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This site I consider as a very important reference for designers, bloggers and photographers including those individuals with a lot of creative juices to spare. It gives a lot of inspiration and bright ideas about the PC. It is not an overstatement if I say that you can’t live without smashingapps.com.

It is a site that is very popular with aspiring as well as professional bloggers. Problogger.net is a site that is dedicated to practically anything and everything about blogging. If you are serious about your blogging, then there is a great chance that you already heard a lot of good things about problogger.net.

If you are looking for the latest information and reference about Flash development, then it is essential that you check the recent article on 12 useful websites as this will definitely help hone your skills in Flash development.

If you are in search of a great source of innovative and practical information for web designers and developers, then smashingmagazine.com must be high in you’re A-list. I love the way the site delivers the latest techniques and trends about web design and development. It is regular, precise and clear.

I recently came across a comprehensive list of the best tutorials on WordPress, cheat sheets, help files, and hacks in speckyboy.com. I strongly suggest those people who are in search of any information related to WordPress to check out the article in speckyboy.com.


I will always recommend this site to aspiring and serious web designers and developers. Yoast.com is the kind of reference site that you will choose when it comes to information and latest trends about online promotion, WordPress, website design and SEO.

If I am looking for ways to effectively customize my WordPress blog, then my first choice would be wphacks.com. On top of the amazing collection of WordPress hacks, I also find this site very useful when it comes to WordPress galleries, WordPress eBook, plug-ins and many more.

If you are looking for all sorts of newsbits and information about blog tech, industry updates, latest gadgets, Mac and Windows practical tips, web 2.0, online money making guides, tutorial on photoshop and many more, then hongkiat.com is your one-stop site.

In as far as inspiration is concerned, we have limitless options in the reference that can be found on the Web. I go straight to this site if I need something that is related to web design and development.

If your passion is on web design and web development, then you will definitely fall in love with noupe.com. It consistently delivers the latest news and updates on important issues and concerns of web designers and web developers. If it is something about Javascript, Ajax, CSS, typography, graphics, etc., then I will definitely check out the latest in noupe.com.

As far as quality blog that deals with web design and SEO is concerned, I will always go for webdesignerwall. I consider this site as one of my top choices when it comes to practical tips and trends on web design and SEO.

After searching for the most practical and relevant reference for WordPress, I finally found a site that incorporates all the projects in one automatic umbrella. This site looks promising; that is why I have included wptavern.com in my list of must-visit sites.

It is one of the young Turks in the blogsphere yet I am already seeing a lot of potential in it in as far as WordPress is concerned. One thing that attracted me to wprecipes.com is the clean and uncluttered way that the contents are organized. The articles are presented as short snippets and these are referred to in the site as recipes. I find the entire design and presentation concept effective and simple.


This is a must-see site for web developers. You can find a collection of free 100 WordPress themes which you can consider to be as good, and sometimes even better, as some of the Premium WordPress themes. Web developers can find extremely useful the list of 40 cheat sheets so that they can be able to work and concentrate on the more important aspects of their tasks.


This is the site to visit if you are looking for the best source of modern WordPress themes. Another thing that makes blogohblog interesting is that it is an essential reference on WordPress for beginners. It also has a collection of very interesting information on RSS, its downsides and upsides, and how to effectively use it. I also find the tips and guides on how to make a good earning online as very useful.

This site is one of my top favorites. I believe that it is one of best in as far as WordPress specialty blogs are concerned. It is consistent when it comes to noteworthy developments and newsbits on the latest plug-in releases and themes of WordPress. I always make sure that I check the latest news about WordPress by visiting blogperfume.com regularly.

If I am looking for the latest news and developments about WordPress, I will go straight to bloggingpro.com. The site contains all sorts of references and resources; giving me the quick view of the latest items about WordPress. I find this site extremely useful for both the newbie and the WordPress pros.


This site is second to none when it comes to the best tips and practices on blogging. Whenever I want information and references about WordPress plugins and tools, blog writing and answers to all sorts of queries about blogging, then I go straight to blogsessive.com.

The first time I checked this site, I was expecting another run-of-the-mill money making website. I was mistaken. While doing close scrutiny, I discovered that the site is actually optimized in a manner which is both browsing-friendly and search engine-friendly.

This is a must-see for web and graphic design enthusiasts and professionals. This site delivers the latest news and references which are useful for both the newbie and advanced coders, graphic artists and designers.

I find the latest information about WordPress PlugIns for adsense very useful. Indeed this is the right place to be when it comes to information and references related to these WordPress plug-ins. You can also check out the links to some of the relevant and important legal information that are related to graphic design tasks.

This site is the perfect haven for serious and dedicated developers, WordPress users and bloggers. The site delves on a broad range of interests including themes, plug-ins, interviews and insights and a lot, lot more. The site is also popular for its theme playground Podcast.

When it comes to beautiful themes, I always rely on themelib.com for their rich collection of themes that were converted from WP to Blogger. The collection includes my favorite theme- the Arthemia.

This site will always be one of my reliable source references for the latest trends and information about WordPress themes, WordPress plug-ins, tips and articles on blogging and other things relating to WordPress.


  1. Thanks for adding CrazyLeaf Design Blog in this great round-up of websites.

  2. Great Resource For Wp Platform!! But You Have Information About Blogger Platform Review?

  3. hi everybody, i just wanna do some tests with this templates. can u send the codes by e-mail to me?please. i wanna test this ones: outlawdesigneblog; blogsessive; Wptavern. ; sixrevisions; and Smashingapps.
    thanks from the bottom of my heart!

    • @Marcus, these are sites that I visit regularly but I don’t have their template coding.

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