Cloud Computing – A New Feather In The Cap Of Mobile App Development

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With the realm of cloud computing scaling new heights of success, it won’t be wrong to say that including the concept in more and more industries will aid in the overall growth and popularity of technology. With more and more people incessantly demanding the feasibility to stay connected and updated while on a move; it will be befitting to equip the smartphone apps with cloud computing features and facilities. This blog of mine highlights the significance of leveraging cloud computing for flawless mobile application development. Considering the massive adoption of iOS and Android devices, it would be interesting to see how the consumers react to the incorporation of Cloud Computing features into their regular smartphone applications. Keep on reading this blog to find more on this.

Mobile App Development in Cloud- Is it actually worth?

Cloud Computing has made it feasible for today’s smartphone user to access his/her social networks while on the go. Right from accessing information on your smartphone to sharing the same with your friends, family and acquaintances; cloud computing has played a vital role in boosting smartphone experiences.

Still there are some consumers who’re quite confused about using Cloud Computing in App development. Well, for such consumers, it’d be interesting to note that maximum benefits of cloud computing were initially obtained by Android powered smartphones. With cloud computing catching up with numerous consumers via Android apps like Google Docs, Dropbox, Evernote etc; it won’t be wrong to predict an excellent response for deployment of cloud computing in Android applications.

Cost controlling is possible via inculcation of cloud computing in mobile app development

Since cloud computing lets you provision the resources based on real time requirements, you can easily control the overall cost associated with building the mobile application. In addition to this, the demand for manpower during app management is visibly reduced by using cloud. This is simply because a major portion of the admin task is being effectively handled by the cloud provider that has been used within the respective application.

Better hosting is guaranteed with using cloud computing in mobile app development

The amazing popularity of Amazon and its Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS) offering via EC2 platform has encouraged organizations to outsource the job of application hosting to their respective EC2 service providers. This has helped the app owners/developers to attain a greater control over the operating system and the runtime environment, resulting into a reduced administrative overhead and lesser configuration issues. Cloud-based hosting services have truly worked for all types of mobile applications ranging from the simple ones to the more complex and feature-loaded apps.

Web analytics has got a whole new dimension with the collaboration of cloud computing and mobile app development

The basic idea of “know your customer” has been taken to an entirely new level with the use of cloud computing in mobile app development. Although smartphones are much more focused in relation to features and functionalities, using cloud during app building has opened doors to an entirely new world of web app analytics and usage. Whether it’s about regular app upgrades or enhancements, relying on cloud-based services has helped mobile apps in capturing, storing and rendering information related to varied user interactions.

Cloud services introduce a lot of convenience and efficiency into mobile app development

Although the benefits of leveraging cloud for app development aren’t hidden from anyone, yet there are many organizations which are still uncertain about the full-scale deployment in the cloud architecture. Well, if you’re a mobile app developer then you can easily experience the ease of managing code and testing data by utilizing cloud services. There are ample number of cloud-computing service providers who are ready to serve you with seamless issue tracking systems, loading testing tools, source code management systems, full-scale IDEs etc. that can assist you in completing your app development projects within the assigned time duration.

Final Words

Despite the fact that developing apps for the cloud is a highly befitting option for mobile app developers and app users; it is always recommended to be a little cautious when developing such apps. Thankfully, the app development marketplace is loaded with plenty of middle-ware and tools that can allow you to come up with scintillating apps that function brilliantly.


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