How Infographics Have Changed Marketing Strategies

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Infographics are now considered as the fastest growing type of content on the World Wide Web. For this reason, business-to-business (B2B) marketers believe that this format is the best way to influence their target audience. In fact, based on the recent surveys conducted, infographics are now used as a marketing strategy by about 20% of B2B companies. The yearly growth of this communication tool suggests that it will continue to become popular in the coming years.

This trend is not really surprising because with today’s digital world, people are more attracted to colorful, eye-catching content than boring, long blog posts. It engages the company’s target audience, allowing them to spread information about their company, brand, and product. In addition, the audience can easily understand and retain information because the data are presented in a simple method using graphs, images, and short texts.

Infographics And E-Commerce

Infographics are the newest trend in sharing information. This communication tool gives people visual figures of information and facts on a wide variety of subjects. In the past couple of years, a number of companies have tried reaching consumers overseas. These companies used infographics to appeal to an international audience and they have enjoyed great success. Today, infographics play a critical role in overseas sales by informing consumers about the potential of the overseas market. In addition, this communication device helps companies establish their brands and inform new audience about their products and services without spending thousands of dollars.

Ways To Use Infographics As A Marketing Strategy

  1. Present The “Big Picture”: In can be quite challenging to present and explain information to prospects. An infographic, with its images, graphs, and eye-catching design, is a great way to present pieces of information. For instance, you can show who does what and when; and visually present the interaction of all the contributors. Basically, you can present the “Big Picture” in a single content which prospects can understand and refer to regularly.
  2. How-To Presentation: “Internet users are always looking for help and advice; thus, presenting a step-by-step process through visual content is a very effective way of communicating information. You can turn your infographics to a step-by-step instruction guide that can help your potential consumers understand, appreciate, and accept your product and brand. This is very helpful, especially for those products that are quite complicated.
  3. Present Brand Superiority: Infographics are also excellent mediums for demonstrating how your product can be beneficial for your potential consumers, and how it is superior over other brands. Traditionally, these pieces of information are presented through lifeless and dull white paper; however, with the use of infographics, you will be able to present the same information in a more interesting and engaging way.

Now that you are familiar with how you can use infographics as a marketing strategy, you must then consider why you should include it in your online content marketing. Knowing how you can use this communication device is one thing, but having the motivation to use infographics as a marketing strategy is another thing entirely.

  • Infographics Are Attractive: With the amount of information available online, you have to make your content eye-catching and engaging or else, your target audience won’t even look at your content. Using infographics will help you catch your audience’s attention through images, graphs, and compelling designs.
  • Capacity To Go Viral: The main objective of using this communication tool for marketing is for it to go viral. This means that the infographics is shared and read across various social media and blogging communities. If the infographics go viral, you will be able to reach more prospects.
  • Brand Awareness: If you create a visual content with your logo or brand, it will be a powerful method of creating greater brand awareness. This will help your potential consumers recognize your brand.
  • Worldwide Promotion: With this communication device, you can aim globally when advertising, and all you need to do is push a button. Infographics can provide you with global coverage that local print and advertising media could never accomplish.

With e-commerce slowly becoming the future of international trading, infographics help that trend by being comprehensible across global markets. This communication device is the perfect tool for worldwide trading.


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