Divi vs X Theme: Battle of taking over WP universe, which side you are?

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Choosing a perfect theme for your WordPress website could be a tedious task, especially when you have unlimited options but not sure which one would be the perfect one for your website. From the pool of thousands of themes, theme frameworks, it is inevitable that you may go for a poor option if you haven’t done your research properly.

We are in an era, where responsiveness of website is as mandatory as other performances like lesser load time, robustness and seamless support to different functions. To make all these available for you in a single package, most preferable options are either Divi Theme or X Theme.

Both of them are power packed, function rich and extendible themes. It would certainly be wise decision to cross check their detailed features to compare them based on your requirements. Well, in this post, we will put forth some facts about the two WordPress themes: Divi and X Theme. Here we will try to get hold of most important sides of both of them. We will discuss their good sides and later compare them in one to one round to help you decide which way you should go.

The X Theme

X Theme is one of the popular WordPress themes, used to create an eye-catching Website. It comes with different responsive styles and includes a page builder for developing custom pages.

This theme is way too popular among developers and DIY admins because of its flexible structure and abundant options. Since its release, X has introduced many attractive features, and that’s why it is gaining popularity on the market. Once the theme installation and activation is complete, you should get registered with its official website to avail other addition benefits like prebuild plugins/addons to extend the capabilities of your theme.

I would recommend you to install the demo content because it will help you view what X Theme can do for you. It will give you an idea how your site will look after adding X Theme. In other words, the demo feature develops the WordPress theme customizer and allows you to perceive what can be accomplished by using X.

Cornerstone: A Page Builder of WordPress

Cornerstone is the WordPress Page building extension that is included with X. It allows you to customize things on the front end as it works in the front end. The page builder is used with blog posts and pages.

This page builder offers 49 unique elements such as Google Maps, Audio, Video, Image Sliders, Post accordions, etc.

You can add new rows/sections, and then take a decision on the column structure. You can drag and drop any element into the portion of your content.

You can easily improvise the size and looks of column and rows. In fact, you can change the background colors and also define margins, borders and padding.

The WP theme customizer

X Theme enables you to change elements of your Website design by making the use of the WordPress Theme Customizer. However, there are not many design options as compared to WordPress themes, but still, it offers some exciting options.

You can also modify elements such as page widths, blog, portfolio, typography, your header and footer, social media sharing and many more.

Further, the WordPress theme customizer allows you to see any changes that you make in real time.

X Theme Includes Four Amazing Designs

X includes four different types of designs that are also known as “Stacks”. You can select any one of them in the WordPress theme customizer. Option for all stacks is represented beneath the stack selection box. Let’s overview the four unique Stacks:

1. Integrity: A design comes in light and dark color schemes. You can use it to create portfolios, blogs, ecommerce sites and more. With this, you can change the design from light color scheme to dark and can edit the blog header as well.

2. Renew: It is one of the most creative designs and you can use it in any type of a website. Renew stack enables you to change assorted background colors and link colors and provide some fundamental blog settings such as changing icon’s color or editing the blog title.

3. Icon: It is a minimal design that offers excellent support for blog posting formats. This stack allows you to enable and disable post icons, change the background colors and text colors related to the post formats.

4. Ethos: This stack offers a magazine design that features post carousels and post sliders. With this, you can customize background colors; configure your post slider for your blogs. It allows you to define side padding for navbar links.

Multi Extensions

The third version of X described that extensions add extra functionality to the X Themes. We have already discussed about Cornerstone, the WordPress page builder that is used to create alluring posts and pages.

Well, X Themes offer sixteen unique extensions and all are free to download. But you need to purchase the theme and enter your API key in order to download it at free of cost. These extensions are not limited to extend basic functions of theme but also support third party functions like mail chimp and google analytics.

An Overview on X Theme

X Theme offers a plenty of amazing features to consider it as a long term prospect for your website. It includes 4 different stacks and sixteen extensions that enable you to make the theme compatible as per your requirement by implementing additional functionality. Moreover, you can easily configure these settings. Letting you have an hassle free solution all time.

The Divi WordPress Theme

On the other side, Divi is established as one of the versatile WP theme in the web development world. When Divi was released at the end of 2013, its parent company – Elegant themes offers more than eighty awesome WP themes. And now more companies are driving towards Divi WP Theme after the introduction of its standard features and functions.

The new version of Divi 2.4 was the greatest upgrade of Divi since its launch. It has added new exciting features to make your site look appealing and stunning. Do you know Elegant Themes have added more than 1000 new settings in just few upgrades?

Drag and Drop: Page Builder

Divi offers drag and drop page builder that allows you to create unique pages easily and smoothly. It is a user-oriented page builder that gives great flexibility to the user.

In older versions of Divi, the page builder was used only on pages. But Elegant Themes have ejected this limitation. So, now you can use the page builder on any WP post type.

It also provides an amazing selection of modules that enables you to add images, videos, blog, posts and tables directly into the content area.

Divi 2.4 added six new modules including Fullwidth code, fullwidth image, fullwidth post title, fullwidth header, regular post title and regular code.

There is no doubt that Divi has always supported WP theme customizer, and new version 2.4 has also included a new module customizer. With this, you can change a number of settings such as colors, margins, fonts, padding and more.

However, Elegant Themes has modified the way that columns and rows are added and developed. It allows you to quickly change the column structure of table. You can also make rows of full width, can add column background colors and add custom spacing to columns.

The WordPress Theme Customizer

You can modify any aspect of your website design through the WordPress theme customizer. Divi 2.4 version added a wide array of new features to the theme customizer such as ability to change the width of your pages and sidebars with an ease.

With the navigation option, you can easily change the height of the logo and also modify the style and type of your font.

You can use fixed header option to adjust the menu look when your user scrolls down the page. Hide your navigation menu and show a call to action with the help of this option.

Divi: A Versatile WordPress Theme

As we discussed, Divi is one of the powerful theme that offers many new features. With this you can create intriguing and unique pages and content.

This theme offers 18 responsive pre-made layouts and excellent post format support that makes it universal for all types of sites.

X verses Divi: Which is better option?

Well, both the X and Divi Themes are quite similar in nature. Both of them include a page builder that can help you to style the page content, both themes use the WordPress theme customize as well.

The Cornerstone page builder and Divi page builder offers excellent solutions for designing beautiful content. However, they work in different styles; but still, they share some of the same features and modules.

When it comes to styling a site, then Divi theme is far ahead from X Theme. It offers hundreds of configuration options in the WP theme customizer that are not available in X.

In fact, Divi is available with 18 pre-made layouts, while X’s demo content feature offers only 33 different layouts for its four design stacks.

So, we can say both the themes are incredible WordPress themes that help you to create an elegant and complicated websites easily and efficiently. But we also cannot deny that Divi is slightly ahead from X Theme.

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