Top 6 Graphic Web Design Trends

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The internet landscape and tech-savvy market are both constantly changing. Web designers need to catch up with the trends to remain competitive. Listed below are the top six graphic design trends for websites.

1. Typography to Express Emotion

Websites with readable fonts are popular before. These fonts include Sans-Serif fonts, such as Calibri or Arial. However, things are starting to change and improve even more. The trend nowadays is to use fonts that express emotion and relate more to the theme and tone of the website.

For instance, the use of spaghetti-like font for a food-related blog or recipe website is a hit and the use of curvy, flowery and girly font for a women-related blog is trending.

Web designers should stick to fonts that are readable for the bulk of website content, but stylish and creative typography must also be applied for the headings and page titles.

2.   Interactive Designs and Unconventional Navigation

A new web design trend is to use an interactive and creative navigation design where readers have to click some certain items to land them to another page. For instance, the use of a collage food like bread, drinks and sweets for a recipe website is fun and entertaining. When a reader clicks a certain food or object, it takes them to a particular recipe page.

With the rampant use of touch screen devices, this design is popular right now. It engages the reader even more, whether they are using a chunky desktop computer, tablet, or Smartphone.

3.    3D Illustrations and Textures

The use of bold images and textures is nnother trend in web design right now. Web designers avoided the use of these designs in the past because graphic images are difficult to load in a website. However, with the advancements in technology, loading time is not usually a problem anymore. This gives web designers and graphic artists the freedom and flexibility to choose and create custom designs and images.

3D technology, elements and textures to images have been popular in web design since 3D movies became trendy on the big screen. 3D technology draws attention and makes a website more alive and functional

Some tools that can help include Online 3D Sketch Tool and Patternizer.

4.    Vibrant and Bold Color Combinations

In web design, color trends are always changing. Gone are the days of gray and blue shades with dark fonts and light backgrounds. Today, it is usual to see vibrant and bold colors in various combinations and shades.  As far as colors is concerned, there are no more rules anymore. The more creative and unique the web designer is, the more he can make the website look better. However, inclusion of brand colors in the web design is still common.

5.    Infographics Instead of Written Content

Internet readers are skimmers and their focus and attention are usually drawn to things that are appealing to their eyes. That is the reason why Infographics are one of the fast growing design trends. Graphic artists are usually asked to turn web content into pictures or informational materials to keep readers on websites longer.

6.    Fewer Ad Blocks in the Design

One of the popular ways many websites do to make money online is through hosted ads. However, many readers are turned off by websites with loaded hosted ads. Web designers must be creative with ad placements. For instance, some ads can be included in the content. The main goal of a web designer is to create websites that are pleasing and attractive to the eyes. Implementation of ad space is only a second priority.

It will be exciting to see what trends are going to happen next year and in the years to come. Do you have any prediction?

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