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Theme Partnership with Catswhocode

Posted by on Nov 5, 2009 in Latest News | 0 comments

The Bulletin Board theme is one of my best design and I am pleasured Catswhocode accepted my partnership invitation to co-release the theme. In this win-win partnership, Catswhocode gets a link hardcoded in the footer of the theme while my theme gets a feature on Catswhocode. As you see, I only partner with big players when it comes to theme release. Smashingapps, Sixrevision, Hongkiat are some of the super blogs that I collaborated with. Now it is Catswhocode which added to the portfolio 🙂 Let me introduce a bit about Catswhocode. This site is like a coder’s paradise. You could find almost anything you need to start up a WordPress blog or a new website there. There’s a wealth of tips to be found there for bloggers as well as some really good WordPress themes, widgets, plug-ins, theme reviews, short codes and fonts. For the ones who are still new to blogging there are plenty of help articles to be found there too. Along with WordPress tools there are web design and web development tools and tips available on the website where you can find tips, tutorials and a host of tools to be downloaded. The website is designed in a user friendly and an attractive manner which makes navigating and searching for topic easy. It will soon become a good one stop shop to find all that you need at one...

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Theme Support Forum is Launched Officially!

Posted by on Oct 10, 2009 in About My Themes, Latest News | 4 comments

I am bringing you another great thing about Templatelite. A support forum for my themes has just been launched! As committed as before, I want you to have the least problem when using my themes and I pledge to make my themes one of the best in the industry. Hence, I have decided to offer theme support via forum. Previously, all the theme support was handled via the comment section. As of today, if you need any form of theme support, you’ll need to post your questions in the forum. You can still leave your non-support related comments in the comment section, e.g., you can share your opinion about the themes you use. Besides managing support, you can find everything you need to know about my themes in the forum too. For example, there is a section where you can showcase your themes modified using my themes. If you want to perform customization for my themes, you can request help from other users because I am not available for custom work at the moment. I welcome all my theme users to actively participate in the forum and make it a friendly community effective in solving problems. See you there...

Read More – One of a kind WordPress Theme Review Site

Posted by on Oct 1, 2009 in Latest News, Wordpress and Blogging Tips | 7 comments

Today, I would like to announce the launch of a wordpress theme directory site that is so different from other theme directories that you have seen! Here, I proudly present that I have been working on for months! In my journey of designing WordPress themes for more than a year, I have downloaded more than 200 WordPress themes to gain insight of how other designers code the themes in order to improve my own skill. During this period, I have found themes using clean coding standard as well as those which are badly designed. It is quite impossible to tell if a theme has clean coding just by looking at the theme itself. You might get some clues from the source code but few people understand the meaning behind the coding. This is when I think, hey, why don’t I create a system to review the WordPress themes? My next task was to find the WordPress theme directories in the industry and see what others do. Not to my surprise, I have found tons of the theme directories from the Google search. Of all the sites, 95% are listing free WordPress themes while the rest are listing premium WordPress themes or the combination of the two. I visited the sites and most of them are quite disappointing. It seems that the site owners published free themes that are also available in other directories without putting any effort to review them. There is only one site ( which provides some review for a theme. I have written about this site and it’s scoring method few months ago. I found the tests used by Themespreview useful and have included some of them in the tests on ThemeGrade. However, there is something about Themespreview’s tests that are missing. Nothing has been told about how well a theme was optimized for search engines. It has a test about W3C compliance but there are more things that could be tested in a theme to see if the theme is well-optimized for SEO purpose. I decided to build a site similar to Themespreview with added tests and features. It is easy to understand how works. Let me explain the layout a bit and some of the key features below: Layout Explained 1. Top Slider This is the section listing the premium WordPress themes from top designers. If you like the theme, you can click on the shopping cart icon to purchase them. 2. Featured WordPress Themes This section features high standard FREE WordPress themes from top designers. 3. WordPress Theme Showcase All the themes, free or premium are listed in the lower part of the site. Features Explained 1. User-friendly Theme Search The themes are grouped into many categories that it would be easy to find the themes of your choice. Are you looking for a 3-column magazine style themes that are free? Simply select “3 columns”, “Magazine Style”, “Free” and click on the search button and the themes will be shown in the result page! 2. Theme General Test Each and every one of the WordPress theme listed on ThemeGrade has undergone comprehensive tests. The general tests of a theme give you an idea of how well the designer coded the theme. When pass, the score will be added to the General test. Taking the passed score and divide it with the total tested score and you’ll get the general test score of the theme. 3. Theme SEO Test The SEO tests of a theme give you an idea of how well a theme had been optimized for search engines. When pass,...

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A new WordPress theme site is in the making

Posted by on Sep 9, 2009 in Latest News | 2 comments

I am so excited to let you know that I am in the progress of making something very unique. It is a big site that I have been planning for months. I promise you that this is something you have not seen elsewhere (at least the big part of it) so please follow this site now to get the first hand information! For my theme users, since I am dedicating most of my time working on this new site, I can only release a new theme (the theme in the Upcoming New Theme section) this month.

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Theme Partnership with

Posted by on Aug 22, 2009 in Latest News | 7 comments

My latest theme, Letter Frame is one of my favorites and I am honor to get it released on This is one of the blogs that I consider premium and I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce more about this site to you. is your top and practical choice when you need useful and functional information and reference for standards-compliant and modern web design and web development. It presents a broad range of exceptional, unique, up-to-date and noteworthy tutorials, tips and references that are very essential for today’s web design and web development professional. The weblog also teems with a wide array of tutorials about all possible topics and subjects relating to web design and development. For instance, you will find a lot of options when it comes to tutorials about frameworks of Javascript including MooTools and jQuery. If you are looking for innovative and new ideas for your web design and development projects, sixrevisions must be at the top of your must-see sites. With the fast paced changes that occur in the field of Web design and development, this blog comes at a very opportune time to help professional keep up with the demands of the industry. You can find useful references and articles that cover the basics about web building, the standard techniques and approaches to Web design, blogging, usability, Web 2.0, AJAX, Adobe, information architecture and a lot, lot more. This blog is also the perfect site for both the newbies and the advanced professionals covering Photoshop techniques, CSS and HTML, concepts relating to website layout and navigation, icon designs and templates,...

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Partnership with owner who Knows About SEO

Posted by on Aug 1, 2009 in Latest News | 1 comment

I found a guy who is serious of promoting my themes. Simon, the owner of not only listed all my themes on his site, but he also linked the post with my themes from every page of his site. The way he strategically link the Best WordPress Themes post in the header nav and promote the post in other blogs show that he knows about the fine art of SEO. I can’t wait to see the post rank high on Google! has rich and varied information and useful references of SEO, Web design and Blogging tips. The main purpose of is to share with its readers unique and relevant content that can be used by bloggers and to promote discussion on a wide variety of interesting topics affecting bloggers. WordPress has achieved phenomenal success as a blogging engine. This is mainly due to the sustained efforts of sites like that have dedicated their energy and resources in delivering all relevant information and references to the blogging community. This site also helps in the development of themes and plugins through their regular write-up about...

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