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Chameleon from ElegantThemes is a fantastically versatile premium theme. It contains all the necessary functions required for this site. Read more to find out how simple it is to build Templatelite using this theme.

Chameleon is one of the most customizable themes on the market. It allows you to modify the appearance, layout and settings of your site without knowing PHP or HTML. It also features a clear and crisp design, making it perfect for websites in a variety of industries.

There are a huge number of premium WordPress themes available, but not many can match the functionality of Chameleon. Some of the best features include:

  • Unlimited color schemes via the color control panel
  • Unparalleled range of theme options
  • Editable settings include content layout, search engine optimization and much more
  • Shortcodes let you create complex layouts without touching HTML
  • Variety of page templates including blog, full width and gallery pages
  • Page builder make it easy to change the layout and structure of individual pages
  • Regular updates guarantee the theme is compatible with the latest version of WordPress

Templatelite uses a combination of Chameleon and ThemeMask (more on that later). Our homepage features a large slider, a quote line, a selection of dynamic widgets and a small slider bar. All of this was accomplished with Chameleon theme settings and Elegant Themes plugins. Chameleon also supports footer widgets and header navigation, both of which are demonstrated on the Templatelite homepage.

The great thing about Chameleon is that these features can be added, removed and configured without any programming knowledge. You have complete control over your site’s appearance!

Full Width Layouts for Portfolio Pages

A good example of Chameleon’s flexibility is the theme’s support for full-width portfolio layouts. You can see an example on our “Popular Free Themes” page. Portfolios are excellent for showcasing your best content, and Chameleon makes it easy to create them.

To transform a regular page into a portfolio, simply select the “Portfolio Page” option and choose the category you want to pull posts from. You can also choose how many posts to show and the size of the thumbnails. Once the page is published, Chameleon automatically pulls the 12 latest posts from your chosen category and displays them in an attractive grid layout.

Developer Feature: “Elegant Builder” For Extra Control of Layouts

A bonus of buying Chameleon with a Developer license is that you get access to the “Elegant Builder” plugin. This plugin provides a drag-and-drop interface for creating a variety of layouts in posts and pages.

Our “Theme Customization” page is a good example of what can be achieved with the Elegant Builder plugin. On this page, a mixture of half-width sliders, toggle boxes and a slogan are used to create a far more interesting layout than a standard WordPress post. This is all achieved with drag and drop without editing a single line of code!

With a huge number of modules, options and layouts available, the Elegant Builder plugin makes creating unique pages easier than ever before.

Templatelite, Chameleon and ThemeMask

Having configured Templatelite using the powerful features of the Chameleon theme, we have given this site a professional and simple look. However, something is missing to make a “wow” impression. This is where ThemeMask comes in.

ThemeMask is a brand new concept in the WordPress theme industry. If you’ve ever wanted to change the design of an existing theme without altering any features, ThemeMask lets you do this without editing any code.

With ThemeMask, Templatelite is totally transformed into an impressive website!

The idea behind ThemeMask is simple. After installing the ThemeMask plugin, you can upload “masks” to your WordPress installation directly through your browser. These are effectively new designs for an existing theme – such as Chameleon – and can be added or switched without permanently changing any code.

Masks add exciting and interesting imagery to the header, footer and background of a theme. This is achieved without removing any of the functionality of a theme. Masks are perfect for highly functional but plain themes such as Chameleon.

Each mask is designed for a specific theme. The imagery perfectly aligns with the layout of the parent theme, and never looks like an afterthought. There are multiple masks available for Chameleon, each with its own unique design and imagery.

Templatelite is currently running a mask for the Chameleon theme. As you can see, the content area is unchanged, but the header and background have been completely altered from the relatively plain standard design. Masks cost less than $20 and are created by professional designers.

Test ThemeMask with the Mask Switcher

One of the most important features of ThemeMask is that masks don’t affect existing content. If you already run an established site, you can activate a mask without affecting shortcodes, content or widgets.

To see this in action, take a look at the mask switcher on the left hand side of Templatelite. By selecting one of the available masks, you can instantly change the design of Templatelite. Give it a try!

The mask switcher mimics the simplicity of the ThemeMask plugin. Once you’ve uploaded a mask through the plugin interface, you just need to select it from a list.

Responsive Design

A large percentage of people browse the web from their mobile devices, and this number is set to increase. It’s essential for any new WordPress site to be compatible with mobile devices.

Chameleon has a responsive design so it automatically adjusts to the resolution of a mobile device. Whether users are using a small cell phone, a larger smartphone, a tablet or a monitor, Chameleon is capable of adapting to 4 different layouts.

To see how Templatelite appears to different devices in action, try resizing your browser window. When the design doesn’t fit into the browser window, it automatically switches to a compatible layout.

Note: Adding a Theme Mask doesn’t affect the responsive design of Chameleon.

How to Buy Chameleon and ThemeMask

The best thing about Chameleon is the very competitive price. For just $39 per year you get access to ALL themes by Elegant Themes, including Chameleon. If you want to use the additional plugins you’ll need the Developer option which costs $89 per year. This is still cheaper than most individual themes, and comes with access to all themes, plugins, PSD files and updates.

If you like the idea of combining Chameleon with the exciting designs of ThemeMask, you’ll be pleased to know that the installation process is simple. After installing Chameleon, to add a mask simply upload it via the free ThemeMask plugin.

Purchasing ThemeMask for Chameleon grants access to a minimum of six masks with a new mask to be added monthly. That means you can switch masks or try out new ones without paying more.

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