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Chameleon from ElegantThemes is a fantastically versatile premium theme. It is so powerful that Templatelite is built using this theme with NO changes to the layout and minimal changes to the core code. It is important to not touch the core code unless very necessary because when there is an upgrade to the theme, we can upgrade it with minimum migrating work.

The Chameleon theme that is built on the Vector mask is so perfect for Templatelite. We have created a detail article explaining how simple it is utilizing both the theme and the mask to turn a normal theme into something so unique and beautiful.

Also, be amazed at how ThemeMask transforms the Chameleon theme with other masks below!

on Gardening Mask

on Vector Mask

on Agri Mask

on Music Mask

on Kids Mask

on Art Mask

on Nature Mask

on Animal Mask

You need to get the latest Chameleon theme to make ThemeMask works. You can get it by signing up for ElegantThemes membership and get over 80 themes at just $69.

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