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I am happy to see that some of my themes have been certified by ThemesPreview.com. To add to my excitement, some of my themes are awarded GOLD status!!

Some of you might not have heard about Themes Preview. Let me briefly describe what this site is doing. ThemesPreview is a WordPress theme directory listing some of the best themes with FREE downloads. If it is just a free WordPress theme directory, what is so great about this site when there are so many theme directories around? Let me get into some of the details.

Firstly, it is not that easy to get a theme listed on ThemesPreview. A theme must fulfill the following basic criteria to get a free listing:
– it must be able to get installed on the latest WordPress version
– it must have quality graphic
– it must be widget ready

Needless to say, my themes fulfill those basic criteria.

Secondly, the editor will test each and every theme against several criteria. Most of the tested criteria are code-related. This section is to test how well the designers code the theme. If the theme passes a criteria, points will be given. The editor will then compare the passed score with the tested score to come out with the total score of the theme.

Now, to be awarded Bronze status, out of 100%, the theme has to score within 60-74%. To be awarded Silver status, the theme has to score within 75-89%. To get a Gold status, the theme has to score above 90%.

I have done some statistic about the number of awarded themes out of all the themes listed on ThemesPreview. As of this writing, there are a total of 296 themes listed on that site. Out of which, 62 themes are awarded Bronze status. 26 themes are awarded Silver status. Only 8 themes are awarded Gold status. In other words, only 32% of all themes listed on ThemesPreview are getting Bronze status at least.

Another thing you can tell from the statistic above is that a theme needs to have VERY clean coding to be awarded Gold status. Less than 3% of all themes are good enough to be awarded the status.

Out of the 8 Gold themes currently listed on ThemesPreview, 4 of which are designed by Templatelite.com. This shows how much effort I put in to create my “babies” 😛

My principle is: Creating WordPress themes with high standard for FREE downloads!

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  1. Congratulations on your excellent rating!

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