laziest gallery plugin simplifies the process of adding captions, comments and descriptions to all the photos of the album. When moving the photos from one location of the blog to another, the plugin safeguard and preserves the information associated with the individual photos. Fancybox [ Demo ] Fancybox is a versatile interface that lets offers you a plethora of customizing options. This plugin uses J-query by default that can be applied to posts, sidebar etc. Awesome Flickr Gallery [ Demo ] This fast, simple and seamless plugin provides a clean way of customizing Flickr galleries. It supports both private and public photos and is SEO friendly so your photos are ready for the web when you are. uSquare [ Demo ] This square grid interface displays your content in a unique way, and can be used for blog posts, designs, services, or anything you desire. The live folder includes 3 edits of the original file so you can see if this plugin works for you. DZS ZoomFolio [ Demo ] ZoomFolio is the ultimate gallery plugin for WordPress and the possibilities are literally endless from boasting your vacation photos to recent posts on your blog. Showcase [ Demo ] Showcase refines your current WordPress bland gallery and makes the whole process of ordering, uploading and editing your...

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Does ElegantThemes Deserve to be the Best Theme Developer?

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ElegantThemes has become one of the most popular WordPress theme marketplaces. The company currently sells over 80 unique and exclusive premium themes. The themes are also packed with additional features, including shortcodes, a variety of theme options and page templates. This functionality is why ElegantThemes is so well matched with ThemeMask. About ElegantThemes There are many theme marketplaces for WordPress, so it can be difficult to know which to trust. Here are a few reasons why ElegantThemes products are rated so highly. Powerful ePanels Theme Options ElegantThemes products all come with a variety of settings that can be edited without touching a line of code. If you don’t understand PHP, HTML and CSS, or just want to edit settings quickly, the Elegant Themes control panel makes customizing your site much easier. Whether you want to change a color scheme, edit the navigation panel, alter the layout of your site or manage SEO options, many settings can be customized with the ElegantThemes ePanel. Even if you’re a professional web designer, being able to edit settings quickly is always welcome. Drag and Drop Page Builder Page Builder is another bonus of using an ElegantThemes product. By using Page Builder, you can edit the layout and design of your posts without knowing HTML. Complex layouts, which are usually difficult to create in WordPress posts, are easy to achieve in the drag-and-drop way. Predefined Page Templates With most themes, if you want to add a gallery or sitemap page you need to install an additional plugin. Standard themes often don’t support multiple page templates. Elegant Themes products do support this feature, and you can switch between them simply by selecting from a list. Layouts for each page can also be set individually. Examples of page templates include image galleries, contact forms, member login pages and full width pages. Page templates provide a much greater control over how your content is displayed. Large Shortcodes Collection ElegantThemes products include shortcodes for buttons, boxes, toggled and tabbed content, slideshows and image sliders. You can also create columns with shortcodes and add author info to a post. Variety of Layouts ElegantThemes understand that WordPress is far more than just a blogging platform. Many of the company’s themes aren’t designed for basic blogs. Magazine themes, for example, are perfect for large content sites that display a variety of media. Portfolio themes are far less cluttered, and are designed to show off recent projects with a simple and crisp design. Whether you’re using WordPress for a blog, multimedia portal or personal site, there’s sure to be an ElegantThemes product that fits your requirements. Cheapest Price Scheme Unlike most theme companies, ElegantThemes is priced on a yearly subscription basis. Instead of paying $80-100 for just one theme, a $39 per year subscription to ElegantThemes provides access to all 80+ themes in the directory. That means you are just paying less than $0.5 per theme. Excellent Support It doesn’t matter how secure and reliable a theme’s code is – there’s always a chance of problems during installation or usage. ElegantThemes provides excellent and fast support, along with regular updates. If you have a problem, the support staff will help you to overcome it as quickly as possible. Unlike other theme providers, which often let their themes become outdated when WordPress is updated, ElegantThemes believes in longevity. While you’re a member, you have access to the latest versions of each theme. All themes are updated if they become incompatible with WordPress, so you’ll never be forced to run old or unsecure versions. ThemeMask on ElegantThemes Several years ago WordPress sites were mainly...

Read More – One of a kind WordPress Theme Review Site

Posted by on Oct 1, 2009 in Latest News, Wordpress and Blogging Tips | 7 comments

Today, I would like to announce the launch of a wordpress theme directory site that is so different from other theme directories that you have seen! Here, I proudly present that I have been working on for months! In my journey of designing WordPress themes for more than a year, I have downloaded more than 200 WordPress themes to gain insight of how other designers code the themes in order to improve my own skill. During this period, I have found themes using clean coding standard as well as those which are badly designed. It is quite impossible to tell if a theme has clean coding just by looking at the theme itself. You might get some clues from the source code but few people understand the meaning behind the coding. This is when I think, hey, why don’t I create a system to review the WordPress themes? My next task was to find the WordPress theme directories in the industry and see what others do. Not to my surprise, I have found tons of the theme directories from the Google search. Of all the sites, 95% are listing free WordPress themes while the rest are listing premium WordPress themes or the combination of the two. I visited the sites and most of them are quite disappointing. It seems that the site owners published free themes that are also available in other directories without putting any effort to review them. There is only one site ( which provides some review for a theme. I have written about this site and it’s scoring method few months ago. I found the tests used by Themespreview useful and have included some of them in the tests on ThemeGrade. However, there is something about Themespreview’s tests that are missing. Nothing has been told about how well a theme was optimized for search engines. It has a test about W3C compliance but there are more things that could be tested in a theme to see if the theme is well-optimized for SEO purpose. I decided to build a site similar to Themespreview with added tests and features. It is easy to understand how works. Let me explain the layout a bit and some of the key features below: Layout Explained 1. Top Slider This is the section listing the premium WordPress themes from top designers. If you like the theme, you can click on the shopping cart icon to purchase them. 2. Featured WordPress Themes This section features high standard FREE WordPress themes from top designers. 3. WordPress Theme Showcase All the themes, free or premium are listed in the lower part of the site. Features Explained 1. User-friendly Theme Search The themes are grouped into many categories that it would be easy to find the themes of your choice. Are you looking for a 3-column magazine style themes that are free? Simply select “3 columns”, “Magazine Style”, “Free” and click on the search button and the themes will be shown in the result page! 2. Theme General Test Each and every one of the WordPress theme listed on ThemeGrade has undergone comprehensive tests. The general tests of a theme give you an idea of how well the designer coded the theme. When pass, the score will be added to the General test. Taking the passed score and divide it with the total tested score and you’ll get the general test score of the theme. 3. Theme SEO Test The SEO tests of a theme give you an idea of how well a theme had been optimized for search engines. When pass,...

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My Themes’ CSS Structure

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WordPress is a powerful CMS program that is capable of turning a complicated graphic design into a web page. You can see a list of 50 stunning template designs that are running on WordPress here. The design of these websites may look complicated but if done in an organized way, they aren’t really hard to code. From the designers’ perspective, a website can be divided into 5 main sections: Background Header Content Sidebar Footer There are several elements found in the main sections where you can define the styles. The styling of each elements can be controlled in the css file. Normally, we name it style.css. Different designers have their own ways of doing it. I’ll show you how I configure my CSS file in an well-organized way. I made it easy to understand so you can modify the styles of each element without much difficulties. Open any of my themes’ style.css file and you’ll see that I grouped them into 9 categories: General Layout Header Menu Content Sidebar RSS and Search Comments Widgets The elements found in each category below are general items and differ from theme to theme. 1     General This section include general elements like body font and link style, image alignment, font size of H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, blockquote style, break line(hr), field input style etc. body{;} img {;} a {;} a:hover {;} h1 {;} h2 {;} h3 {;} h4 {;} h5 {;} h6 {;} p {;} hr {;} del {;} ins {;} blockquote {;} input,select,textarea {;} code{;} .alignleft {;} .alignright {;} .aligncenter,div.aligncenter{;} img.alignleft {;} img.alignright {;} img.centered {;} .clear {;} .spacer {;} 2     Layout This section controls the image and position of the background, header, menu, content, sidebar, RSS and footer. /********** LAYOUT **********/ #base{;} #menu{;} #header{;} #container_btm{;} #container{;} #content{;} #sidebar1{;} #sidebar2{;} [if the theme is 2 column, sidebar2 is not needed] #rss_search{;} #footer{;} #footer a{;} 3     Header This section controls the position and text style for the blog title, blog tagline (subtitle) and the header image position. /********** header *************/ #blogtitle{;} #blogtitle a, #blogtitle a:hover {;} #subtitle {;} #header img.home {;} 4     Menu This section controls the display of the page menu link which can normally be found in the header. /************* MENU ***********/ #menu ul {;} #menu ul li {;} #menu ul li a {;} #menu ul li a:hover{;} #menu ul li.current_page_item a {;} 5     Content This is where the content section is defined. You can change the setting of the normal or the sticky post, post title, post date and the page information. /************* content *************/ .archivetitle {;} .post{;} .sticky{;} .post_title{;} .page_title{;} .post_title a,.post_title a:hover,.page_title a,.page_title a:hover{;} .post_date{;} .post_date_d {;} .post_date_m {;} .post_author{;} .post_author a{;} .entry{;} .info {;} .category {;} .tags {;} .bubble {;} .navigation {;} .navigation {;} .sorry {;} 6     Sidebar Control the everything related to the sidebar which includes the image position, text, links and fields styles etc. /************ sidebar ************/ #sidebar1 {;} #sidebar1 a{;} #sidebar1 a:hover {;} #sidebar1 ul {;} #sidebar1 li {;} #sidebar1 h4 {;} #sidebar1 ul ul li {;} #sidebar1 select{;} #sidebar2 {;} #sidebar2 a{;} #sidebar2 a:hover {;} #sidebar2 ul {;} #sidebar2 li {;} #sidebar2 h4 {;} #sidebar2 ul li{;} #sidebar2 ul ul li {;} #sidebar2 select{;} Note: sidebar2 is not needed if the theme is 2 column. 7     RSS and Search Control the position of RSS icon, position and text style of the RSS as well as the search input area. /*********** RSS and Search ***********/ #rss_search .input {;} #rss_search .submit{;} #rss_search a.rss{;} #rss_search a.rss:hover{;} 8     Comment You can control the comment section that includes...

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