Top 10 Tips to Increase Entrecard Traffic to Your Blog

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Here is a unique way to increase traffic to your blog. It is called Entrecard. It is defined as an advertising platform for blog owners that are offered for free.

Bloggers and Entrecard users place advertisement of the Entrecard ad on any blog within the Entrecard network that is good for a certain number of days. The Entrecard ad placements on any blog as paid through Entrecard credits of the blogger or website owners who make the ad placement. We can treat this Entrecard credits as some form of a currency used for ad placement within the Entrecard network.

Bloggers place their ads by dropping off their cards at their selected blogs through the Entrecard widget. This Entrecard widget appears on every Entrecard member blog in the network.

Does this new craze deserve the attention that it is getting from a lot of people? Probably, the answer is yes. Entrecard is considered as an effective tool especially for the new and beginning bloggers in generating more traffic to their blogs.

In an apparent sales pitch for Entrecard, the following are declared benefits for those who join the Entrecard network:

  • Another way to Earn Money
    Bloggers who come to drop off cards may click the ads on your blog, which translates to additional money earned. Besides monetizing from the traffic via Entrecard network, Entrecard recently announced a credit-buy-back program where you can sell your credits back to Entrecard.
  • Build your followers
    Entrecard is one great way of bringing more traffic to your blog. Once they visit your blog to drop off their cards, they might see something that might be of interest to them and become a regular follower of your blog.
  • Maximize word-of-mouth Marketing
    You gain warm body endorsers once you get positive feedback from Entrecard members who visit your blog to drop off their cards. It is essential that you keep your blog as interesting as possible to visitors.
  • Improved Google, Alexa and search ranking
    As more and more visit your blog to drop off their cards, this translates to more page views that can boost the ranking of your blog in search engines. This would in turn bring in more targeted traffic to your blog.
  • Increased traffic to your blog will easily attract more direct advertising opportunities. As you experience increased traffic as a direct result of being a member of the Entrecard network, your blog will become more attractive for paying advertisers. This would mean extra dollars to fill your pockets.

With these benefits of Entrecard, it is essential that you are knowledgeable of the nooks and crannies of the network to derive maximum benefit from it. Here are some practical tips to set you off as a new Entrecard member:

TIP #1 – Start with the obvious. Be an active Entrecard Member

To be a successful member of the Entrecard network, you have to internalize the system. You have to do some serious job at dropping your cards on carefully targeted blogs. You can follow a logical strategy at “dropping” your cards. First, start with what you have in your inbox. These are the Entrecard members that are visiting your blog to “drop” their cards. If they are dropping cards on your blog, then surely, they are active members of the Entrecard network. Focus your efforts on the popular Entrecard users. You can find them in the Campaign. Drop cards on the top users of every category. That way, you are able to drop cards in blogs with high traffic. You should also find the other active users by checking the Most Popular tab. Don’t forget to include the Most Recent Users. This gives an impression to them that you are an active user as well. Finally, the forum is also good source of information of active users.

TIP #2 – Advertise, Advertise and advertise

To become a successful Entrecard member, you should advertise often. If you take seriously TIP #1, you will end up with a mountain of Entrecard credits, well, figuratively. Seriously, the essence of TIP #1 is for you to end up with lots of Entrecard credits so you can advertise. As a start, you can start with 5 blogs per day. Be sure to pick the most popular users you can find and advertise on this popular blogs. The reason for this is quite obvious. Popular blogs get a big share of drops and this means more people will get to see your ad. This will be translated to increased probability of increased click-throughs and of course, exposure.

TIP #3 – Advertise wisely 1

This is a follow-through of TIP #2. Much as we would like to maximize our exposure and click-throughs, we have to be a wise advertiser to be able to reap the full benefits of our ad. First of all, you should advertise on blogs that have higher ranking than your blog, and blogs with more readers and many RSS subscribers than you.

TIP #4 – Advertise wisely 2

Monitor your ads. Monitor the ads that work for you and buy it again even if it would mean paying more the next time.

TIP #5 – Be an Active Participant of Entrecard Forums

Don’t forget to check out the Daily stumbles and the Entrecard Updates. When you do this, you might discover some sites that you might have come across in the past. You will never know. You might hit the jackpot when you get to meet some of the interesting guys and girls in the mold of blogging4cash,,,, and much, much more.

TIP #6 – Keep an Eye for n00bs

Be always on the look out for n00bs or ‘newbies’ on the block and try to place your card on the sites before their rates hits the ceiling. Here are some good sites with but at the same time cheap:,,, and

TIP #7 – Put your best foot forward in your ads

Make sure that your ad attracts your target audience. If you are not confident that you have the design experience, you can seek the help of other Entrecard users in the forum or through the Entrecard shop to help you out in designing a card that fits your image and brand.

TIP #8 – Position your Entrecard Widget Properly

Make sure that people can easily find your Entrecard widget. People will be able to advertise and drop cards in your blog only when they are able to find your widget. In short, place your widget in a strategic position.

TIP #9 – Utilize the Entrecard Mail System

Make a point to express your thanks and appreciation to those placing ads on your blog. On the same token, also thank those who let you advertise on their blogs. This is the best way to earn goodwill and extra points in terms of good image among other Entrecard users.

TIP #10 – Join in Entrecard Contests

One great way to earn extra Entrecard credits is by joining in Entrecard contests. You can do more, if you start your own contests. In order to find the available contests, you can check them out in the forums under Promotion and Events section or you can check out other blogs and check their posts for ongoing contests.

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