2 WordPress Theme Directories with Review System

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In my previous post, I listed 100+ theme directories and forums that I submit my new themes to. Out of all the sites, I particularly like Themes Preview because this is the only site that provide comprehensive review of WordPress themes.

In this post, I’d like to give a review of this site because it is so special that set them apart from any other WordPress theme directories. I also give a brief review of another theme review site, Wpthemereview.com.

By far, ThemesPreview.com and Wpthemereview.com are the only two sites that provide review and rating of WordPress themes. There is another yet-to-launch site, Wpthemecritic.com that will be reviewing WordPress themes.

Let’s spend a little time talking about Wpthemereview.com before I review ThemesPreview.com in details.

When you visit Wpthemereview.com, you’ll see a “SEO score” being assigned to each theme.

Click on any theme and you’ll see SEO score note below the screenshot of the theme. There are two categories:
1) We like this theme because it…
2) This theme could be improved, though…

As you can see, this site reviews mainly the SEO part of a theme. Nothing much has been told about the coding structure and compatibility issues.

Another problem with this site is the scoring method. There is no specific information as to how the SEO score came about. I even found two WordPress themes having the same SEO score note but having different SEO score.

On the contrary, I am amazed at how ThemesPreview reviews a theme. The author has outlined the review criteria and grouped them in two sections: must-have criteria and optional criteria.

A theme must pass the must-have criteria to get a listing on the site. Then comes the optional criteria. There are more than 10 tests in this section and each passed item will be given points ranging from 1 to 3. The total score (in percentage) is what makes a theme better/worse than the other. 6 points have been assigned to the W3C validation test. It is the highest assigned points among all other tests because this is the toughest test to pass.

The other 2-point tests are “Theme Support” and “Firefox compatibility”. Theme support is important. The author makes it a point that a good coder should be more responsible for his theme. Also, a good theme should work on the Firefox as most internet users are browsing websites using Firefox.

Other less important tests are assigned 1 point each.

To calculate the total theme score in percentage, simply take the total points of the passed criteria and divide it with the total points of the tested criteria.

Themes which score between 60-74% will get a Bronze status. Score between 75-89% will get a Silver status. Score above 90% will get a Gold status. Most of my themes are getting Gold in the directory.

You can also calculate easily from the stats to get an overview of the quality of the free WordPress themes in the market. From the stats, it’s surprised that more than 60% of the themes in the directory are not even getting Bronze status. In ThemesPreview, you get an idea as to how many of the designers are really doing a good job…. not many of them!

New themes are added to ThemesPreview every day for months. It is currently the main source for comparing the quality of different themes. As for Wpthemereview.com, the author hasn’t updated the site for more than a year so it is no longer a good site to follow. Therefore, I have excluded this site in my theme submission plan.

I am closely following the new review site, Wpthemecritic.com. When it is launched, I’ll be one of the first to submit my themes because I am very eager to see how my themes rate and see which areas I need to improve.

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