Good and Bad WordPress Web Hosts

Posted by on Aug 9, 2009 in Wordpress and Blogging Tips | 3 comments

This post will be constantly updated to add good/bad hosts after being reviewed.

Besides Hostgator, I have also tried several other hosts. To help you choose the right host, here I list the good as well as the bad ones.

Good hosts that I recommend

These are hosts that I currently have some of my sites hosted with for more than a year. I can’t ensure they will be as good in the future but at least for the past 12 months, I am extremely satisfied with their service.

Their management team has over 40 years of experience in providing high quality, affordable web site hosting. It is fully compatible with WordPress with an easy one-click installation.

My site is enjoying 99.98% uptime with this host for the past 9 months since Aug 2008.

One of the best WordPress hosting providers. Host multiple domains, 8 dedicated IP addresses, free site builder.

My site is enjoying 99.96% uptime with this host in the past 1 year since Dec 2008.

Find out more about the Quality Assurance Policy
Bad hosts that fail my test

These are hosts that I tried in the past. If the hosts are bad, most of the times you’ll know it within 3 months. Indeed, there are more bad hosts around than good ones

Reasons: I signed up for their plan which cost $1.99/mth and they moved my site to a congested server. It took 20 seconds to load my site which used to load less than 3 seconds when hosted with a good hosting company. I used to recommend this host but their service turns bad now.

Reasons: Bad customer support. I contacted them several times within a one-week period but they only get back to me 9 days later! Not a good way to run a hosting business.

Reasons: Their server was down 2 days without any fix. Also, they sent their customers (including me, of course) several promotional emails which automatically opted me in. On one occasion where I forgot to opt out, they charged me for the service which I didn’t need at all.

Reason: My account was paid in full in Mar 2009, yet in Oct GISOL suspended it for nonpayment. After long response from e-mail, the support discovered that it was a billing problem and the site was restored. Then in June same thing happened again. Obviously the host doesn’t take their customers seriously.


  1. Hmmm What about HostGator I can See you Host Tl On it

    • @Ahmed, you are right. This site is hosted on Hostgator and this host is my top recommendation. You can read my experience with the host.

  2. please add to this list of places to NEVER HOST A WORDPRESS BLOG- they are absolutely terrible on all acounts. Don’t use them for anything!

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