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Posted by on Aug 2, 2009 in Useful Resources | 5 comments This site I consider as a very important reference for designers, bloggers and photographers including those individuals with a lot of creative juices to spare. It gives a lot of inspiration and bright ideas about the PC. It is not an overstatement if I say that you can’t live without It is a site that is very popular with aspiring as well as professional bloggers. is a site that is dedicated to practically anything and everything about blogging. If you are serious about your blogging, then there is a great chance that you already heard a lot of good things about If you are looking for the latest information and reference about Flash development, then it is essential that you check the recent article on 12 useful websites as this will definitely help hone your skills in Flash development. If you are in search of a great source of innovative and practical information for web designers and developers, then must be high in you’re A-list. I love the way the site delivers the latest techniques and trends about web design and development. It is regular, precise and clear. I recently came across a comprehensive list of the best tutorials on WordPress, cheat sheets, help files, and hacks in I strongly suggest those people who are in search of any information related to WordPress to check out the article in I will always recommend this site to aspiring and serious web designers and developers. is the kind of reference site that you will choose when it comes to information and latest trends about online promotion, WordPress, website design and SEO. If I am looking for ways to effectively customize my WordPress blog, then my first choice would be On top of the amazing collection of WordPress hacks, I also find this site very useful when it comes to WordPress galleries, WordPress eBook, plug-ins and many more. If you are looking for all sorts of newsbits and information about blog tech, industry updates, latest gadgets, Mac and Windows practical tips, web 2.0, online money making guides, tutorial on photoshop and many more, then is your one-stop site. In as far as inspiration is concerned, we have limitless options in the reference that can be found on the Web. I go straight to this site if I need something that is related to web design and development. If your passion is on web design and web development, then you will definitely fall in love with It consistently delivers the latest news and updates on important issues and concerns of web designers and web developers. If it is something about Javascript, Ajax, CSS, typography, graphics, etc., then I will definitely check out the latest in As far as quality blog that deals with web design and SEO is concerned, I will always go for webdesignerwall. I consider this site as one of my top choices when it comes to practical tips and trends on web design and SEO. After searching for the most practical and relevant reference for WordPress, I finally found a site that incorporates all the projects in one automatic umbrella. This site looks promising; that is why I have included in my list of must-visit sites. It is one of the young Turks in the blogsphere yet I am already seeing a lot of potential in it in as far as WordPress is concerned. One thing that attracted me to is the clean and...

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65 Photoshop Fireworks Tutorials

Posted by on Jul 9, 2009 in Useful Resources | 5 comments

1. Adding Radial Gradient in Text This Fireworks tutorial outlines the step-by-step guide in the creation of a peeling effect. This technique is ideal for placing at the corner of a Website to highlight offers and news. 2. Creating Light Effects Inspired by the O Series of James White This Fireworks tutorial outlines the detailed step at how to create awesome James White’s style with the use of Fireworks. The simple procedure involves the play of colors, blend modes and a few circles. 3. Extracting Logos This Fireworks tutorial shows the simple steps in extracting the logo or logotype from a raster image. This technique is done with the use of Live Filters of Fireworks. 4. Creating Lighting Effects for Circular Shapes This tutorial shows the detailed steps in creating lighting effects used for circular shapes in Fireworks. This technique allows you to create multiple layers of shadows and highlights as you may require. 5. Creating Simple Orbs This Fireworks tutorial shows the simple technique in creating Simple Orbs to add dramatic touches in your design. The Simple Orb consists of a single layer object which you can replicate and change in sizes using Fireworks. 6. Creating A Vector This Fireworks video tutorial shows the step-by-step procedure in creating a vector. 7. Making an Animation and Animated Graphics This Fireworks tutorial shows the simple technique of creating animation and animated images to make an eye catching Website. It is a simple technique of using Fireworks to bring your webpage to life. 8. Creating Interface for iPhone This tutorial details the steps in creating an iPhone interface using Fireworks. 9. Fireworks Basics This tutorial covers the introductory aspects of Fireworks and is designed for the beginners who are interested to improve their skills in Fireworks. 10. Making an IE7 Logo Effect This tutorial outlines the steps in creating an IE7 logo effect using Fireworks. 11. Removing Objects in the Foreground in Fireworks and Photoshop This tutorial outlines the easy to follow steps in removing an object is the foreground of a picture and create an effect in the background as though no object was there in the first place. 12. Attaching Text onto a Shape or Path This Fireworks tutorial shows the detailed step if you want to create a text effect that will follow a path or shape beyond the usual vertical and horizontal direction. 13. Creating a Beautiful Night Scene This tutorial presents the simple steps in creating a realistic and appealing night sky effect using Fireworks. 14. Producing Fading Light Vectors This tutorial provides the simple steps in creating some appealing effects using fading light vectors and how these vectors are converted into bitmaps. This tutorial outlines the steps on how to use this lighting effect using Fireworks. 15. Creating Pixelate Look This tutorial outlines the easy-to-follow steps in creating a pixelize effect in your design. This effect involves the installation and use of 3rd party plug-ins in Fireworks. 16. Creating Floral Types in 5 Minutes This tutorial provides the simple steps in using some floral vectors in order to create a floral type in your designs. The effect shall also involve the creation of additional textures and even an old paper effect. 17. Making a Thick Text Effect This tutorial outlines the easy-to-follow steps in creating thick text outline effect in your design using Fireworks. 18. Creating Masking Effect This tutorial presents the simple steps involved in creating faded image effect with the use of layer masks. 19. Creating waterDrop This tutorial outlines the easy-to-follow steps in creating waterDrop using Fireworks. The technique also involves the...

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40+ Grid-based design Articles, Tutorials and Tools

Posted by on May 18, 2009 in Useful Resources | 0 comments

Introduced as a new solution of designing structure problems, grid based design is alluring almost every designer. Grid designs are used as framework to prepare the page layout. It incorporates many tools, which assists designers a lot in their endeavor of accomplishing the work perfectly. If you are looking forward for more information, just read on… an assortment of information is available here, which will take you the pages of important grid articles, tips, tutorials and tool resources.   17    Grid Articles Tips and Resources Grids are Good Available as a PDF format, this article is illustrated in almost 152 pages. It offers all the tips and expertise that can be used for the betterment of your competency. Grid (page layout) Available in wikipedia, this article tells all about grid design and brings external resources to learners. Why Use a Grid Written by Mark Boulton, the article gives all the details to use a grid and tells about its importance too. The article is comprised with all the examples, which are required. Feeling Your Way Around Grids This is another article by Mark Boulton – Taking instances of Leonardo Da Vinci’s great art work ‘the last supper’, this article deals with use of grid in old proposed idea of ‘the golden section’ and ‘rules of third’. The Funniest Grid You Ever Saw Written by Khoi Vinh, this article starts with the an example posted at, later talks about Mark Boulton’s articles and then proposes the best ways of use of a grid. Grid Computing …and Designing This is next by Khoi Vinh. In this article, author has discussed about computing of the grid and its better use in designing. Grid-Based design 101 Steven Snell’s blog on grid gives all the information about grid. This article includes definition of grid, its use and incorporates good examples with images. It is a complete guidance for all those, who are looking forward for comprehensive information about grid. Grid-Based Design: Six Creative Column Techniques This is another article, which comprises detailed information about grid and its use. This article is worth reading, as it provides all the basics for effective grip approach. You will love to read it. Pictorial examples increase its readability. Thinking Outside the Grid The article written by Molly E. Holzschlag is an attempt to visualize diversified use of grid. In this article, author is not limited to the use of grid just in designing the page layout but also incorporated it inn preparing a map, graffiti and many more tasks. It is great deal for all those, who love to think out of kitty. Columns and Grids Providing a detailed information, this article focuses on every possible utilization of columns and grids to prepare a good lay out. Examples are given here to demonstrate it nicely. Grids: Show ‘Em if You Got ‘Em This article highlights artistic features of grid. It illustrates how a person can suffice his /her art temptation by using grids. It also tells about some finest virtual brush strokes. Introduction to Layout Grids This is an in-depth introduction of layout grids. This article can be a perfect theoretical material for beginners. The Grid: Structure of Design Telling about ‘ABC’ of grid and its use in design structure, this article is also supposed to be a great deal for novice designers. Grids: Order out of Chaos The article starts with introduction of grid and respectively teaches about its use and functionality in good designing. Vertical Grids The article is especially focused on vertical grids, its use and way of preparation. The article includes several example...

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150 AJAX Tutorials

Posted by on May 13, 2009 in Useful Resources | 1 comment

AJAX Client-Server Communication Tutorials Alternate Ajax Techniques, Part 1 – This tutorial tackles other Ajax techniques aside from XMLHttp as the means to describe the client-server communication. Dynamic HTML and XML: The XMLHttpRequest Object – This tutorial tackles the steps of retrieving and submitting XML data directly through XMLHttpRequest object in the background. Guide to Using XMLHttpRequest – This tutorial provides the steps in using XMLHttpRequest with php and nysql. Make Asynchronous Requests with JavaScript and Ajax – This tutorial tackles the most fundamental and the basic of all Ajax-related objects and programming approaches, the XMLHttpRequest object. Instant Tutorial – This tutorial shows how Ajax allows you to make a call to an http server get its content and load them into your existing page without having to refresh the whole page. Advanced Requests and Response in AJAXR – This tutorial will show you the different status codes and demonstrate how browsers handle each and showcase the lesser used HTTP requests that you can make with Ajax. AJAX Drag and Drop Tutorials Drag and Drop Sortable Lists with JavaScript and CSS – This tutorial shows the ways to rearrange items in a list in Web applications. Building a Drag & Drop Shopping Cart with Ajax – This tutorial shows how to create an interactive shopping experience allowing us to add items to the shopping basket by dragging and dropping them into an icon of a shopping cart. AJAX Form Tutorials Accessible Forms and Unobtrusive JavaScript – This tutorial shows how to separate the backend logic from the user interface logic when creating new PHP applications. Submit a Form with Ajax – This tutorial deals with the new release of CakePHP (RC2) that comes with a completely written AjaxHelper::form() function. AJAX File Uploader Tutorial Better File Uploads with AJAX and JavaServer Faces – This tutorial takes a fresh approach and outlines the steps on how to implement an AJAX-powered component that will not only upload the file to the server, but also monitor the actual progress of a file upload request in real time. AJAX Framework and Toolkit Tutorials AJAX Tutorial with Prototype – This tutorial outlines the steps in building a zip code verifier as an example of how to use AJAX. Developer Notes for Prototype.js – This tutorial tackles some important points in using Prototype.js. AJAX Getting Started Tutorial AJAX:Getting Started – This tutorial guides you through the basics of AJAX and gives two simple hands-on examples to get you started. AJAX Keyword Suggest Tutorial How To Create Google Suggest Feature with ASP.NET 2.0 – This tutorial tackles the steps in creating the Google Suggest feature in the website or blog. Creating an Autosuggest Textbox with JavaScript, Part 1 – This tutorial outlines the steps in creating the autosuggest Textbox using JavaScript. AJAX Live Search Tutorials HOWTO: Animated Live Search/Ordered List – This tutorial covers important aspects of the animated live search and ordered list. Live Search Explained – This tutorial will tackle everything about Live Search, which will gradually replace traditional search in web applications. AJAX Rounded Corners Tutorial Rico Rounded Corners without All of Rico – This tutorial have made minimal changes to Rico’s rounded corner implementation resulting to its use without needing all of Rico. AJAX Sorting Tutorial Make all Your Tables Sortable – This tutorial provides a step-by-step guide at how to make all your tables sortable. AJAX Tabbed Pages Tutorials Make an AJAX Website in Less Than Ten Minutes – This tutorial provide the steps in using AJAX apps and XMLHttpRequest and put up a site that loads all of its content asynchronously....

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29 Graffiti Tutorials using Photoshop/Illustrator

Posted by on May 7, 2009 in Useful Resources | 9 comments

Photoshop is truly a boon for artists in present scenario, as it not only paints their imagination in multitude of colors but also refine them to create some of the most striking graphics. With various Text and layers, Photoshop incorporates superb effects in graphics, which make them just wonderful. To make you more competent with these tools, a special set of 32 Graffiti tutorials using Photoshop/Illustrator isoffered for you. Just read on to know more-   1. Graffiti Drawing Tutorial This tool is use to “rasterize” the layer that contains the rectangle. It comprises five different steps, which assists you in preparation of wonderful graffiti using photoshop brushes and colors.   2. Graffiti Part 1 This graffiti imprints mark of your imagination on a real picture. It is a fun for all the graffiti lovers.   3. Realistic Graffiti Effect Photoshop Tutorial This tutorial is to provide an aspiring Photoshop graffiti writer the techniques, which is required to attach an image and graffiti with realism.   4. Graffiti in Photoshop this includes almost ten steps of learning. First step tells about selection of appropriate font, which later deals with making a custom blend of color and making it better using an amalgamation of ‘Layer 1’ (this is available on the layers palette of Photoshop) and your imagination.   5. Creating and Implementing Graffiti This tutorial is to teach you how to create your own graffiti text; it will also make you understand that how can you use your graffiti on a picture and make it realistic.  6. Amazing Graffiti HDR tutorial This graffiti tutorial incorporates mesmerizing features of HDR. Here, you will learn how to use HDR magnificently using just a single picture.   7. Make Graffiti Effect Photoshop This tutorial is to make you understand that any kind of graffiti can be created. This also demonstrates the use of CS2 tools such a ‘transform’ and ‘perspective’ of Photoshop. 8. Textured Graffiti a modern art prepared by you using different textures. Go through this article to get the most advanced tools and layers of Photoshop and prepare striking graphics.   9. Drawing Graffiti This tutorial is wonderful. It teaches how to incorporate your drawing tints into a real picture. It tells you about special tools of Photoshop, which assist a graffiti writer in changing the picture into a magnificent drawing.   10. Paint Graffiti on Wall in Photoshop This graffiti teaches how to put a virtual graffiti on the wall. The tutorial makes you understand the use of Paint Drips brushes from elliottfelix and Graffiti Set 2 from Krakograff.  11. Graffiti Effect Incorporating ten different steps, this graffiti introduces the fabulous effects of Photoshop. It teaches how one can submerge two graffiti wonderfully.    12. Draw Graffiti This tutorial is supposed to be the best for beginners, as it starts from A, B, C of the graffiti designing and teaches you how to use it in later context profoundly. 13. Graffiti Text This short and easy tutorial is to make you understand that will you be able to create some of the most amazing graffiti texts for your graphics and websites.  14. Pringle Chips Logo as Wall Graffiti Learnt in 20 different steps, this graffiti tutorial teaches learners to how to draw pringle logo and create wall graffiti.   15. Graffiti Text This graffiti tutorial will assist you in getting the expertise to add nice text to you graffiti signatures. It also uses Photoshop brushes.   16. Graffiti/Cartoon Text Effect This is one among the easiest and most interesting graffiti tutorials. It teaches you how to prepare striking cartoon...

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30+ Color Scheme and Color Palette Generators

Posted by on Apr 24, 2009 in Useful Resources | 4 comments

Unsafe Colormatch Template This online color scheme create possible 24-bit colors with 30° hue steps. Color Mixers Select your primary color and get 9 matching colors. Color Scheme Generators Color Scheme Designer Previously known as, released a brand new interface all rewritten from scratch. Some features include rapidly-increased-precision, better preview, enhanced scheme creation system, unique scheme IDs etc. Color Jack Multiple color scheme generators including color galaxy, color sphere and color studio Color Schemer This site offers 3 free color scheme generators. 1. ColorSchemer ColorPix An app that comes with a magnifier that grabs the color values and screen coordinates at any pixel on your screen. Color is output into RGB, CMYK, HEX 2. ColorSchemer Galleria A Dashboard widget that displays each color scheme like a fine work of art and allows you to browse all of the schemes without leaving your Dashboard. 3. ColorSchemer Online A free online color scheme version. Enter an RGB or HEX value to get a set of matching colors. 4096 Color Wheel A color scheme where you can get up to 4096 colors by hover over the color wheel. Click to choose a web-smart color. Genopal Online A powerful color scheme where you can choose one color and get a list of harmonious colors. Color DB Enter a color code and get the results displaying color info, color harmonies and color map. Colr You can load your own image and let the program pick the color schemes for you. Stylephreak A color scheme generator where you select the RGB values and get a set of color palette. Visibone Colorlab Select any one of the 216 colors and the program will generate the color palettes. Dhtmlgoodies Color Schemer Pick a color and the program will generate 6 sets of color palettes. Colors On The Web A handy color schemer with 3 color generators; namely, The Color Wizard, Color Wheel and Contrast Analyzer Gpeters Color Schemer Enter a word or phrase and the generator will grab 5 related images from Yahoo Images. Color Palette Generators Color Hunter You can create and find color palettes made from images. Color Blender Choose a preferred color and the program will generate 6-color matching palette (a “blend”). Swatchify Input the color’s hex values to create your color palette. Then generate a permanent URL and share with others. Jrm Color Palette Generatoro Upload an image and the program will generate a color palette. Degraeve Color Palette Generator Get a color palette that matches the image when you enter the URL of an image. A useful color palette generator for coming up with a website color palette that matches an image that a client wants to work with. Slayeroffice Color Palette Generator This generator will create 10 shades of the base color at varying degrees of opacity. I Like Your Colors Palette Generator You can extract colors from any URL that you input. Bighugelabs Color Palette Generator You can upload a photo and the generator will give a list of palette of colors based on the colors in the photo. Miscellaneous Color Lovers This is a color resource that you can compare color palettes, check out a world of color and read color related information and interviews. Color Combos Combo Tester lets you choose about 20 color combinations while Combo Library provides a convenient way to search color schemes. IDEO Web Color Visualizer This online program works best at 1024X768. Just roll over the swatches to visualize color combinations. Kolur It is a color gallery that goes beyond the generic 3 colored dots and attempting to portray the possibilities...

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