40+ Grid-based design Articles, Tutorials and Tools

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Introduced as a new solution of designing structure problems, grid based design is alluring almost every designer. Grid designs are used as framework to prepare the page layout. It incorporates many tools, which assists designers a lot in their endeavor of accomplishing the work perfectly. If you are looking forward for more information, just read on… an assortment of information is available here, which will take you the pages of important grid articles, tips, tutorials and tool resources.  

17    Grid Articles Tips and Resources
  1. Grids are Good
    Available as a PDF format, this article is illustrated in almost 152 pages. It offers all the tips and expertise that can be used for the betterment of your competency.
  1. Grid (page layout)
    Available in wikipedia, this article tells all about grid design and brings external resources to learners.
  1. Why Use a Grid
    Written by Mark Boulton, the article gives all the details to use a grid and tells about its importance too. The article is comprised with all the examples, which are required.
  1. Feeling Your Way Around Grids
    This is another article by Mark Boulton – Taking instances of Leonardo Da Vinci’s great art work ‘the last supper’, this article deals with use of grid in old proposed idea of ‘the golden section’ and ‘rules of third’.
  1. The Funniest Grid You Ever Saw
    Written by Khoi Vinh, this article starts with the an example posted at onion.com, later talks about Mark Boulton’s articles and then proposes the best ways of use of a grid.
  1. Grid Computing …and Designing
    This is next by Khoi Vinh. In this article, author has discussed about computing of the grid and its better use in designing.
  1. Grid-Based design 101
    Steven Snell’s blog on grid gives all the information about grid. This article includes definition of grid, its use and incorporates good examples with images. It is a complete guidance for all those, who are looking forward for comprehensive information about grid.
  1. Grid-Based Design: Six Creative Column Techniques
    This is another article, which comprises detailed information about grid and its use. This article is worth reading, as it provides all the basics for effective grip approach. You will love to read it. Pictorial examples increase its readability.
  1. Thinking Outside the Grid
    The article written by Molly E. Holzschlag is an attempt to visualize diversified use of grid. In this article, author is not limited to the use of grid just in designing the page layout but also incorporated it inn preparing a map, graffiti and many more tasks. It is great deal for all those, who love to think out of kitty.
  1. Columns and Grids
    Providing a detailed information, this article focuses on every possible utilization of columns and grids to prepare a good lay out. Examples are given here to demonstrate it nicely.
  1. Grids: Show ‘Em if You Got ‘Em
    This article highlights artistic features of grid. It illustrates how a person can suffice his /her art temptation by using grids. It also tells about some finest virtual brush strokes.
  1. Introduction to Layout Grids
    This is an in-depth introduction of layout grids. This article can be a perfect theoretical material for beginners.
  1. The Grid: Structure of Design
    Telling about ‘ABC’ of grid and its use in design structure, this article is also supposed to be a great deal for novice designers.
  1. Grids: Order out of Chaos
    The article starts with introduction of grid and respectively teaches about its use and functionality in good designing.
  1. Vertical Grids
    The article is especially focused on vertical grids, its use and way of preparation. The article includes several example to understand vertical grid technique.
  1. Grids: an invisible foundation
    Describing well about grids and its use, this article is included in the list of ‘basics of grid’ articles. Nonetheless, beautiful layout and pictorial examples illustrates the matter nicely.

13     Grid Tutorials

After going through all these articles, you must be requiring some better tutorial stuff to get a detailed knowledge of grid-based designing. Nevertheless, many of these articles are written with a tutorial touch but to get complete grasp on it, tutorials are must. If articles are first step then tutorials are second step in the direction of becoming a proficient designer.  

  1. Five simple steps to designing grid systems – Preface
    Written by Boultonm, this is the introductory page of five methods to get designing grid systems. The article gives details of grid, its mathematics system and use of grid system in designing.
  1. Five simple steps to designing grid systems (Part 1)
    The article provides the know-how of first stage to use a grid system. It starts with canvas and subdividing ratio.
  1. Five simple steps to designing grid systems (Part 2)
    This tutorial programs tells about the use of grid, its composition and benefit of regular practice.
  1. Five simple steps to designing grid systems (Part 3)
    Third tutorial program written by Mark Boulton deals with better use of grid in present scenario.
  1. Five simple steps to designing grid systems (Part 4)
    Fourth tutorial written by the Mark Boulton deals with measurement of the grid and canvas.
  1. Five simple steps to designing grid systems (Part 5)
    This is the last step to use designing grid system . This tutorial gives detail of flexible and adaptive grids. The last tutorial offered by Mark Boultn comprises a detailed note and make designers familiar to his style to use a designing tool.
  1. Gridding the 960
    The article is tutorial article, which deals with Background image grid, pixel ruler and column divisions for 960px-width layout. It gives the best expertise to use background grids.
  1. Grid Design, A Classic Beauty for Whitespace Freaks
    This is wonderful tutorial article, which entails the skill-set to use a grid in white space. One can create brilliant webpage or print page layout in whitespace implementing its ideation. Read it out to increase your designing competency.
  1. Using a Background Image Grid to Layout Your Website
    The tutorial article gives the details to use background image grid to design layout of a website. This is a wonderful tutorial.
  1. Setting Type on the Web to a Baseline Grid
    The tutorial article gives a detail to design the web page with the help of baseline grid. This is an amazing tutorial to assist designers. It has become the  haute tool in present sceanario, as maximum designers are opting for baseline grids.
  1. Developing The Grid That Supports Your Design
    The article is great for all those, who are looking forward to develop a grid that will be most suitable for their design. With proper examples, it gives all the details for such grid development.
  1. Grid-Based Design
    This layout is normally used in advertisements and other designing. You can get an example at the landing page to know more about it.
  1. Design Grids for web Pages
    You will be able to get detailed information. It offers uninterrupted information about designing and use of grid in designing. It lets you get integrated information in easy steps.


20     Grid Tools resources

    To be aware of all the knowledge of good designing, one must know how to use every tool of designing. When one is using grid for preparation of better layout and wonderful background effect, importance of tool increases even more. Read on to get an in-depth information on various tools, which can be used as grid resources.  

  1. Grid Designer 2
    This is a very popular online tool for setting up a grid. It lets you accomplish your work in perfect way, without taking help of any other tool.
  1. Grid Maker
    Grid maker is designed to provide you the easiest way to use grid in designing. It is a simple web application to design a grid. Its ‘easy to understand’ method is attracting many novice designers.
  1. GridMaker 2
    This tool is a downloadable tool, which assists impeccably in creating mockups.
  1. 960 Grid System
    This tool is designed to deal with background grid, pixel and more features. It sets up a grid for the common 960 width.
  1. Grid Calculator
    Grid calculator is introduced as an online tool for creating grids. It is effective and easy to use.
  1. TypoGridder
    This tool is made to help designers in making a design with baseline grids.
  1. CSS Grid Calculator
    This is a very simple online calculator for setting up a grid.
  1. Web Page Layout Grid
    These tools are supposed to the extensively used tools of designing. The tool is used to set a large image in the background when designing with a grid is done.
  1. Browser Grid
    A browser grid reflects the utmost safe area for different resolutions of the picture.
  1. Layout Grid Bookmarklet
    This design tool is introduced as a basic designing tool by Andy Budd.
  1. Grid Overlay Bookmarklet
    This is a variation of Andy Budd’s creative work.
  1. Phiculator
    It is a very simple tool that is able to calculate any given number in accordance with the golden ratio.
  1. Griddr Builder
    This is a tool to quickly build a grid system, this tool includes standard size elements that is important to ensure a design elements fit.
  1. Typographic Grid
    This is launched by Chris Coyier. He loves to play around with unit less line height. He enjoys getting things to line up in accordance with strict horizontal and vertical grid.
  1. Emastic
    It is a CSS Framework that is mainly in the work of lightweight compression (less than 4kb), Personalizing of width of the page and use of fixed and fluid grid columns.
  1. GridFox
    This is a grid layout for fire fox extension, which helps you in opening the Firefox and your favorite grid on the top of it. This tool is very easy to customize and allow designers to create the exact grid that he needs for his layout.
  1. GridMaker
    It is a small script, which is purposely designed to use with Photoshop. This tool allows a rapid development of simpler grids.
  1. Grid Mark
    This simple tool is designed to overlay a grid on any website. It has given an extension to designer’s work area. It is supposed to be a novice tool, as it is among the easiest grid-based designing tools.
  1. Grid v0.4
    This is a highly configurable book-mark-let, which is designed in JavaScript. It is intended to overlay a layout grid on any website. Selection of website depends on you.
  1. Ruler Tool
    The critically acclaimed tool is a use of a simple image that can be used as the background to most block level elements. It will help designers in getting an idea that what is going on between browsers and platforms. It does not any other application.

Enjoy grid-based design resources for a better designing and good structure. A use of grid not only assists in creation of better layout but also helps you in handling difficult designing tasks. Get the resource and make yourself more competent…

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