Google Introduces Hummingbird

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Since many years, we have been using certain keywords for finding certain things. Google has recently introduced Hummingbird, which enables a visitor to naturally interact with the search engine. Google has launched Hummingbird last month for providing better answers for the most complex queries.

Hummingbird was introduced on the 15th birthday of Google. It is created in such a way that it provides faster, precise and accurate results. Halasz said that “search engines have become more dependent upon keyword that is landing the visitor to incorrect things”. Search engines should naturally engage with the visitors instead of depending upon a particular set of keywords.

Hummingbird has come into the game since a month; Google announced this update one month after it has launched this impactful algorithm. Since its launch, Hummingbird has affected more than 90% of searches.

Google Will Be Answering Like A Real Person

Hummingbird has made the searches more conversational and more natural because it directly answers to questions. Danny Sullivan said that “Humming word will be getting results for the visitors in a much interactive manner, which means the search engine will be showing better results to the meaning of the whole sentence instead of a particular set of keywords.

David Amerland who is an SEO expert said that “Google has enhanced its capability to provide better answers to complex searches. It also improved its ability to index entities. This means it has become more knowledgeable. Christy belden, who is a vice president in Leap interactive, said “Hummingbird concentrates more on semantic searches, which will be driving search engines to a proper direction”. Presently most of the search engine visitors are using their mobile and voice. Now, with the launch of Hummingbird, it has become easy for such kind of users to attain proper and right answers.

Belden also told that she didn’t notice any difference in the searching results after Hummingbird have come into use. She also told that she is not going to make any changes in the work they do.

Hummingbird doesn’t focus on particular keywords instead of this it get answers to the questions in a much talkative manner?

The most famous SEO expert Trond Lyngbo said “It is very exciting to see Hummingbird come into being as it will be answering to questions in a natural manner. It is designed in such a way that it gets answers rather than just results.

Hummingbird has the capability to give answers to complex and longer questions. This has been the biggest update since 2010, when Google upgraded to an algorithm, which was called Caffeine.

Searching is all about discovering new things, but the visitor still needs to work hard for searching certain things. It is an exciting time for internet visitors as Hummingbird will give a quick answer in a quick, easy and natural manner.

Let us take an example for this, consider a word like Taj mahal. For many years search answered to only relevant keywords. For a search engine the word Taj mahal is only two words. But, we know that Taj mahal has a richer meaning. If you type in the search bar the most beautiful monument in the world, you will be getting Taj mahal in your search results.

Hummingbird answers to your questions in a talkative manner it knows many things about celebrities, landmarks, buildings, sports team, cities, celestial objects, geographical features and much more information that is related to your question.

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