WordPress Theme Mask Customization Service

Get professionally-crafted theme masks using the most powerful premium themes. A one-of-a-kind, attractive and exclusive design is what you'll get!

  • Original Theme Before Customization . . ElegantThemes Chameleon
  • Original Theme Before Customization . . Studiopress Lifestyle
  • Original Theme Before Customization . . Woothemes TheStation
  • Music Mask on Chameleon Theme
  • Kids Mask on Chameleon Theme
  • Agri Mask on Lifestyle Theme
  • Nature Mask on TheStation Theme
  • Art Mask on Chameleon Theme

We only work on mask customization for selected premium themes only. The fee for customizing a WordPress theme mask starts from $300 onwards. 

Send us your requirements and we'll get back to you with the actual cost and the delivery schedule.

Please note that we do not work on functional customization such as layout change, page templates, widgets and plugins etc.


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Theme Customization FAQ

Can I look at the sample?

Yes. Please refer to the samples found in the slider at the top of the page and see how we turn the Studiopress Lifestyle and ElegantThemes Chameleon theme into the kids, art and music topic. 


What is the theme delivery time?

Depending on my work schedule, usually you will receive the theme within 6 weeks.


Why do you keep the core code of the premium themes intact when customizing WordPress themes?

WordPress releases new revision quite frequently and you don't want to miss out those exciting new features. The reputable theme providers will upgrade their themes to ensure their themes will stay update with the new features as well as to ensure their themes are secure and reliable. 

If we change the core code of the premium themes, when there is a theme update, your site might not work with the new version. By keeping the core code intact, you'll be able to upgrade your theme easily without worrying any compatibility issues. 


Am I allowed to customize the theme myself?

If you know how to do it, you are free to perform your own customization provided that you own the premium theme and the theme masks associated with it. You may go to ThemeMask and see which premium themes are supported at the moment.


Can you customize other premium themes not found in ThemeMask?

I am sorry that we only support mask customization for the premium themes found in  ThemeMask. However, we will create masks for more premium themes in the future so please follow ThemeMask closely and see if there is a theme that suit you when time goes.   

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