Top 15 Tips To Increase Twitter Traffic To Your Blog

Posted by on Mar 9, 2009 in Wordpress and Blogging Tips | 11 comments

Twitter has taken the blogging community by storm. A lot of people are now hooked to it and are now active Twitter users.

Twitter is a free service that allows people to stay in touch with each other through the exchange of quick and frequent answers to simple questions.

It is some sort of micro-blogging service that allows users to send a little 140-character messages out to “followers” and exchanging bits and pieces of information and potentially exposing that conversation to the larger grid.

A lot of practical tips are provided to potential and active twitter users or twitterers. This article has generated a list of 15 top pick tips that are essential in increasing twitter traffic to your blog.

These 15 tips revolve around major performance goals. The 15 tips shall be presented under the relevant performance goals.


TIP #1
Exert effort at customizing your Twitter profile by providing it with your picture. A lot of people don’t like to send tweets to faceless twitterers. Include in the profile your blog URL and description. Most of twitterers check profile before they decide to follow you or not.

TIP #2
Generate interest and strong and positive impression by treating your tweets as your article headline. You should also avoid making your background look like some sort of an advertisement as it will definitely turn people off.

TIP #3
Monitor everything that is happening within your blog field and exert effort to be perceived as an expert twitterer on a subject related to your blog. Link to quality resources and people will surely look at you as an authority on whatever interest you are espousing in your blog.


TIP #4
You should work hard to make each tweet interesting and worth reading to your target audience. Put your best foot, or rather, tweet forward and surely your followers will decide to click on and check out your profile and your blog.

TIP #5
Make your tweets an attention grabber by writing things which are interesting to the community. Be on the look out for hot topics and be ready to post the article in your blog. Members of the twitter community will be truly interested with you and what you have to say. They will soon drop by your site or blog once you have announced to the community what you have written.

TIP #6
Interesting people are great followers of other interesting people. In the twitter community you have to follow people whom you think are interesting. However, don’t follow people only because everyone else is following them.


TIP #7
You should be helpful, useful and friendly member of the community. Be gracious and thank people when they follow you on twitter with a direct message. You should utilize your expertise to help fellow twitters find solutions to their requests and questions. Your intention is to gain acceptance and trust of the Twitter community and to become an authority in the area you are perceived to operate on.

TIP #8
Do not oversell your blog and your blog articles. Being a hard sell will not bring good to you, your profile and your blog. You may have gotten somebody to follow you, but if you don’t provide value to them, they can just easily unfollow you.

TIP #9
You should restrain yourself from tweeting to much as many twitterers might make your followers unfollow you. Three tweets a day would just work out fine. You can use TweetStats to learn more and analyze your tweets. However, if you can not put a cap on your tweets, it is essential that use Qwitter to get updates when someone stops following you. That way, you can learn on the reasons why people unfollow you.


TIP #10
You can use TweetBurner in order to shorten the URLs you intend to include in your tweets. Most tweets are based on a 140 characters. This will save you valuable space for your message. You can also track the number of clicks your tweets get through the TweetBurner. It is also an effective tool to analyze which tweet structures attract your followers and what headlines work best. TweetBurner can also tell you at what time of the day your tweets get more clicks.

TIP #11
Try experimenting by repeating the same tweet twice a day with a 10-12 hour gap between similar tweets. Some regular twitterers have noticed that repeated tweets attract attention as many new people are logged on since your original tweet 10 hours earlier.


TIP #12
You must work hard to get your Twitter link out to where people can find you. This means adding it to your e-mail signature file, in forum post, on your site, on your blog sidebar, in article resource boxes, and so on. People will only follow you if they find you credible. By doing this tip, it certainly adds up to your credibility score.

TIP #13
Do not try to follow everybody that follows you. Be selective of who you follow and work within your established niche, interests and hobbies. Avoid chasing the numbers to obtain the most twitter followers which most of us think is important. Twitter is not a race of numbers; it is about quality.

TIP #14
An effective way to get people to follow you is to start following them first. A number of twitterers have their accounts setup to follow all the followers, so when you follow them they will automatically follow you back. This is done within the context that you are able to develop a concrete brand and image for your twitter profile and your blog.

TIP #15
Go beyond the Twittosphete. It is the best way to build a following. Don’t forget to add a Twitter RSS feed to your Web page or Blog.


  1. Excellent, that is what I have been looking for. Thanks guy

  2. Great suggestion thanks, i will follow that after some days from now i will comment again for the suggestion result thaks,

  3. Cheers great points to set me off in the right direction. I haven’t been putting my twitter link out there enough in places other than twitter. I am going to add the RSS feed now to my blog.

  4. Twitter is really a great invention, but I think blogging is even more important to create some traffic. But I can use some of the tips.

  5. I have a good collections of top twitter tools on my site.

  6. This was very helpful. Thank you for posting, I’m fairly new to twittering, so I’m so glad to find tips and in site to help me navigate Twitter. Thanks again.

  7. Very comprehensive list of tips in an article. My favorite among the 15 tips is adding value to our tweets. I say that becuase reputation is very important. A ruined reputation is difficult to restore.

  8. Twitter is the greatest mini blogging website that drives astounding volume of traffic to your site or business. Twitter can make your business move one step forward, where you can explore and get associated to people across the globe and establish long term relationship.

  9. Hi! Thanks for the cool tipps. They are very helpful. We are newbies in twitter, but the best thing I have see it, for increasing the traffik you should post tweets regulary. If it is posible every Minute 😉


  10. thanks for the tips. this is the most comprehensive list I’ve seen. I am new to Twitter. I recently launched a blog and website about breakthrough thinking.

  11. If you want to display your followers without entering your password, try the Twitter Follower Widget


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