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50 Stunning Template Designs running on WordPress Platform

Posted by on Feb 16, 2009 in Useful Resources | 7 comments

WordPress has been popularly known as a CMS program to create blogging sites. However, many has also used it for their professional business sites. In this post, I have listed 50 sites having extraordinary designs that are running on the WordPress platform. Take a look at the designs, you’ll be amazed at the power and capabilities of what WordPress can do! Do you think WordPress is just a program for blogs? Think again. #1 – #2 – Al-kanz #3 – Almalatina #4 – Belfastgiants #5- Belvedereinc #6- Bleumocca #7- Blup #8- Branded07 #9- Brianyerkes #10- Carrigalineeducatetogether #11- Cssjockey #12- Davidhellmann #13- Dawghousedesignstudio #14- Designm #15- Digitaldeceptions #16- Emploi-manche #17- Flashnseo #18- Followthewinds #19- Ilovecolors #20- Iphonetoolbox #21- Iprimidieci #22- Ispoil #23- Jayhafling #24- Leemunroe #25- Logoinstant #26- Makarras #27- Manager-tv #28- Mknmedia #29- Mohitaneja #30- Monpirecadeau #31- Netfeast #32- Officeevil #33- Officiallyhiphop #34- Prowseed #35- Pswish #36- Reservoirbuzz #37- Roninsnowboards #38- Sohtanaka #39- Tamingthewolf #40- Ten37 #41- Thepissbiscuit #42- Thinkdesignblog $43- Torondel #44- Totallyher #45- Webdesignledger #46- Webpillango #47- Wireroses #48- Yoast #49- Iemai #50-...

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Biggest Collection of RSS Icons You’ll Never Miss – Part 1

Posted by on Feb 9, 2009 in Useful Resources | 1 comment

RSS (Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication) is a XML-based system for delivering regularly changing web content. It is a good way for people to keep up with their favorite web sites rather than checking them manually. Everyone has seen the common RSS button. A special RSS icon that suits your template will make your feed subscription more appealing. While I was compiling the list of the best RSS buttons, I found more than 200 good designs and the list is growing. As my visitors, I want to give you the best while not waiting for weeks to come out with the perfect list. Here it goes. The first part of the RSS buttons. Enjoy and stay tune for the second part of the list… Beautiful RSS Icon Collection from Deviantart Blue RSS Shout RSS Icon 3D Red RSS Bee RSS Icon Owl RSS Icon NewsFire matte and gloss Sticker RSS Icon Exclamation Mark RSS Grunge Curve Icon MyCircle RSS Icon No Border RSS Button Acid RSS Button I Support RSS Icon RSS Sign Web 2.0 RSS Button Innovative RSS Button Pack Sweet Orange Icon Black RSS Standing RSS Icon 3-D Color RSS Button Rise-from-below RSS Icon Twisted RSS Button Icontexto Button Dock Icon Chain RSS Button Hat RSS Button Orb V2 Icon Bottle Cap Button Tilted RSS Button Notepad RSS Icon Sofa Icon RSS News 4 Color RSS Icon Pack (with PSD) Wax Seal RSS Button (with PSD) Stamp RSS Icon RSS Reader Reversed RSS Button Long Rectangle RSS Button RSS Icon from other Resources 3-D RSS Icon Chewy RSS Icon Rainbow RSS Button Feed Icon for Guitarist Badge RSS Button Circle RSS Icons Another Circular RSS Button Rise from Below RSS Icon Glass Style RSS Buttons Christmas RSS Buttons Heart Shape RSS Icons Nice and Fresh RSS Icons Grunge RSS Buttons RSS and Social Bookmark Icon Series Real Estate RSS Buttons Drink RSS Buttons Nice RSS Feed Buttons from Free Hugs RSS Buttons Ghost RSS Icons Envelope Holder RSS Buttons Cube Puzzle RSS Buttons Smoking RSS Icons Mold RSS Buttons Currency Cube Buttons Announcement and Book RSS Feed Icons Walking RSS Button Whistle Feed Button Not getting enough of this already big collection? I will have more RSS buttons for you. Stay tune for part 2 of the ultimate list. If you want to make your own RSS buttons, I have listed 20+ RSS icon tutorials using Photoshop, Illustrator or...

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20+ RSS button tutorials using Photoshop, Illustrator or Fireworks

Posted by on Feb 3, 2009 in Useful Resources | 0 comments

I have listed 19 tutorials using Photoshop, Illustrator or Fireworks to create RSS Icons. You can add some twists to the design and become your very own RSS feed button. Enjoy the tutorials! Create An Animated Rss Feed Icon using Illustrator and Photoshop     Design a Web 2.0 Style RSS Icon using Photoshop Glassy & Vibrant RSS feed icon using Photoshop     Create Basic RSS Button with Illustrator Nice RSS Feed Badge using Photoshop Custom RSS Feed Buttons using Photoshop RSS Button Variations with Photoshop Create a Vector RSS Icon with Illustrator Make your own RSS Feed icon with Photoshop Making RSS icons using Fireworks Making RSS button with Photoshop – part 1 Making RSS button with Photoshop – part 2 Making Glossy RSS button with Photoshop – part 1 Making Glossy RSS button with Photoshop – part 2 Light and Star RSS Feed Design with Photoshop – part 1 Light and Star RSS Feed Design with Photoshop – part 2 Light and Star RSS Feed Design with Photoshop – part 3 Web 2.0 style RSS buttons using Photoshop RSS Button with Fireworks RSS icon using Photoshop – Part 1 RSS icon using Photoshop – Part 2 Custom RSS Feed Icons using Photoshop Christmas RSS Icon using Photoshop Creating A Grungy RSS Icon using Photoshop Creating a 3D Rss Icon with...

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