ThemeMask-A Brand New Idea

ThemeMask is a breakthrough concept in transforming bland but powerful premium themes into visually attractive one without changing a line of code of the original themes. Your site will never look the same again.

Masking Dull and Boring WordPress Themes

I’ve often thought that the WordPress theme market is stagnating in terms of unique designs. There are loads of functional themes for different types of websites, businesses and blogs, but it’s difficult to find a really attractive and unique theme.

This is understandable from a theme developer’s point of view. The more generic a theme’s design, the more webmasters it’ll potentially appeal to. Niche themes with specific imagery aren’t going to be bought by many site owners. The result is many highly functional themes with great features (think of galleries, portfolios, e-commerce, page templates, shortcodes etc), but that have fairly bland and boring designs.

When people first heard of ThemeMask, they may think it is just another skin for a theme. That was before they see the designs though. Where most premium WordPress themes are “safe,” lacking in images and relatively bland, ThemeMask products are exciting, fresh and unique. Masking a theme with a ThemeMask product can instantly turn your site from “just another blog” into something completely new and different.

You might be wondering exactly what ThemeMask is. It’s a simple concept but in short:

ThemeMask develop “masks” for existing premium themes from ElegantThemes, StudioPress, WPzoom and Woothemes (some of the best theme providers). We take a theme with great features, and use a CSS/jQuery overlay technique to apply a completely new style. This is all achieved without changing a single line of code or functions of the theme.

The quality of each mask makes the concept work extremely well. If the masks were just simple variations on the initial theme, it would be hard to justify the extra cost. This isn’t the case though. Each mask features fantastic imagery, of a quality you simply don’t see in most premium WordPress themes. The only way to get themes that look this good is to pay a designer for a custom product, which would easily cost hundreds. I’m not exaggerating when I say that most of the masks wouldn’t look out of place in a theme showcase gallery!

High quality mask designs

A mask doesn’t just change the colour scheme, it adds new imagery and styles to create a site that’s almost unrecognisable from the original theme. The masks are all professionally designed, and are attractive from the header right through to the footer. Many designers spend a lot of time designing a great header and forget about the footer, but ThemeMask products don’t fall into this trap.

Instead of purchasing single masks, membership grants access to a minimum of 8 masks for a specific theme for just $19.90. Masks are controlled by a free plugin, and can be changed, swapped or removed at any time. The best part is that a mask doesn’t have any effect on your existing theme settings, content or widgets, so you can apply a new mask without worrying about losing previous changes or work.

The Final Products – Masks on premium themes

Theme masks are installed using a simple plugin, and are designed to be fully functional with the latest version of the original theme. The masks are all cross browser compatible, and free support is available for all customers.

At the moment only a few of the most popular themes are supported. ThemeMask plans on adding new themes and masks regularly, so if your theme isn’t supported it probably will be soon. Keep in mind that a mask only works with a specific theme. This allows ThemeMask to create highly specialized masks, but does mean you can’t transfer a mask between themes. I’m a big fan of Elegant Themes, so it’s great to see that some of their most popular themes (Chameleon and SimplePress) are currently supported.

I’m regularly searching for new themes that fit a specific site’s goal and purpose. The number of features and functions available in premium themes has increased greatly over the last few years, but it’s hard to find a theme that has the functionality you want AND an attractive design. ThemeMask lets you have the best of both worlds. Whenever you are searching for a new theme in the future, please include ThemeMask products in your search.

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