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When you install my theme, you’ll notice that there is a php script in the footer that appears like this:
<?php echo templatelite_show_links();?>

In this post, I give a list of Q&A explaining what this footer script is all about.

What is the function of the footer script?
This footer script allows me to track the URLs that have installed my theme.  It also allows me to add links to the footer.

Why do you want to include the script to the theme?
There are two main reasons why I include the script:
1) I will be able to know which themes interest you more.  Thus, I’ll create more themes that suit your needs. For example, within a certain time frame, if theme #1 (travel related) has been used by 100 domains as compare to 200 domains using theme #2 (also travel related), it is clear that theme #2 is more popular. Hence, I’ll create more themes using the design style of theme #2.

2) I will be able to monetize from the themes by getting advertisers to sponsor my themes. Using this method, my advertisers know exactly which sites link to them so they get what they pay. Without regular income from my advertisers, I won’t be able to offer more quality themes for your free downloads.

Can I remove the script?
Yes and no. Yes if you pay $20. No if you want to use my themes for free.

Is the script safe?
Definitely! The function of the script is to get RSS and display. It is similar as normal RSS. My themes’ users are my lifeline and I won’t risk it. I have taken all necessary measures to make sure that you won’t get malicious content brought by the script. If you still don’t feel comfortable, you can study the code (it is not encrypted) and see how I made it.

How many links will be displayed in the footer?
I will only display a maximum of 4 advertisers’ links in the footer.

Will the script slow down my blog?
No. You’ll only query my server 4 times a day and each time last less than 10 seconds. The slowdown is negligible.

If your link server is down, will it affect my blog?
No! Your blog will function as per normal independent of my server.
Continue to page 2 for the detail explanation of the script…

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One Comment

  1. So basically all the themes on this site are ADWARE, bordering on SPYWARE (according to your “tracking” of those who install a theme… Shouldn’t they be released under a license that supports such a tacky and shameless method of monetisaition while informing the unsuspecting and trusting public BEFORE we install any of them?? Rather than finding out only AFTER spending weeks on a site, while trying to track down a way of removing completely IRRELEVANT ADS from our site!!

    Seriously man, I’m one of many people who would gladly display a link to an AUTHOR’S site since they’ve did most of the hard graft in designing a theme I’m willing to use, which of course improves their sites link popularity enabling them to generate ad revenue from THEIR SITE, but when you FORCE people to display ads on their site – I can’t talk for anyone else but it makes me more determined than ever to decode that rubbish and not give any credit whatsoever!

    Oh I’m sorry, I’ll rephrase the “FORCE people to display ads”. It’s more a case of “well you’ve spent a lot of time – and possibly money if you don’t have internet at home – working on a magnificent site and now you want to get rid of that rubbish at the bottom. Well tough because I say it stays, if you don’t like start from scratch with someone elses theme!”…

    I did admire you for posting that decode post but this post makes it sound completely hypocritical!

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