Wooden Fence Theme Reviewed by WPtavern

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My Wooden Fence theme has got a candid review by WPtavern.com, a fast growing site focuses on topics about WordPress and projects under Automatic Inc.

Thanks for the review, I found a few things that I could improve for my future themes. However, I also need to clarify a few things about the review here.

Let’s talk about the license and the footer part of my themes. The CC license looks complicated but my main intention is only two things:
1) you have to keep the footer link and a footer script intact
2) you can’t use my themes on your commercial sites.
Other than that, you can manipulate my themes freely without any cost.

Unlike other themes, my themes are coded using the most basic elements. No options pages and plugins are found on the Wooden Fence theme as well as most of my themes. I created them that way because of 3 issues as follows:
1) Some plugins might not be compatible with the latest WordPress version and the plugins designers fail to fix the problem.
2) Some plugins have security loopholes. I don’t want your site to get hacked because of the security faults pertaining to the plugins.
3) I’ll be able to fix the WordPress compatibility issues in the shortest time whenever a new WordPress version is available.

With that said, I am actually planning to design a theme with extra options for advance users. Anyway, it is still in the conceptual stage.

As for the graphic design, I am appreciated to see some great pointers to improve the graphic part of this theme. I am especially grateful for one of the commenters, Terri for his critics from the aspect of a graphic designer. I take his words in mind.

For those who want to suggest some useful features that I could add to my themes, please share with me your suggestions and ideas. I appreciate it.

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