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The Bulletin Board theme is one of my best design and I am pleasured Catswhocode accepted my partnership invitation to co-release the theme.

In this win-win partnership, Catswhocode gets a link hardcoded in the footer of the theme while my theme gets a feature on Catswhocode.

As you see, I only partner with big players when it comes to theme release. Smashingapps, Sixrevision, Hongkiat are some of the super blogs that I collaborated with. Now it is Catswhocode which added to the portfolio 🙂

Let me introduce a bit about Catswhocode. This site is like a coder’s paradise. You could find almost anything you need to start up a WordPress blog or a new website there.

There’s a wealth of tips to be found there for bloggers as well as some really good WordPress themes, widgets, plug-ins, theme reviews, short codes and fonts. For the ones who are still new to blogging there are plenty of help articles to be found there too.

Along with WordPress tools there are web design and web development tools and tips available on the website where you can find tips, tutorials and a host of tools to be downloaded. The website is designed in a user friendly and an attractive manner which makes navigating and searching for topic easy. It will soon become a good one stop shop to find all that you need at one place.

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