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What other hosts are good for WordPress blogs? And beware of these bad hosts!
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To give you peace of mind when you purchase a hosting plan from this site, not only do I back up the quality of the hosts(their support is one of the industry’s best!), you’ll also get the best possible support from me.

Should you purchase a hosting plan and later for some reasons, you encounter a problem that can’t be resolved between you and the host, please tell me your problem within the guarantee period and I’ll follow up the issue until it gets resolved, even when the issue is resolved after the guarantee period. That means if I receive your enquiry one day before the guarantee period is expired, I will still follow through and ensure your issues get resolved.

Once you submit your issues to me, within 12 hours, your request will be sent to my inside contact of the respective host.

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Under rare circumstances where both the host companies and I can’t fix your problem, not only will you get the money back from the web host in question, I’ll also pay you an addition of 10% of your invoice payment. This is my guarantee to you!

I want you to know that you are protected when buying a hosting package from this site. You get to enjoy premium support from me as well as the host.

How can I give such assurance?
I have tested all the recommended hosts rigorously and my experience with them has been excellent. You can read my detailed experience with one of the hosts (Host Gator) and decide if it is also your best choice.

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