29 Graffiti Tutorials using Photoshop/Illustrator

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Photoshop is truly a boon for artists in present scenario, as it not only paints their imagination in multitude of colors but also refine them to create some of the most striking graphics. With various Text and layers, Photoshop incorporates superb effects in graphics, which make them just wonderful. To make you more competent with these tools, a special set of 32 Graffiti tutorials using Photoshop/Illustrator isoffered for you. Just read on to know more-  

1. Graffiti Drawing Tutorial
This tool is use to “rasterize” the layer that contains the rectangle. It comprises five different steps, which assists you in preparation of wonderful graffiti using photoshop brushes and colors.  

2. Graffiti Part 1
This graffiti imprints mark of your imagination on a real picture. It is a fun for all the graffiti lovers.  

3. Realistic Graffiti Effect Photoshop Tutorial
This tutorial is to provide an aspiring Photoshop graffiti writer the techniques, which is required to attach an image and graffiti with realism.  

4. Graffiti in Photoshop
this includes almost ten steps of learning. First step tells about selection of appropriate font, which later deals with making a custom blend of color and making it better using an amalgamation of ‘Layer 1’ (this is available on the layers palette of Photoshop) and your imagination.  

5. Creating and Implementing Graffiti
This tutorial is to teach you how to create your own graffiti text; it will also make you understand that how can you use your graffiti on a picture and make it realistic. 

6. Amazing Graffiti HDR tutorial
This graffiti tutorial incorporates mesmerizing features of HDR. Here, you will learn how to use HDR magnificently using just a single picture.  

7. Make Graffiti Effect Photoshop
This tutorial is to make you understand that any kind of graffiti can be created. This also demonstrates the use of CS2 tools such a ‘transform’ and ‘perspective’ of Photoshop.

8. Textured Graffiti

a modern art prepared by you using different textures. Go through this article to get the most advanced tools and layers of Photoshop and prepare striking graphics.  

9. Drawing Graffiti
This tutorial is wonderful. It teaches how to incorporate your drawing tints into a real picture. It tells you about special tools of Photoshop, which assist a graffiti writer in changing the picture into a magnificent drawing.  

10. Paint Graffiti on Wall in Photoshop
This graffiti teaches how to put a virtual graffiti on the wall. The tutorial makes you understand the use of Paint Drips brushes from elliottfelix and Graffiti Set 2 from Krakograff. 

11. Graffiti Effect
Incorporating ten different steps, this graffiti introduces the fabulous effects of Photoshop. It teaches how one can submerge two graffiti wonderfully.   

12. Draw Graffiti
This tutorial is supposed to be the best for beginners, as it starts from A, B, C of the graffiti designing and teaches you how to use it in later context profoundly.

13. Graffiti Text
This short and easy tutorial is to make you understand that will you be able to create some of the most amazing graffiti texts for your graphics and websites. 

14. Pringle Chips Logo as Wall Graffiti
Learnt in 20 different steps, this graffiti tutorial teaches learners to how to draw pringle logo and create wall graffiti.  

15. Graffiti Text
This graffiti tutorial will assist you in getting the expertise to add nice text to you graffiti signatures. It also uses Photoshop brushes.  

16. Graffiti/Cartoon Text Effect
This is one among the easiest and most interesting graffiti tutorials. It teaches you how to prepare striking cartoon graffiti text and look it eye-catching.  

17. Art creator Graffiti on a Wall
Do you want to amalgamate two real pictures in a wonderful way? This tutorial teaches you the same, it assists you in imprinting a real picture of any object on the picture of wall that creates the impact of wall drawing.  

18. Free Manipulation style
Nowadays, manipulation style graffiti is widely used. This tutorial brings the skill-set of manipulation of graffiti on different backdrops. It teaches you, how you can manipulate a real picture or drawing on other picture, which is going to be the backdrop.  

19.  Graffiti on Brick Wall
It is quite tough to prepare graffiti on goof brick wall in real but you can do it brilliantly by using tools of Photoshop. How? Let the tutorial teach you more.  

20. Digital Graffiti
This is a best tutorial to get the knowledge of trendy graffiti. It uses path and pen tools and creates some of the most mesmeric digital graffiti.

21. Medieval Wall Painting
A painting on almost five to six hundred walls; no, I am not talking crazy. You can do it by taking help of this tutorial. It teaches you how to create bygone captivation using modern graffiti tools. 

22. Realistic Graffiti Tutorial
Want to create real pictures of your imagination; this graffiti tutorial is for you only. Enjoy the memorization by creating your own graffiti with the tint of realism. You can learn this in 13 easy steps.  

23. AKVIS Chameleon For Graffiti Fans
This tutorial will teach you how to prepare graffiti on any wall and bonus is that, no body can charge you for the same. It tells you how to use chameleon plug-in of Photoshop.  

24. Graffiti with Photoshop

This tutorial tells you how to use graffiti on real picture. Accomplished in eight easy steps it lets you put virtual pictures on any real construction.  

25. Crate a Graffiti
This is for all those, who have just started to get knowledge of graphic designing. This tutorial tells how one can draw his favorite words on a wall in an alluring manner without the fear of being charged.  

26. PhoNuts Photoshop Tutorials
It tutors how to create realistic graffiti. It has wonderfully taught to prepare a graffiti using blend of imagination and a real picture. You can learn the basics just in four easy steps. 

27. Photoshop Graffiti Tutorial
You would love to learn this, if you are bitten by the bug of creativity. Blending two photographs in brilliant manner, it creates a transparency effect. This teaches to uses the overlaying tools of Photoshop.  

28. Graffiti Art with Balls
Using brush tools of Photoshop, it teaches to create graffiti with balls. 

29. Graffiti Art Effects
Another temptation for creative beings, this is a step-by-step tutorial that demonstrate the method of developing characters, which appear authentic on graffiti street art.  

These tutorials are provided here to assist you in your future endeavor and tempt your creativity thirst.


  1. These are great! Will send these to my boyfriend. (He’s a graffiti artist).

  2. Thank you. Great post

  3. Thank you. Great post

  4. cool tuts man very nice

  5. this is amzingg(:

  6. Hey! I love the Wooden Fence theme for my new baby blog and I customized the blog title and tagline using PS. Only problem is I had to remove the text version from the blog’s setting to avoid having them show up twice. Is there some way to put a text version of the blog title and tagline in WP settings (for search purposes) but NOT have them show up on the blog itself?


  7. I tried some of these tuts. Those ones work very well. I’ve got what I expected.
    Cool. Thanks for this nice collection. This is a good resource for inspiration.

  8. Hey guys check out this video of an easy technique I found to make a cool grafitti at my office wall. maybe you would like to share too and leave us some comments
    Nice day,


  9. Hey man this are great tuts, you gave me some ideas to start a new graffiti.

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