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Does ElegantThemes Deserve to be the Best Theme Developer?

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ElegantThemes has become one of the most popular WordPress theme marketplaces. The company currently sells over 80 unique and exclusive premium themes. The themes are also packed with additional features, including shortcodes, a variety of theme options and page templates. This functionality is why ElegantThemes is so well matched with ThemeMask. About ElegantThemes There are many theme marketplaces for WordPress, so it can be difficult to know which to trust. Here are a few reasons why ElegantThemes products are rated so highly. Powerful ePanels Theme Options ElegantThemes products all come with a variety of settings that can be edited without touching a line of code. If you don’t understand PHP, HTML and CSS, or just want to edit settings quickly, the Elegant Themes control panel makes customizing your site much easier. Whether you want to change a color scheme, edit the navigation panel, alter the layout of your site or manage SEO options, many settings can be customized with the ElegantThemes ePanel. Even if you’re a professional web designer, being able to edit settings quickly is always welcome. Drag and Drop Page Builder Page Builder is another bonus of using an ElegantThemes product. By using Page Builder, you can edit the layout and design of your posts without knowing HTML. Complex layouts, which are usually difficult to create in WordPress posts, are easy to achieve in the drag-and-drop way. Predefined Page Templates With most themes, if you want to add a gallery or sitemap page you need to install an additional plugin. Standard themes often don’t support multiple page templates. Elegant Themes products do support this feature, and you can switch between them simply by selecting from a list. Layouts for each page can also be set individually. Examples of page templates include image galleries, contact forms, member login pages and full width pages. Page templates provide a much greater control over how your content is displayed. Large Shortcodes Collection ElegantThemes products include shortcodes for buttons, boxes, toggled and tabbed content, slideshows and image sliders. You can also create columns with shortcodes and add author info to a post. Variety of Layouts ElegantThemes understand that WordPress is far more than just a blogging platform. Many of the company’s themes aren’t designed for basic blogs. Magazine themes, for example, are perfect for large content sites that display a variety of media. Portfolio themes are far less cluttered, and are designed to show off recent projects with a simple and crisp design. Whether you’re using WordPress for a blog, multimedia portal or personal site, there’s sure to be an ElegantThemes product that fits your requirements. Cheapest Price Scheme Unlike most theme companies, ElegantThemes is priced on a yearly subscription basis. Instead of paying $80-100 for just one theme, a $39 per year subscription to ElegantThemes provides access to all 80+ themes in the directory. That means you are just paying less than $0.5 per theme. Excellent Support It doesn’t matter how secure and reliable a theme’s code is – there’s always a chance of problems during installation or usage. ElegantThemes provides excellent and fast support, along with regular updates. If you have a problem, the support staff will help you to overcome it as quickly as possible. Unlike other theme providers, which often let their themes become outdated when WordPress is updated, ElegantThemes believes in longevity. While you’re a member, you have access to the latest versions of each theme. All themes are updated if they become incompatible with WordPress, so you’ll never be forced to run old or unsecure versions. ThemeMask on ElegantThemes Several years ago WordPress sites were mainly...

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