150 AJAX Tutorials

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AJAX Client-Server Communication Tutorials

  1. Alternate Ajax Techniques, Part 1This tutorial tackles other Ajax techniques aside from XMLHttp as the means to describe the client-server communication.
  2. Dynamic HTML and XML: The XMLHttpRequest ObjectThis tutorial tackles the steps of retrieving and submitting XML data directly through XMLHttpRequest object in the background.
  3. Guide to Using XMLHttpRequestThis tutorial provides the steps in using XMLHttpRequest with php and nysql.
  4. Make Asynchronous Requests with JavaScript and Ajax This tutorial tackles the most fundamental and the basic of all Ajax-related objects and programming approaches, the XMLHttpRequest object.
  5. Instant TutorialThis tutorial shows how Ajax allows you to make a call to an http server get its content and load them into your existing page without having to refresh the whole page.
  6. Advanced Requests and Response in AJAXRThis tutorial will show you the different status codes and demonstrate how browsers handle each and showcase the lesser used HTTP requests that you can make with Ajax.

AJAX Drag and Drop Tutorials

  1. Drag and Drop Sortable Lists with JavaScript and CSS This tutorial shows the ways to rearrange items in a list in Web applications.
  2. Building a Drag & Drop Shopping Cart with AjaxThis tutorial shows how to create an interactive shopping experience allowing us to add items to the shopping basket by dragging and dropping them into an icon of a shopping cart.

AJAX Form Tutorials

  1. Accessible Forms and Unobtrusive JavaScriptThis tutorial shows how to separate the backend logic from the user interface logic when creating new PHP applications.
  2. Submit a Form with AjaxThis tutorial deals with the new release of CakePHP (RC2) that comes with a completely written AjaxHelper::form() function.

AJAX File Uploader Tutorial

  1. Better File Uploads with AJAX and JavaServer FacesThis tutorial takes a fresh approach and outlines the steps on how to implement an AJAX-powered component that will not only upload the file to the server, but also monitor the actual progress of a file upload request in real time.

AJAX Framework and Toolkit Tutorials

  1. AJAX Tutorial with PrototypeThis tutorial outlines the steps in building a zip code verifier as an example of how to use AJAX.
  2. Developer Notes for Prototype.jsThis tutorial tackles some important points in using Prototype.js.

AJAX Getting Started Tutorial

  1. AJAX:Getting StartedThis tutorial guides you through the basics of AJAX and gives two simple hands-on examples to get you started.

AJAX Keyword Suggest Tutorial

  1. How To Create Google Suggest Feature with ASP.NET 2.0 This tutorial tackles the steps in creating the Google Suggest feature in the website or blog.
  2. Creating an Autosuggest Textbox with JavaScript, Part 1 This tutorial outlines the steps in creating the autosuggest Textbox using JavaScript.

AJAX Live Search Tutorials

  1. HOWTO: Animated Live Search/Ordered ListThis tutorial covers important aspects of the animated live search and ordered list.
  2. Live Search ExplainedThis tutorial will tackle everything about Live Search, which will gradually replace traditional search in web applications.

AJAX Rounded Corners Tutorial

  1. Rico Rounded Corners without All of RicoThis tutorial have made minimal changes to Rico’s rounded corner implementation resulting to its use without needing all of Rico.

AJAX Sorting Tutorial

  1. Make all Your Tables SortableThis tutorial provides a step-by-step guide at how to make all your tables sortable.

AJAX Tabbed Pages Tutorials

  1. Make an AJAX Website in Less Than Ten MinutesThis tutorial provide the steps in using AJAX apps and XMLHttpRequest and put up a site that loads all of its content asynchronously.
  2. Very Dynamic Web InterfacesThis tutorial shows the use of JavaScript and XMLHttpRequest object to resolve the problem of a web application interface that results to server connection being severed once the page has been downloaded.
  3. Beautiful JavaScript-Powered PagesThis tutorial delves into the world of Javascript-powered interfaces.

AJAX Bookmarklets Tutorial

  1. Creating Huge BookmarkletsThis tutorial shows how this special piece of JavaScript code can be dragged into a user’s link toolbar and later can be clicked on to implement a cross-site behavior.

AJAX Chat Tutorials

  1. AJAX Chat Sources Code for DownloadThis provides the source for the Ajax Chat sources code for download.
  2. Lace – Ajax ChatThis tutorial tackles everything about Lace. This lightweight Ajaxian communications engine is suitable for shoutbox, chatroom or similar version.
  3. Most Simple Ajax Chat EverThis is a demo of the very easy to use Ajax Chat.

AJAX Client-Server Communications Tutorials

  1. Implementing Simple AJAX Interaction in your Web Application This tutorial tackles the implementation of simple Ajax Interaction in the Web application using XMLHttpRequest object.
  2. AJAX This is an introductory tutorial on AJAX, a technology that allows you to send these requests through small JavaScript calls.
  3. All Request, All The TimeThis tutorials builds a simple application that accepts input from the user, passes it to some PHP on the server that checksit against a database and returns the result to the browser.

AJAX Drag & Drop Tutorial

  1. Drag & Drop Tutorial (with video)This tutorial shows how AJAX allows to get closer to the cart Metaphor by enabling the drag-and-drop interactions and giving immediate visual feedback, without leaving the shop.

AJAX Dynamically Content Loading Tutorials

  1. Dynamically Loaded ArticlesThis tutorial features a basic example showing how to use AJAX to request the content of the article from an external file and show it in the main DIV.
  2. AJAX – Dynamic ContentThis tutorial shows you how this small generic script makes it easy for you to load content of external files into HTML elements on your page.

AJAX Forms and Autocomplete Tutorials

  1. Scriptaculous Lists with PHPThis tutorial tackles the drag & drop ffects most notably the sortables which are much nicer than the standard listbox with up and down arrows that we see in most applications today.
  2. Alter Data with Ajax FormsThis tutorial shows how a registered user can ask a new question while another user answers and existing one.
  3. Dynamic Client Lookup – This tutorial shows how this script uses AJAX to autofill a form.

AJAX Framework and Toolkit Tutorials

  1. New Echo2 Tutorial SeriesThis is part 1 of a multi-part tutorial series on Ajax with Echo2 and Eclipse.
  2. AJAX Design PatternsThis tutorial shows how to design and build a complete site.
  3. Using Dojo and JSON to Build Ajax ApplicationsThis tutorial will show how to build Ajax-enabled applications using Dojo and JSON.

AJAX General Tutorials

  1. AJAX From Scratch: Implementing Mutual Exclusion in JavaScript This tutorial on AJAX From Scratch series describes the fundamental techniques needed to develop AJAX Rich Internet Applications in JavaScript starting from scratch.
  2. Saving Session Across Page Loads Without Cookies: On the Client SideThis is a tutorial that tackles the saving state across page loads on the client side.
  3. AjaxWorld Special: What is AJAX?This tutorial presents step by step technique in learning about AJAX and ColdFusion.
  4. Simple AJAX Functions – SnippetsThis tutorial is a collection of the very common JavaScript functions for Ajax. It can be used for quick reference and does not contain any fancy stuff.
  5. AJAX Using ASP.NET 1.1This tutorial tackles the basics of AJAX and goes into some sample code to try its applications.
  6. Speed Up Your AJAX-Based WebappsThis tutorial provides the technique on how to set the expiryof the JavaScript to years and not days. Once the JavaScript file is downloaded, it is never downloaded again.
  7. Kick-Start Your Java Apps, Part 2This tutorial provides the technique in the development of a small human-resource application by using conventional JavaServer Pages – based technology and by migrating it to a highly interactive solution using AJAX.
  8. Create Your Own AJAX EffectsThis tutorial teaches us how to start building our own Ajax-driven effects today.

AJAX Getting Started Tutorials

  1. Nitty Gritty AjaxThis tutorial is all about what AJAX can do. It will also show how to use JavaScript class to simplify the first steps towards the interactivity.
  2. A List Apart-Articles: Getting StartedThis is a comprehensive tutorial that tackles the fundamentals for starting on using AJAX.
  3. Introduction to AJAXThis tutorial tackles the basics but also goes beyond to cover other different technologies.
  4. AJAX Toolbox/XMLHttpRequest AjaxRequest Library Examples This tutorial has a rich collection of great examples.
  5. Rasmus’ 30-Second AJAX TutorialThis is a tutorial on AJAX made easy.
  6. An AJAX Hello World Project for StartersThis tutorial provides you with the essential to build a thorough understanding of the mechanics.
  7. AJAX Beginner’s TutorialThis tutorial tackles the basic principles of remote scripting using AJAX, and discusses a combination of javascript and XML to allow web pages to be updated with new information from the server without having to do a page refresh.

AJAX Sorting Tutorial

  1. Sortable: Make All Your Tables SortableThis tutorial guides you through the steps in making all your tables sortable.

Useful AJAX Tutorials

  1. Creation of an AJAX-Powered Shopping CartNETTUTS has created a tutorial that shows the way to built an Ajax-powered shopping cart using, jQuery, PHP and some plug-ins.
  2. AJAX Username Availability Checker Through MooTools 1.2 This tutorial shows how to use AJAX with MooTools to let user check the availability of the username being submitted.
  3. Introduction to AJAX Calls Using jQuery and PHPThis is a tutorial is a good starting point for those who are not familiar with the use of AJAX calls with jQuery and PHP.
  4. Creating a Dynamic Poll with PHP and jQueryThis tutorial provides the step to create a poll with XHTML, PHP and jQuery. Ajax effects are used to eliminate the need for a page refresh when the poll is submitted.
  5. RSS AJAX JavaScript TickerThis tutorial shows the way to use JavaScript ticker for displaying news headlines or similar contents to visitors.
  6. Building Your First AJAX Application with PHPThis is a tutorial for beginners that show the ways in getting started with PHP.
  7. Taking AJAX Further with PHPThis is a follow-up tutorial to the preceding Ajax Tutorial.
  8. One Form-Many Uses – Server Side jQuery with Jaxer This tutorial shows how AJAX can help to get more use out of one form rather than create multiple forms.
  9. How to Call Server-Side Function from Client-Side Using PageMethods in ASP.NET AJAXThis tutorial shows a workaround for calling server-side function from the client side.
  10. Developing Portlets Using AJAX, JSF and Seam, Part 1, 2, and 3 This is a 3-part tutorial that shows the in-depth way in creating portals.
  11. AJAX Forms with jQueryThis tutorial shows the way to create a form that will check an email address for validity, makes sure that there are no blank fields and shows an error report if something is not right of incomplete.
  12. Easily Build Powerful Client-Side AJAX Paging Using jQuery This is an important tutorial in improving pagination with AJAX.
  13. Use jQuery and ASP.NET AJAX to Build a Client-Side Repeater This tutorial outlines how to improve user-experience and reduce server load by using client-side repeater.
  14. PHP Components: AutosuggestThis tutorial shows how you can add an autosuggest feature to search box using PHP and AJAX.
  15. AutoCompleter TutorialThis tutorial also produces the same result as the preceding tutorial.
  16. Dynamic AJAX Table Example Using Dojo and RESTful Web Services on Glassfish This tutorial provides the entire process of creating a dynamic table as you would see on a travel-booking website.
  17. Auto-Populating Select Boxes Using jQuery and AJAXThis tutorials shows how users will select a top-level category in a select box that will trigger the sub-category box to auto-populate.
  18. Using AJAX to Validate FormsThis tutorial shows how to use PHP and jQuery with some AJAX to create a form that validates data that are entered.
  19. Easy AJAX with jQueryThis tutorial outlines some basic information on jQuery and AJAX which will help you get started.
  20. Quick and Dirty AJAXThis is a short video-tutorial that shows some of the ways to improve the functionality of a Website with AJAX and jQuery.
  21. Load Content While Scrolling with jQueryThis tutorial shows how to create a scrolling effect which is similar to DZone’s.
  22. Wicket – Updating ListViews Using an AjaxLinkThis tutorial shows how to create a table that will update without a full-page refresh when a link is clicked.
  23. AJAX For Evil: SpyjaxThis tutorial provide a view of the dark side of Ajax- viewing browsing habits.
  24. How To Integrate Google Calendar in Website Using AJAX This tutorials shows how to integrate a Google Calendar which have great use in a number of Websites.
  25. Edit in Place with AJAX Using jQuery JavaScript Library This tutorial shows the steps to allow visitors to edit HTML of a page they are visiting.
  26. Creating an AJAX Rating WidgetThis tutorial shows how to create a rating widget that allows visitors to rate an item with stars or some other measurement.
  27. Use AJAX and PHP to Build Your Mailing ListThis tutorial shows the steps to allow visitors to subscribe to a mailing list without the page refresh.
  28. Nice AJAX Effects for Message Box Using MooToolsThis tutorial shows how to use Ajax effects to give visitors a message based on some action.
  29. Making AJAX Work with Screen ReadersThis tutorial shows how AJAX effects can affect users of screen readers.
  30. Continuous PaginationThis is another tutorial on pagination which shows continuous pagination where users keeps scrolling down rather than going to another page.
  31. Making Element Selection and AJAX simple with DOMAssistant This tutorial helps you get started with the DOMAssistant JavaScript library.
  32. Slider Using PHP, JavaScript and AJAXThis tutorial shows how to create a nice slider using AJAX, JavaScript and PHP.
  33. ASP.NET AJAX Calendar ExtenderThis tutorial show seven different tricks and tips in working with the Calendar extender.
  34. Log-In/Sign-Up Screen Using AJAX modal Pop-Up ExtenderThis tutorial shows how to create a sign-in and log-in forms.
  35. Dealing with Large Data in AJAXThis tutorial shows how to get the AJAX application to meet the data requirements.
  36. Creating an AJAX-Enabled Calendar ControlThis is another tutorial that focuses on enhancing calendar using AJAX effects.
  37. JavaScript Error Publishing using ASP.NET AJAXThis tutorial shows the steps in using AJAX to display errors in codes.

AJAX Framework and JavaScript Libraries List(124+)

  1. qooxdoo This is an innovative Ajax application framework that includes a platform-independent tool chain, a state-of-the-art GUI toolkit and an advanced client-server communication layer.
  2. TIBET This is the oldest Ajax project and the Clint/SOA using AJAX, JSON and the virtual machine you call a Web browser as the driving force behind it.
  3. Flash/JavaScript Integration KitThis toolkit provides developers to get the best of the Flash and the HTML worlds by enabling JavaScript to invoke ActionScript functions, and vice versa.
  4. Google AJAXSLTThis is an implementation of XSL-T in JavaScript which is intended for use in fat Web pages.
  5. libXmlRequest This is a very simple wrapper around XHR. This library contains two public request functions, getXml and postXml, that can be used to send synchronous and asynchronous XML Http requests from IE and Mozilla.
  6. RSlite It is an extremely lightweight implementation of remote scripting which uses cookies.
  7. SACK it is a simple set of codes that allow you to put AJAX into your webpages with none of the trouble or overhead of other packages.
  8. Sarissa It is an ECMAScript library acting as a cross-browser wrapper for native XML APIs.
  9. XHConn It is a small JavaScript library that displays a data object with a single method.
  10. CPAINT It is a multi-language toolkit that helps developers in designing and implementing AJAX web applications with flexibility and ease.
  11. DWR, Direct Web RemotingIt is an engine that exposes methods of server-side Java objects to JavaScript code.
  12. Swato This is an open-source framework that helps you to develop webapps easier.
  13. Java BluePrintsThis is Sun Microsystems’ best practices for Enterprise Java development.
  14. Ruby on RailsIt is a full-stack framework used for developing database-backed web applications according to the Model-View-Control pattern.
  15. .AFLAX It is a JavaScript library for Macromedia’s Flash Platform.
  16. AJAXExtended It is a JavaScript library that improves the standard XMLHttpRequest features. This is considered as the most important enhancement.
  17. AJAX.NET ProfessionalIt is one of the first AJAX frameworks available for Microsoft ASP.NET and works with .NET 1.1 and 2.0.
  18. AjaxRequest LibraryIt is a layer over the XMLHttpRequest functionality which makes the communication between JavaScript and the server easier for web developers.
  19. AHAH: Asynchronous HTML and HTTPIt is a simple technique used in dynamically updating web pages using JavaScript.
  20. Bajax It is a very small and simple JavaScript library to use Ajax on your pages which is independent of programming language.
  21. Code SnippetsIt is a public source code repository which enables you to easily build up your personal collection of code snippets, categorize those using tags and share them with the world.
  22. Cross-Browser.com This site contains X- a cross-browser DHTML JavaScript library, and many demos, applications and articles.
  23. DHTML API, Drag and Drop for Images and LayersIt is a cross-browser JavaScript DHTML library that adds Drag and Drop functionality and extended DHTML capabilities to layers and to any desired images, even for those that are integrated into the text.
  24. DHTMLgoodies.com It is a library of DHTML and AJAX scripts.
  25. DHTML KitchenIt is the resource for ready-made or custom-built DHTML scripts and it also specializes in front-end Java solutions and JSP.
  26. Dynamic DriveThis is a DHTML and JavaScript code library.
  27. DynAPI 3It is an open source project by Dan Steinman which was created to make cross-browser Dynamic HTML possible.
  28. Ext JSit is an open source JavaScript library used for building richly interactive web applications using techniques that include DHTML, AJAX and DOM scripting.
  29. Engine for Web ApplicationsIt is an application network for client-side development and Web applications.
  30. FACE It provides a great way to bring life and interactivity to websites without having to use Flash. It is completely accessible with easy plug-and-play implementation.
  31. JSL, JavaScript Standard LibraryIt is a single and small file with some JavaScript 1.6 standard methods of functions that are not present on some browsers.
  32. JavaScript ToolBoxThis site was created to be a repository of code and reusable libraries which address common needs that many web developers encounter.
  33. JSAN, JavaScript Archive NetworkIt is a comprehensive resource for open-source JavaScript libraries and software.
  34. JSFBGL, Javascript Framebuffer Graphics LibraryIt is considered as a fun project in producing graphics with javascript.
  35. Kabuki AJAX ToolkitIt is a client developer library which is similar in style to traditional object-oriented widget libraries.
  36. LINB, Lazy INternet and BrowserIt is designed to allow developers coding in a more targetable, clear and efficient way.
  37. moo.ajax It is a simple Ajax class to be used with prototype.lite from moo.fx.
  38. moo.fx It is a superlightweight, super-small javascript effects library, written with prototype.js.48.moo.ajax.
  39. overLIB It is a JavaScript library created to enhance websites with small popup information boxes to help visitors around your website.
  40. overlibmws DHTML Popup LibraryIt is a Download and Test directory for the overlibmws Popup Library.
  41. Spry Framework for AjaxIt is a JavaScript library for web designers that provide functionality which allows them to build pages that provide a richer experience for their users.
  42. The SolventIt is a cross-browser Ajax application toolkit written in JavaScript.
  43. ThyApi It is an API that allow the development of better user interfaces for web applications using javascript and Ajax.
  44. Yahoo! User Interface LibraryIt is a set of utilities and controls, written in JavaScript for building richly interactive web applications using techniques that include DHTML, DOM Scripting and AJAX
  45. Zapatec Ajax SuiteIt is used to jumpstart the Ajax deployment. It includes six widgets, three modules and a library.
  46. Zephyr it is an Ajax-based framework for php5 developers, where you can easily develop business applications using this robust framework.
  47. Backbase It is an enterprise Ajax framework
  48. Clean AJAXIt is an open-source engine for AJAX that provides a high level of interface to work with the AJAX technology
  49. Wt It is web toolkit that allows programmers to write code in C++, generating content-rich AJAX GUI.
  50. Google Web Toolkitit is an open-source Java software development framework that allows web developers to create Ajax applications in Java.
  51. ThinWire It is an open-source java based web application framework that utilizes Ajax techniques to give Web applications the lookand feel of traditional GUI applications.
  52. Tigermouse It is a modern Ajax-driven MVC framework for web applications development.
  53. AjaxAnywhere It is a simple way to enhance an existing JSP/Struts/JSF/Spring application with AJAX.
  54. AjaxTags Components of Java Web PartsIt was originally an extended version of the Struts HTML taglib but was made into a generic taglib and brought under the Java Web parts library.
  55. Anaa, An AJAX APIit is a simple but complete framework built around XMLHttpRequest. It supports GET and POST methods.
  56. DotNetRemoting Rich Web Client SDK for ASP.NETIt is a platform for developing rich internet applications, including AJAX.
  57. JsHttpRequest It is excellent cross-browser compatibility and works with IE 5.0 with disabled ActiveX. It supports and transparent work with any character encoding including AJAX file uploads from a user browser to the serer without page reloading.
  58. SmartClient from Isomorphic SoftwareIt is a cross-platform AJAX GUI system chosen by top commercial software vendors, on demand service providers and enterprise IT developers for thousands of deployments.

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