Green Light

Posted by on Jul 28, 2008 in Free Themes | 131 comments

Latest Version: 3.00
Updated on: 2015/05/17

Green Light is a light on dark green theme design with a right sidebar and a nice image header. Rustic look. Suitable for general personal blog.

Green Light WordPress Theme
Click on the “Free Download” link above to get the theme now!
By using this theme for FREE, you agree to accept the external links.

Add to Cart
Gain access to the fully layered Photoshop file for quick and easy tweakage. PSD files included for both the main and the sub themes.
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Removing the credit links will make the theme to not function properly. Unencrypted main and sub theme files can be purchased at $20.
Theme Customization
Do you want to customize this theme to include images that suit your blog's topic? I can help you with the graphical customization. For more details, please visit the theme customization service page.

Color Schemes
The Green Light theme comes with 3 color schemes below:

To activate your desired color scheme, follow 2 simple steps below:
Step 1 Go to the theme Options page in WP admin => Appearance => Green Light
Step 2 Under “Theme Style”, select your color scheme in blue, brown or red.

Main Features
– 3 different color schemes
– User-friendly Options page
– Custom Menu
– Automatic Thumbnails
– Different design for sticky post feature
– Compatible with IE7, IE8, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera
– W3C XHTML and CSS compliant
– Gravatar enable

Translation Help Needed

If you wish to translate this theme into your own language, you can do so with the use of the Poedit program. To find out how this works, please refer to this comprehensive guide.

When you have completed the localization, kindly send me the translated files so I can share your work (with your credit) with other users.

Automatic Thumbnails
Please refer to this page for the details of how the automatic thumbnails work.

Drop-down Menu
The Green Light theme has a multi-level drop-down menu that is using the latest function in WP 3.0. There are two ways to create the drop-down menu.
1) When you create hierarchical pages, the drop-down menu will show up automatically in the header navigation.

2) You can manually define the header links using the custom menu. To do it, first, click on the “Menus” link found under the “Appearance” tab in WP admin. Then follow the instruction on the page to add your custom menu. This feature only works with WP 3+.

There is a featured content section below the header link. This feature is built in using the Featured Content Gallery (FCG) plugin. Please download the latest version and follow the instruction found in “Readme.txt” to do the setup.

If you do not want to show this feature, just don’t install the plugin.

Blog Title and Description
The demo is showing a special font as below:

By default, after you install the theme, the blog title and description are showing the Arial font.

You can change the font style by following this instruction:
Part 1: Modifying Font Style
– Download this PSD zip file (also included the font that I use)
– Extract and open the PSD file in the Photoshop/ImageReady/Gimp/PaintShop program
– Change the title and description using your desired font (you are free to modify the header image if you want)
– Save the image using this name: bg_header.jpg
– Upload the image to your server in the “/styles/default/” folder

Part 2: Activating the Style
– Login to your WP admin
– Go to the options page of the Green Light theme under “Appearance -> Green Light”
– Find “Theme Style” under “Layout Setting”
– In the pull-down menu, select “default.css”
– Save the setting and go to your site to see the changes.

Ad Widget
An ad widget can be found under the “Available Widgets” section. You can drag the widget to Sidebar 1. This widget allows you to add your advertisement while keeping the sidebar design. Please limit the width of your ad to 160px.

User Showcase
The followings are a few examples of nice modification of this theme from other users. You can view all the nice design in the forum theme showcase.

View my other themes

Change Log

2008-07-28 V1.0 – New release.
2008-09-17 V1.01 – Fixed some bugs and added a few css selectors to make the theme more compatible.
2008-09-29 V1.03 – Fixed more bugs.
2008-10-31 V1.05 – Minor changes. No need to upgrade to this version if you don’t encounter any issues with ver 1.03
2008/12/17 V1.10
– Supported WordPress ver 2.7 with the following changes:
– Comment section support paging and threading (WordPress 2.7 feature)
– Change the comment layouts and use tabs to seperate comments and trackbacks.
– Exclude the pages in menu if you set it in widgets.
2009/04/17 V1.15
– Include h1, h2, h3, h4 in blog title, post title etc for SEO purpose.
– Change the license to Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported.
– Fixed 1 error for comment css.
2009-07-14 – Theme is compatible with WP 2.8
2010/10/16 V3.00
– Added drop-down menu, ad-widget, Options page, advanced automatic thumbnails, custom style and more.
– Added custom menu (works on WP 3+ onwards) and enabled localization (translation).
– Change a lot of things.


  1. Hello Brian,

    I just would like to thank you for your wonderful theme. I’m a real newbie in wordpress and my website works perfectly thansk to your theme.

    Thanks Thanks Thanks !

  2. Awesome template! I just started using it today on my blog: Blog

    A couple things I wanted to mention:

    When a post as 1 or more comments, the comments link on the main index points them to #comments, which should scroll to the comments section on the single post page. However the comments achor isn’t used inside the single post template. I added the following to comments.php:

    p id="comments" class="commenttitle"

    I know you pride yourself with the w3c compliance of your templates, but I noticed there were a bunch of &raquo and &laquo that don’t have the ending ; in your templates. I believe there were 4 instances of it I found so far.

    Hope this helps! And keep up the good work!

  3. Forgot to mention my theme version is 1.05 and WordPress version is 2.6.5.

  4. Hi,
    I wanted to create a post (entry) that only myself, and one other friend could comment back and fourth on; I did try the password protection option, and it did work, however, if one right clicks, and selects view source, on the post, they can still see the body (text) of the post.

    I would imagine that the same would hold true for comments?

    Is there anyway around this? Any other options?

    Thank you!

  5. Mark, there is no limitation as to how many categories you can create in WordPress. But try not to create too many hierarchy (child categories) as that will make the sidebar look ugly.

  6. Krunk, please use this URL to check for the W3C compliance:

    Both XHTML and CSS pass the test.

  7. Mark, when a post is password protected, other users should not see the content in view source. I suspect that you didn’t clear the cookies so the browser is loading the page with the password access.

    I would advise you use another PC to try it again. If this problem persists, please let me know.

  8. Hi, really impressive theme-thanks.
    I have been using a different theme and when I have tried to alter my site to yours I get
    “Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_tag() in /home/sd/public_html/wp-content/themes/green-light/index.php on line 23”

    What am I doing wrong?- I am using WP -I think the latest one and theme version 1.05.

    • David, I have upgraded the theme that is compatible with WordPress 2.7. Please install using the new revision 1.10.

  9. This is probably the best theme in whole WordPress theme directory.
    Spent approximately 5 hours going through those themes and this was the only suitable one 🙂
    Thanks alot and hopefully I’ll see more of these extreme high quality themes from you someday 🙂

  10. RE: Brian on W3C compliance.

    The test you point to doesn’t verify when you’re logged in as an editor. I’m not sure if you read my comment and searched for the errors at all, but the W3C compliance is failing at »Edit« in multiple files, where &raquo and &laquo don’t have the ending ‘;’ (semi-colon). I’ve been using to validate the W3C compliance I doubt anyone would argue is broken.

    • Thanks, we added the ending ‘;’ already.

  11. “Mark, when a post is password protected, other users should not see the content in view source. I suspect that you didn’t clear the cookies so the browser is loading the page with the password access.

    I would advise you use another PC to try it again. If this problem persists, please let me know”.

    Thank you for all of your help so far!
    So, you are saying, if I clear the cookies, from my browser, then even in View Source, others, including the public, will not be able to see the contents of my post?

    Thank you!

    • Mark, I should make it clearer this way: whether or not you clear your cookies, other public users will not see the content (or source code) of your post.

  12. OmegaZ,
    I would agree with that!
    I also spent a very good amount of time, looking at different themes.
    When I weighed out looks, with functionality, this was the winner, in my opinion.


    • Omega and Mark, thanks a lot for the positive comments! I have posted those comments on my testimonial page.

      The release of new themes has been going slowly because our graphic designer is working on it on a part-time basis. Here is a good news. She will be working on the theme design FULL TIME beginning Feb 2008. By then, we will release a new theme almost every week! Stay tuned!

  13. Has anyone found a good, streamlined, yet safe way to upgrade to WordPress 2.7; also, is the upgrade worth the effort?

    Thank you,

    • Mark, please do not upgrade to ver 2.7 at the moment. I will make all the themes compatible with 2.7 in one week time.

  14. Is there a way, or plug-in to have the emoticons, and some formatting options available when commenting on a post?


  15. I am using Odiogo; does anyone else use this service?
    It is a great, free service.

    Some of my older posts are not being converted to audio, and mp3 files; they said to do this:

    “Our service converts to audio only the articles found in the RSS feed. You may want to increase the number of articles in the RSS feed in order to have older articles converted to audio”.

    In The Settings, Reading…
    I changed Blog pages show at most, and Syndication feeds show the most recent, to 500; that far exceeds the amount that I actually have, at this point.

    Is that the setting that they are referring to?


    • Mark, I have not studied about the Odiogo program that you mentioned. I would have to pass this issue to whoever knows the solution.

  16. Anyone interested,
    My site can be found at


  17. Hi Brian,
    Thank you for the above plug! I appreciate that.
    I have about 10 members thus far, and they are all pleased with the look.

    Brian, so are you saying that once you have the updated template, I can then go ahead and update Word Press? To get info on a streamlined process, would you suggest posting on Word Press’ Page, as opposed to here?



    • Mark, I have just released the new revision of Green Light that is compatible with WordPress ver 2.7. Green Light ver 1.10 should work well on WordPress 2.7. Please let me know if you have any issues.

      What do you mean by “posting on Word Press’ Page”?

  18. Brian,
    I noticed that when moderated comments go into moderation, everyone can still see them; am I doing something wrong, or is this a glitch?

    I would like only admin to see moderated comments; any chance?


  19. Hi!

    Is there a way to turn of the search box?

    Keep up the great work!


    • Hi, we fix the search box at the top of sidebar as a background, it is no way to turn it off.

  20. Love the theme, but it went wonky last week. Lost my sidebar, it’s now on the bottom and you can only read the index if the mouse is over it. Thought upgrading to the latest version of wp would help – nope – upgraded to the newest version of the theme – still no improvement. Suggestions?

  21. I’d like to thank you for a great theme. I nuked my site from orbit and started anew using Green Light. Very clean and professional.

    I only made a few changes, adding some color on the nav bar headers, using warmer link colors, and going to a purely graphical header.

    Cheers on a great job!

  22. Hi there,
    I just wanted to thank you for this website template and to say I am using it on my website now! It really is a great theme, so thank you!

  23. beautiful template, i will use this on my site 🙂

  24. I just wanted to thank you for this website template and to say I am using it on my website now! It really is a great theme, so thank you!

  25. Hello, I am trying to change the colour of the sidebar but can not get it to change despite changing all the colour codes in the stylesheet.css. Any hints on how to achieve this?



  26. Hello, I use your great theme, thanks a lot for it
    You can see it in action on
    My question is Do you have a version of this theme with 2 columns
    or , if not, do you know how I can modify th theme in order to get a left column more

    sorry for my english, I am french

    • I am sorry that to change the theme to 3 columns involve BIG coding change and I have no resources to do that at the moment.

      Btw, I went to your site and saw that you have removed the link to my site. If you want to continue using the theme, you are required to add my link back using this info:
      <a href="">Wordpress Templates</a>

      Please let me know your decision.

      • No problemo for 3 columns, I understand

        Sorry for the back link, I didn’t mean to remove it
        You can check, it’s back now


  27. Ohh it’d coolest theme i have ever seen Than you :))

  28. I’m using this template in blogger and the date is not showing up on my posts, just the time. I’ve went through the code and checked my formatting options and didn’t see a problem. Any thoughts?

    • This site only support WordPress related issue. For Blogger template support, please go to or

  29. Hi Brian,

    First of all let me tell you that your theme is awesome!!!!! , so cute.

    I need your help in a small thinsg:

    Yesterday I made something to the single.php ( I think) that the tittle of the post was moved above of the paper clip…. could you please tell me how to fix this problem, the title of post should be to the right of the issuing date of article!!!

    please see to kow what I’am talking about 🙂


    • Hi Meelsa, I see that is using PhotoFrame version 1.02 which is quite an old version. The latest version is 1.10. Please backup your current theme and upload the latest version.

      If you don’t want to upgrade, you can try to modify style.css. Find .posttile and change the code to
      top: 56px;
      height: 25px;
      padding:5px 5px 0 5px;
      I think you have modified .posttitle

  30. Hi,
    I love this theme, however, I would like to have some of the appearance slightly changed…is that possible, and can anyone do this work?

    I can be reached at ****

    Thank you,

    • Hi Mark, I might be able to do that. Please send me your requirement to wpsubmit @ templatelite . com and I’ll do a study about it.

  31. I have problem with template!! Please help!!

    I make nothing, and this dead.

    • Could you be more specific as to what your problem is?

  32. All your works are amazing. They’re Really beautiful!!
    Thank you so much!

  33. Do you know if your theme is compatible with 2.8?

    Thank you for your work


  34. First of all – thanks for making such a beautiful theme, and making it available for free. Been using it for a while now, and just love it.

    One request – would you consider making the graphic files available in Photoshop format, such that minor changes could be done easily?

    Thanks for considering this.

    • Hi, the Photoshop file is not available free. You can get it by donating $50.

  35. I am unable to upload the theme in I am getting the following error

    Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
    XML error message: Premature end of file.

    I am trying to upload using the file, style.css.

    Let me know if i am doing anything wrong here

    • @Ramya, please refer to for Blogger/Blogspot related issues.

  36. Once again really love it when you do these types of designs hope to see a 3rd one very soon!

  37. Hi there, I love the theme – I just wondered if there is any way to make the main pages into drop down menus, so that the subpages aren’t seen unless someone clicks on a drop down button?

    Many thanks
    x x

    • @Becki, the drop-down menu is not yet incorporated in this theme yet.

  38. Does anyone know if there is a way to exclude certain posts from showing up in The Recent Post Widget?

    Thank you!

    • @mark, please register a forum account and post your question there and I’ll provide solution.


  39. Is this compatible with 2.9.2?

  40. Love this theme, and have made many changes. You may take a look at The only thing I can’t figure out is how to get the small icons that show up next to my titles in the sidebar to go away. The icons I am talking about look like a piece of paper with the top left corner folded over with a green dot in the lower right side. Can anyone help me please. I thank you in advance.

    • @Josh, simply remove the icon file from your server. The file is located at /images/sidetitle.gif


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