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More Sub Themes and More Offers

Posted by on Aug 17, 2010 in About My Themes | 0 comments

Releasing new sub themes like what I have been doing, I’ll be continue to do that in the future, with a better deal this time. If you need to get the PSD file of my theme that comes with a sub theme, you don’t have to hesitate about which one (main or sub) you want to purchase due to the fact that they are sold separately at $35 each previously. From now on, I’ll be including the PSD files of BOTH the main and the sub theme(s) selling at the same price! To sweeten the deal, whenever a new sub theme is released, those who possess the PSD file of the main theme will be given the PSD file of the newly-released sub theme, absolutely free. Simply put, at $35, you’ll gain access to the PSD files of all the sub themes associated with the main theme! If you have previously purchased the PSD file before the sub theme is released, you can request to send the PSD file of the sub theme. Simply contact me and include the transaction ID of the main theme in the message and I’ll send the sub theme’s PSD file to your email. More sub themes are on the way and you can take a sneak peek of the upcoming themes below. Main Themes Sub Themes (Upcoming) By the way, the themes above are given the first priority to be upgraded to ver. 3, in which the custom header menu will be...

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List of Custom Themes

Posted by on Jan 18, 2010 in About My Themes | 4 comments

The custom theme list will be constantly updated whenever a new one is created. This page showcases all the custom themes that I have created so far. The customization is done with the principle that the core coding of the theme is left untouched. Only the graphical part is custom designed to suit the topic. Click on the images below to view the bigger screenshot. Theme Customization – Request a Quote If you would like to have your own customized design, take a minute fill out the form below so that I can better understand your needs. I’m currently NOT available for any customization work. You can still send the request if you don’t mind waiting for more than 6 weeks for the delivery of your theme. [contact-form-7 404 "Not...

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How to Customize my Themes without Changing Coding

Posted by on Dec 28, 2009 in About My Themes | 6 comments

This guide is very useful for the graphic designers who have little or no knowledge about theme coding. See how I turn my Wooden Fence theme into a kids topic below. There is no such theme that fits all topics. Though I have created themes in many topics, you may not find the one most suitable for your blog. At TemplateLite, I want to allow my theme users to have greater control over the look of my themes while keeping the core coding intact. You only need to change the graphic part to suit your topic. Minor modification of the font style is needed sometimes. Before I start out, it is important to stress and explain why I don’t encourage changing the core coding in the whole customization process. Reason #1 You may mess up the coding that makes the customization become very complicated and difficult. Reason #2 Since you are not changing the coding, whenever a theme upgrade version is made available in this site, you can download and install the upgrade without having to develop your own upgrade version of your customized theme. This will save you a lot of time considering WordPress is constantly upgrading and improving it’s platform quite frequently. In this tutorial , I am taking the Wooden Fence theme and show you how to customize the header and footer to suit your sites topic. First of all, take a look at the theme before and after customization viewed at a resolution of 1600px. Before Customization (Parent Theme) Preview Theme | Download Theme After Customization (Child Theme) Preview Theme | Download Theme You can see that the changes made to the theme include ONLY the header and the footer section. The design in the content and the sidebar area are left intact. This is how I did it. Step 1 Open the PSD file of the Wooden Fence theme. The header and footer design is shown below. Header Design (Parent Theme) Footer Design (Parent Theme) Step 2 Turn off the layers above the wooden fence (make them blank). Header Design (Parent Theme) Step 3 Design your own header. In this particular case, I designed a stitched frame with 3 adorable children, rainbow, color pencil, and some kids playing kites. I assume you possess the intermediate/advance Photoshop skill so I am not going into detail as to how I created them. This guide is mainly for graphic designers to customize the theme image without changing coding. Header Design (ChildTheme) Step 4 Now, repeat the same procedure in the footer. First, turn off the layers in the footer in front of the wooden fence. Footer Design (Parent Theme) and add your own footer image to it. Footer Design (Child Theme) Now you have completed the header and the footer design. The next steps will be slicing the right images to the correct size. To do it correctly, you need to open the header and the footer images of the parent theme to get the dimension. Step 5 Under the parent theme’s “/images” folder, find all the files containing the header area that you have modified. There are only 16 image files (some of them are icons) in this theme so it would be easy to find the right images. Files in “/images” folder (Parent Theme) In this case, “bg_header.jpg” and “bg_top.jpg” contains the header area that you have modified in the PSD file. Step 6 Open these two files and measure their dimension. bg_header.jpg (Parent Theme) bg_top.jpg (Parent Theme) Step 7 In the modified PSD file containing your new design, slice the header using the exact...

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TemplateLite’s Options Page Explained

Posted by on Dec 10, 2009 in About My Themes | 4 comments

I always want to improve the standard of my WordPress themes to make them premium-like. My latest innovation is to include an Options page in the Sunset Farm theme. What is a WordPress theme Options page? A theme Options page is an interface in WordPress where you can control how a theme looks and functions solely by setting options without changing the core theme files. How to access the Options page The Options page can be found under the “Appearance” tab in the WordPress admin. Take the Sunset Farm theme for example, click on the “Sunset Farm” link under “Appearance” to access the WordPress Options page. What features are available in my Options page? Too many features will confuse the users. I only include the essential one while allowing some extent of customization. If you think some features are important and would be nice to be added to the Options page, please let me know. All the new themes created after the Sunset Farm theme (excluding child themes) have the Options page. In future, the Options page will be applied to all older themes eventually. There are three main sections in the theme Options page General Setting    Layout Setting    Post Layout Please note that the “Post Layout” section is only available in themes with version 2.0+ The features are explained base on the Sunset Farm and the Texture Art theme. General Setting The general setting in the Options page allows you to define the Twitter settings, feed URL, tracking code and IE6 warning option. The details of each items are described below. This option allows you to display or hide the Twitter icon. Enter your feed URL for your readers to subscribe. If you leave it blank, it will be showing the WordPress default feed URL in this format: http://www.yourblog.com/feed/ Enter your traffic tracking code in this field. I recommend Google Analytics as it is by far the most comprehensive tracking code I have used. If you check this button, your visitors’ who browse your site in IE6 will see a popup icon asking them to switch to other browsers in order to view the theme correctly. Layout Setting The layout setting in the Options page allows you to define the theme style, blog title and tagline and home link. Let me explain how they work as follows: In the Sunset Farm theme, there are 4 options in the pull-down menu. Let’s experiment with the “templatelite.css” and “paint.css” option. In each experiment, the “Blog Title and Tagline” has to be in the “uncheck” status. I’ll tell you why later. Option 1: templatelite.css When you select this option, the header design will look like this: And the font is showing the Verdana style: Option 2: paint.css When you select this option, the header design will look like this: And the font is showing the Arial style: Now, let me take the paint.css option example and show you how this is done. Changing header image with texture – Download this PSD zip file containing the header image. – Extract and open the PSD file in the Photoshop program – Use the Texturizer effect found under Filter -> Texture to create the effect. – Save the image using this name: bg_header.jpg – Upload the image to your server under the “/styles/paint/” folder Changing the font style – Open style.css under the root folder of the theme – Open paint.css under the “/styles/” folder – Copy the following “body” element in style.css and paste it in paint.css body { font-size: 12px; font-family: Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; color:#C2AE7D; background:#160500 url(‘images/bg_repeat.jpg’) repeat-y center...

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Theme User Guide Documentation

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Starting from the Theater Room theme, you will find a user guide document as part of the theme files. The user guide contains general and important information about my themes. Currently, it contains the following items: 1) Theme license 2) Installation instruction 3) Header title customization 4) Main features 5) Theme upgrade 6) Theme support The documentation will also be added to my older themes in the near...

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Theme Support Forum is Launched Officially!

Posted by on Oct 10, 2009 in About My Themes, Latest News | 4 comments

I am bringing you another great thing about Templatelite. A support forum for my themes has just been launched! As committed as before, I want you to have the least problem when using my themes and I pledge to make my themes one of the best in the industry. Hence, I have decided to offer theme support via forum. Previously, all the theme support was handled via the comment section. As of today, if you need any form of theme support, you’ll need to post your questions in the forum. You can still leave your non-support related comments in the comment section, e.g., you can share your opinion about the themes you use. Besides managing support, you can find everything you need to know about my themes in the forum too. For example, there is a section where you can showcase your themes modified using my themes. If you want to perform customization for my themes, you can request help from other users because I am not available for custom work at the moment. I welcome all my theme users to actively participate in the forum and make it a friendly community effective in solving problems. See you there...

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