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Posted by on Oct 5, 2008 in About My Themes | 11 comments

I try my best to make my themes work for everyone. However, due to the big amount of comments I’ve been receiving, I can’t give timely response to every request. I have since figured out a way to address those issues effectively with different priority set as follows:

Top Priority
If you encounter functionality issues (eg. themes display wrongly in Firefox), I’ll look into that as first priority and will try to address the problems within 3 working days. You can post the problem in the comment section of the most relevant theme page.

Note: My themes are not designed to work with ALL plugins. Unless you show me how popular the plugin is, please don’t ask me to fix the compatibility issue with the individual plugins. 

I consider a plugin as popular when the All-Time downloads in WordPress is above 200,000. Take WordPress Stat plugin as an example, the all-time downloads can be found at and it is more than 500,000 as of this writing. Therefore, we’ll fix the problem, if any, pertaining to this plugin.

However, due to the strict coding standard that I always adhere to, my themes should work well with most of the popular plugins.

Less Priority
For other issues, I’ll make your comments live and will address them whenever I have time. The solution is not guaranteed. I also hope that other users can help solve your issues while waiting for my reply.

However, if you are kind enough to make a small donation, I’ll give the first priority to resolve any of your issues. Simply donate to my Paypal via wpsubmit @ and specify your comment ID.

I hope this is the most efficient way to address your problems and requests.


  1. Love this theme, especially the details on the sidebar. Everything works perfectly, except for one small probelm. I cannot get the nested pages to appear under the parent page. I am using this them on both WP 2.6.2 and 2.6.3

  2. Sandra, we will add drop down menu for the pages on all our themes soon 😀

  3. Awesome theme, however I did remove the bird, the plan, and the binoculars/photos. I am resintalling wordpress now to be at my root level.

    I am trying to figure out out to push the page title to the top right under the header graphic, but am having newbie issues.

    • Hi Brandon, may I know which theme you are using? Please post the question in the right theme page instead of here. Thanks.

  4. hi Brian,

    how do I change the recent posts in the side bar to recent comments ?
    thanks this is a great theme !

    • Hi Mark, just use widgets to add recent comments into sidebar. You can arrange the sidebar easily with widgets.

    • Hi Jaime, I studied the source code of your home page (index.php) and found out something is wrong.

      For every post, it starting with <div id="post-xxx" without closing tag >. It should be like this
      <div id="post-169" class="post hentry category-xxx">

      Maybe you should restore the original index.php and try to modify carefully again. 🙂

  5. Hi I like your watercolor design. However, is there a way to list the pages that needs to point another website?

    Thank you,

    • @Regina, please edit header.php, find


      <li class="page_item"><a href="; title="The Title">Other Site</a></li>

  6. Love the theme but I would like to remove the “Designed by” in the sidebar. Does the $20 credit removal do that?

    • @Larry

      Yes. Please make the payment of $20 and specify which theme you want the credits removed.

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