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Releasing new sub themes like what I have been doing, I’ll be continue to do that in the future, with a better deal this time.

If you need to get the PSD file of my theme that comes with a sub theme, you don’t have to hesitate about which one (main or sub) you want to purchase due to the fact that they are sold separately at $35 each previously.

From now on, I’ll be including the PSD files of BOTH the main and the sub theme(s) selling at the same price! To sweeten the deal, whenever a new sub theme is released, those who possess the PSD file of the main theme will be given the PSD file of the newly-released sub theme, absolutely free.

Simply put, at $35, you’ll gain access to the PSD files of all the sub themes associated with the main theme!

If you have previously purchased the PSD file before the sub theme is released, you can request to send the PSD file of the sub theme. Simply contact me and include the transaction ID of the main theme in the message and I’ll send the sub theme’s PSD file to your email.

More sub themes are on the way and you can take a sneak peek of the upcoming themes below.

Main Themes

Sub Themes (Upcoming)

By the way, the themes above are given the first priority to be upgraded to ver. 3, in which the custom header menu will be added.

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