100 Photoshop Gradient Brushes

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Photoshop Gradient Brushes

Photoshop gradient and brushes are a great way to complete your bland project or create an astounding piece from scratch. Having a good collection of PS gradients is vital for any new and advanced web designer or blog owner, and this list will definitely help you boost your creativity.

Fresh eMedia Gradient Brushes [ Download Link ]

Create stunning pieces of artwork easily with these 13 gradient Photoshop gradient brushes. These brushes are easy to download and install and very well worth it.

Gradient Designs Brushes [ Download Link ]

This set of exciting gradient brushes are carved in various shapes and designs, which includes waves and swirls to bubbles, sunburst effects, tribal flames and much more.

70 Photoshop Gradient Brushes

These gradient brushes by Bleedinonthefloor will definitely satisfy all your artistic acumen. This image pack of 70 gradient brushes are sure to spice up any project you may have in mind, and are great once you convert them.

Gradient Brushes V.1

This gradient brush set is available in 2500 px each and is ideal for those looking to spruce large scale pictures.

Photoshop Gradient Brushes

This set of 25 rainbow brushes is available in various texture and color variants and are All 100X100 pix.

Gradient Ray Brushes [ Download Link ]

Brought to you by Stalwart designs, this gradient brush set is user friendly and is definitely a must have for any curious Photoshopper. Available in 6 brush variants 2500px and designed for CS-CS5, Circle Ray Brushes are your one stop solution for all your mass coloring needs.

Block Gradient Brushes

These brushes add a nice touch to sigs and are deigned to be used on LJ/GJ icons. They are ideal for those looking to revamp a bland project. In high demand, Block Gradient Brushes come in handy for any small or large Photoshop project.

Abstract Waves Brushes [ Download Link ]

Created by Stalwart design, these abstract wave brushes are destined to revive any bland Photoshop project. Available as 6 brushes at 2500px, this is definitely a must have add on.

Abstract Gradient Brushes [ Download Link ]

Again designed by Stalwart productions, these abstract gradient brushes are a guaranteed hit once added to your Photoshop endeavors. Compatible with CS – CS5, this collection is ideal for both beginners to the advanced level.

Simply Soft Brushes [ Download Link ]

Brought to you by differentxdreamz, this batch of 25 high resolution brushes for PS 7 is definitely worth getting.


This gradient brush set by differentxdreamz is a compilation of 15 high resolution brush sets that are designed for CS+. Generated from 1 default square brush combined with an ultransformed brush, simplicity gives you the freedom to make the shapes you want.

Gradient Shape Brushes [ Download Link ]

6 Brushes 2500px that work great with Dynamic and Scatter settings.

Fun with Vectors [ Download Link ]

Brought to you by StarwaltDesign Brushes, these Photoshop gradient brushes are a combination of vector shapes that are divided between 4 Brushes of 2500px.

Abstract Designs Vol 2 Brushes [ Download Link ]

These 5 Brushes 2500px are a perfect combination of vivid color designs to make any Photoshop project come alive.

Aurora Borealis Brushes [ Download Link ]

Composed of various shapes of Aurora Borealis also dubbed as Northern Lights, this 22 gradient brush set is definitely a muct have for any Photoshop enthusiast.


Exciting colors and shapes is what you get with this gradient brush set. Brought to you by Monica, this Photoshop brush set is a must have for anyone with Photoshop.

Abstract Smudge Set

Designed in CS3, the abstract smudge set is a must have for anyone who loves playing and shaping abstracts. Ideal for wallpapers and large scale canvasses, this gradient Photoshop will definitely comes in handy.

Circle Ray Brushes

Brought to you by Stalwart designs, this gradient brush set is user friendly and is definitely a must have for any curious Photoshopper. Available in 6 brush variants 2500px and designed for CS-CS5, Circle Ray Brushes are your one stop solution for all your mass coloring needs.

Web 2.0 Style Brushes

These 65 gradient brushes are definitely the dynamic type and are free to use. Web 2.0 style brushes are compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS, CS2 + CS3.

GVL Soft Texture brushes

If you¡¯re looking for soft texture brushes, this set will definitely come handy. Ideal for use for backgrounds, GVL soft texture brushes are extremely easy to use.


Bitter is yet another excellent gradient brush collection by Monica that is sure to intrigue you. Whether you¡¯re looking to achieve simple touchups or extensive portrait editing, Bitter is a collection to explore.

Light Storm III

This gradient brush set is great for touchup and soft strokes. Developed by Chrissy79, this collection of Photoshop gradient brushes are definitely a must have.

Gradient Brushes

Gradient Brushes by ravendecay is an easy way to spruce up any Photoshop project. With a myriad brushes in various dimensions, Gradient Brushes is a must have for any budding Photoshoppers arsenal. This collection has received great reviews and is definitely worth exploring.

Miss Cherie Gradients

This color palette is a true artists calling with muted khakis and neutrals, calming lavenders and blues and pinks and peaches enhanced with s sudden splurge of vibrant tomato.

Gradients 08

Gradients 08 is an excellent collection of Photoshop gradient brushes and comes in a series of different px. Mainly featuring green hues, Gradients 08 will definitely give your bland project a refurbished look.

Chic Sparkles [ Download Link ]

Chic Sparkles by ElvenSword is a Gradient brush set that is available in various sizes including 180, 300, 600, 1200 pix. With a brush resolution of 360 dpi, this collection of 80 brushes makes it easy to copy and fill backgrounds, etc.

Dark Photoshop Gradients

Dark Photoshop Gradients: This Photoshop gradient collection is the perfect way to add the appealing dark side to your project. Dark color gradients are easy to install with all the instructions readily available in the Zip Folder.

Gradient Shooters

This collection of Photoshop gradients is rather unique, just download it and you will know why.

75 modern Photoshop Gradients

This awesome collection of innovative modern gradients by Falso953 will definitely spice up your new or existing project. Designed for daily use, this collection is an asset to any enthusiastic Photoshoppers arsenal.

Emerald Dragon PS Gradients

There¡¯s green and there¡¯s stupendous green, and if you desire the latter in your project, look no further than the Emerald Dragon Photoshop gradient collection. This collection consists of 30 gradients that are absolutely free for both personal and commercial use.

Ocean Breeze PS Gradients [ Download Link ]

Paint the breezy colors of the crystal clear ocean with this exclusive Photoshop gradient collection. This file complete with 140 different gradients is an excellent way to breathe life into your ocean, beach or any water based picture you have in mind.

Vintage Gradients

These vintage gradients by Matt Vogel are great to spice up any photography project. Download them and see them work their magic and you¡¯ll be glad you did. This set of 20 gradients is just enough to keep you busy and intrigued with your creativity.

Rosa PS Gradients

This collection of Photoshop gradients is divided into two sets ¨C Rosa and Sourcherry and equals to 90 gradients in all.

Free Blue Photoshop Gradients

These free blue Photoshop gradients are a great compliment to any project. Each gradient is meticulously designed, and is great to apply a soft touch to your canvas.

Coffee PS Gradients

These 30 + Gradients are as close you can get to coffee brown hues and are ideal for use with any projects that demand a stunning shade of brown.

Candice PS Gradients

This soft collection of Photoshop gradients is an excellent solution for anyone looking to paint in soft hues. 35 Candice PS Gradients vary in colors starting from beautiful pink to ocean blue, and is easy to add to add to your existing gradient collection.

Fruity Gradients

15 fruity colors that is perfect for adding the finishing touches to your project. These fruity gradients are an ideal choice for a vivid backdrop or simply to add the overall d¨¦cor to your project.

Pastel Gradients

This collection of gradients is available in a number of enticing color palettes, and is free to for commercial and non-commercial work. Unavailable for redistribution, this collection by Shattered is a great spread of color variants to add soft touches or overlays to your Photoshop project.

Illustrator Metal Gradients

Illustrator metal gradients are definitely one of the most sought out palette collections and for many reasons. Be it a soft tone or extensive color project, these hues are sure to come in handy.

Sky Gradients

The significance of Sky Gradients by Chrysalis is quite evident from the colors and combinations in this collection. Carefully manicured, sky gradient works well for rendered charismatic backdrops and enviable overlays.

Tainted Love Gradients

Definitely different from your traditional gradient collection, tainted love is going to add some memorable touches to your new and existing projects. Easy to download and use, tainted love gradients for Photoshop are bound to boost excitement in your creativity.

98 Gradient Varieties

This list contains two slices of Photoshop gradients that may a good replacement for your existing gradient collection. Compiled by Lisamani, these 98 gradients are developed by Photoshop CS2 and are easy to use and download.

208 Gradient Varieties

Another extensive collection of gradients by Lisamani, these hues are bound to complete any new and existing Photoshop project. This pack consists of 4 packs of 52 gradients each so there¡¯s definitely a lot to work with.

Natures Beauty Gradient

Developed by the Photoshop CS2 program, this collection of gradients by Lisamani is a great way to invite Mother Nature into your existing Photoshop projects.

51 Photoshop Gradients

Easy to download and use, these 51 vivid contrasts are a perfect complement to your Photoshop canvas. Designed for easy use and install, this collection is flourished with colors ranging from brown to rare gold palettes.

88 Gradient Varieties

With 88 gradients sets to choose from, this collection by Lisamani is bound to prove handy for any Photoshop enthusiast. Made with CS2, these gradients are hard to come by and easy to install and use.

1000 Gradient Pack

1000 Gradient Pack: Although the title claims 1000 gradients, this collection consists of 1300 palettes. This extensive collection is all you need for any big and small project and is an excellent replacement to your existing gradient collection.

Bold Gradient Pack

This collection of bold gradients contains just 3 hues but they are definitely worth a second look. The colors in this gradient pack are taffeta white, dark ocean blue and golden yellow.

66 Photoshop Gradients

With color combinations to include pink, orange and red gradients, these 66 Photoshop gradients by Lisamani are an excellent add-on to your existing gradient collection. Designed for easy upload, this collection, this easy to install and can be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

In the Pink Gradient Set

In the Pink Gradient Set: In this gradient collection, you will find a myriad exciting colors to include lilac pink, hot pink, ballet pink, bright tropical fuchsia, cotton candy, pink chiffon and sheer pink chiffon. This collection is a perfect choice if you¡¯re trying to render a beautiful glossy effect or simply carving a vivid backdrop.

50 Gradient Varieties

This collection of 50 gradient varieties by Lisamani is an excellent choice as it is flourished with exciting color combinations to include hazed purple, sky blue to golden yellow and hot pink.

Tuscany Skies Gradient

This exclusive gradient collection by Lisamani consists of various appealing hues and is a perfect way to paint the Tuscany skies on your Photoshop canvas. Designed with Photoshop CS2, the Tuscany gradient collection is as close to the real deal and is easy to install and use.

400 Photoshop Gradients

With 400 gradients to choose from, this collection by Lisamani may just be the only palette you need. Colors such as beautiful purple, cherry blue, to swan red and taffeta white are all part of this must have collection.

Regatta Sunrise Gradient

Made with the Photoshop CS2 program, the Regatta Sunrise Gradients by Lisamani is an excellent choice for someone looking to spice up their Photoshop canvas with dark brown hues.

53 Gradient Varieties

This collection by Lisamani is definitely one of her best works as it contains hues ranging from pinkish brown, a subtle mix of green and yellow to sky blue and ocean brown.

43 Gradient Varieties

Made with Photoshop CS2 and designed for easy use, this extensive collection of 43 beautiful color gradients is an excellent addition to any artist¡¯s arsenal.

100 Gradient Brushes

This collection by Lisamani may be just what you¡¯re looking for to replace your exiting gradient collection. Developed in Photoshop CS2, this collection is easy to use and for anyone.

148 PS Gradients

This extensive collection of PS gradients by Lisamani is an excellent choice for those who like to play with a variety of colors. From Grayish brown to exciting greens and blues, these 148 gradients will definitely help you produce some eye catching work.

Gradient Pack 1

This exclusive collection by Hanen-Madi is filled with soft hues such as sandy brown with a mix of light purple and brown. Easy to download and use, this PS gradient collection is a perfect complement to your existing collection.

56 Gradient Varieties

Developed in PS2, this gradient collection is all you need to paint the perfect picture. From colors stating from spectacular bronze, dark purple to pink and gray, this collection is definitely a must have.

Shattered Gradients

Yet another beautiful collection of limited yet spectacular Photoshop gradients by Shattereddesigns07, this collection is limited to colors such as taffeta white, cobalt red, ocean blue, lime green and orange splendor.

Regatta Raspberry Gradient

Made with Photoshop CS2, these vivid colors are definitely a must have to create enticing banners and staggering backdrops. Created by Lisamani, this collection is easy to install and use.

79 Gradient Varieties

This collection by Lisamani is easy to install and use and consists of colors such as bluish gray, dark yellow to sky-blue and forest green.

53 Gradient Varieties

Made with Photoshop CS2, this extensive collection by Lisamani consists of colors ranging from dark blue, forest green to taffeta green and other excellent hues.

28 Gradient Varieties

These handful of gradients by Lisamani could be the best collection you¡¯ve ever come across as it consists of colors ranging from blue and brown that are divided into 13 gradient categories.

AKLPs Gradient Pack 1

This exclusive gradient collection by AKLP is much sought after for many reasons including 25 vivid combinations that are definitely hard to find.

Adobe Gradients Pack

The Adobe gradients pack is an original collection that is a must have for making Adobe and other icons. These gradients can serve a variety of purposes and programs including after effects, Air, Acrobat, Fireworks, Flash, Premiere elements, Photoshop, Soundbooth, Lightroom, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Bridge, Premiere Elements Pro and InDesign.

Monochromatic Gradients

These gradients range from spectrum, light to dark colors and are designed for easy install and use. Brought to you bu purple graphics, this collection is hard to come across and definitely worth exploring.

AKLPs Gradient Pack 2

Another exciting collection of gradients by ALKP, this one with a whole new range of hues ranging from checkered blue and black to a combination of taffeta white, yellow and black and any pigments in between.


This advanced collection of Photoshop gradients can be applied with just a simple click, and are ideal to enhance texts, shapes and photos. Some of the other gradients in this collection are Ametis, Babilon, Burning Fire and Carlos R3.

Ultimate Web 2.0 Gradients [ Download Link ]

Ultimate Web 2.0 Gradients: This set of 120, scalable 2.0 gradients work great to create logos, tabs, backgrounds, wallpapers, buttons and all sorts of stuff. The current release is complete with all the possible gradients and can be used for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

Official Adobe Website ¨C Gradients Section

Its not Deviant Art where you can find astounding Photoshop Resources, but the official Adobe website too. This section features the most downloaded, recent and highest rated gradients, which are definitely worth exploring.


This website is a one stop solution for any Photoshop enthusiasts as it not only features remarkable gradient collections, but also the latest PS resources. There¡¯s also several tutorials to assist you and when you do create something magical and want to boast about it, you can post it on the website in return for full credits.

Free Photoshop ¨C Free Photoshop Gradients

Here you will find 17 unique and appealing Photoshop gradients and much more. Take note that the gradients available here are only compatible with CS2, CS3, CS6, CS7, MAC OS X + PC and Photoshop (R) Elements 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.


There are nine gradient sets in this collection, each with 30 unique gradients that are compiled with transparent, single and multi-colors, etc.


This site gives you access to a number of gradient sets, but you need to complete a simple registration process in order to access them. Apart from gradients, there are also free shapes, actions, free fonts, website templates and patterns for you to check out.

Gradient Image Maker

With PS gradients sets becoming increasingly popular in every aspect of web design, this online tool allows you to seamlessly generate beautiful combinations combined with the ability to instantly preview your creations.

Gold Gradient

¡°All that Glitters is not Gold¡±, this gradient definitely tells a different tale with three stupendous variants of the color.

Apple Gradients

Apple Gradients by Mppagano is a combination of 54 enticing gradients, which are definitely distinct from traditional pigment combinations.

Soft Gradients

These soft gradients by ademmm feature a few pigments, but all of them prove valuable in some PS project or another.

Adventsgeschenk Nr. 3 Pixey Web 2.0

This ultimate collection of web 2.0 gradients is filled with vivid colors that are designed to match any PS project you have in mind.

PS Gradients ¨C Simple White by ~purple-graphics

These gradients by Purple Graphics is for two reasons ¨C soft and exclusive combinations.

75 Photoshop Gradients by ~ElvenSword

This collection of Photoshop gradients is definitely distinct from the rest for its vivid color combinations to total 75 gradients.

MP: Underwater Gradients

These gradients by MP are hues that represent the exciting colors of underwater terrain, be it expansive cobalt blue oceans or simply a household swimming pool.

Landscape Ps Gradients by ElvenSword

The thing that¡¯s quite evident when browsing the DeviantArt PS gradient collection is that ElvenSword has mastered the art of color balance resulting in astounding gradient packs, which have received a surge of appeal from all branches of web design including budding blog owners and commercial entities.

Heritage Platinum Ps Gradients

One look at this gradient collection by ElvenSword and you¡¯ll see why it tops the list. These 45 grey based gradients are unique and are ideal for use in banners and headings.

Modern Gradients

These 40 modern gradients by Cabin Tom are definitely worth exploring. Designed for easy use and install, this collection is ideal to create beautiful backdrops and wallpapers.

The Ultimate Gradients Pack #1 [ Download Link ]

This collection of gradients by Photoshopland is contain 110 all grey gradients that are perfect for any PS project that is silver, metal or chrome related.

15 Realistic Sky Photoshop Gradients [ Download Link ]

This collection of 15 vivid Photoshop gradients is ideal for those looking to change the hues in their projects or create a whole new one.

NCreative 3520 PS Gradients

Definitely one of the biggest collection of Photoshop gradients on the web and an absolute profound choice for anyone with artistic acumen.

Chokolate Gradients

The title of this gradient collection says it all, but if you¡¯re still debating, these are as close as you can get to representing chocolate in a PS interface.

iPhone Gradation Set

This collection of gradients will definitely come in handy for the technical oriented and is a great add on to your existing collection.

Skin Tones Gradients

These gradients by ImperioLuna are a combination of light and dark hues and are free to download and use for personal and commercial purposes.

Black Gradients

These black gradients are just that, Black mixed with any color you can imagine.

Sabor¡¯s Metal Gradients Pack

A combination of 12 gradients, this pack is a great add on to your existing gradient collection.

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