30+ Color Scheme and Color Palette Generators

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Unsafe Colormatch Template
This online color scheme create possible 24-bit colors with 30° hue steps.

Color Mixers
Select your primary color and get 9 matching colors.

Color Scheme Generators
Color Scheme Designer
Previously known as Wellstyled.com, ColorSchemeDesigner.com released a brand new interface all rewritten from scratch. Some features include rapidly-increased-precision, better preview, enhanced scheme creation system, unique scheme IDs etc.

Color Jack
Multiple color scheme generators including color galaxy, color sphere and color studio

Color Schemer
This site offers 3 free color scheme generators.
1. ColorSchemer ColorPix
An app that comes with a magnifier that grabs the color values and screen coordinates at any pixel on your screen.

Color is output into RGB, CMYK, HEX

2. ColorSchemer Galleria
A Dashboard widget that displays each color scheme like a fine work of art and allows you to browse all of the schemes without leaving your Dashboard.

3. ColorSchemer Online
A free online color scheme version.

Enter an RGB or HEX value to get a set of matching colors.

4096 Color Wheel
A color scheme where you can get up to 4096 colors by hover over the color wheel.
Click to choose a web-smart color.

Genopal Online
A powerful color scheme where you can choose one color and get a list of harmonious colors.

Color DB
Enter a color code and get the results displaying color info, color harmonies and color map.

You can load your own image and let the program pick the color schemes for you.

A color scheme generator where you select the RGB values and get a set of color palette.

Visibone Colorlab
Select any one of the 216 colors and the program will generate the color palettes.

Dhtmlgoodies Color Schemer
Pick a color and the program will generate 6 sets of color palettes.

Colors On The Web
A handy color schemer with 3 color generators; namely, The Color Wizard, Color Wheel and Contrast Analyzer

Gpeters Color Schemer
Enter a word or phrase and the generator will grab 5 related images from Yahoo Images.

Color Palette Generators

Color Hunter
You can create and find color palettes made from images.

Color Blender
Choose a preferred color and the program will generate 6-color matching palette (a “blend”).

Input the color’s hex values to create your color palette. Then generate a permanent URL and share with others.

Jrm Color Palette Generatoro
Upload an image and the program will generate a color palette.

Degraeve Color Palette Generator
Get a color palette that matches the image when you enter the URL of an image. A useful color palette generator for coming up with a website color palette that matches an image that a client wants to work with.

Slayeroffice Color Palette Generator
This generator will create 10 shades of the base color at varying degrees of opacity.

I Like Your Colors Palette Generator
You can extract colors from any URL that you input.

Bighugelabs Color Palette Generator
You can upload a photo and the generator will give a list of palette of colors based on the colors in the photo.

Color Lovers
This is a color resource that you can compare color palettes, check out a world of color and read color related information and interviews.

Color Combos
Combo Tester lets you choose about 20 color combinations while Combo Library provides a convenient way to search color schemes.

IDEO Web Color Visualizer
This online program works best at 1024X768.
Just roll over the swatches to visualize color combinations.

It is a color gallery that goes beyond the generic 3 colored dots and attempting to portray the possibilities in color palettes.

Type Tester
The Typetester is an online application that will not work without JavaScript enabled.
You can compare the fonts and color for the screen.

Daily Color Scheme – Beta
You can download the color scheme found on the sites and import it in your design program, like Photoshop, Illustrator or Topstyle.

What’s its Color
This is an image-color processing utility that will give you the image’s primary and complementary dominant colors, shows you how many visually unique colors are in an image, and the top ten visually unique colors.


  1. Stunning, this is going to be very useful! Thanx for the hard work.

  2. You got the best! Extremely usefull and light weight.

    Life is going to be easy from now on!

  3. http://colorpilgrim.com is missing from this list. It gives instant palettes based on mood, industry, trend and very useful for generating quick and logical color schemes.

  4. Way cool! I’m a historical embroider (16th/17thC) and work to reproduce embroideries from that period. Which means that I need to know the colours – and it’s harder to pick them out by eye – especially when a hue is affected by those surrounding it.


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