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Latest Version: 3.00
Updated on: 2015/05/17

Green Light is a light on dark green theme design with a right sidebar and a nice image header. Rustic look. Suitable for general personal blog.

Green Light WordPress Theme
Click on the “Free Download” link above to get the theme now!
By using this theme for FREE, you agree to accept the external links.

Add to Cart
Gain access to the fully layered Photoshop file for quick and easy tweakage. PSD files included for both the main and the sub themes.
Add to CartAd-Free Package
Removing the credit links will make the theme to not function properly. Unencrypted main and sub theme files can be purchased at $20.
Theme Customization
Do you want to customize this theme to include images that suit your blog's topic? I can help you with the graphical customization. For more details, please visit the theme customization service page.

Color Schemes
The Green Light theme comes with 3 color schemes below:

To activate your desired color scheme, follow 2 simple steps below:
Step 1 Go to the theme Options page in WP admin => Appearance => Green Light
Step 2 Under “Theme Style”, select your color scheme in blue, brown or red.

Main Features
– 3 different color schemes
– User-friendly Options page
– Custom Menu
– Automatic Thumbnails
– Different design for sticky post feature
– Compatible with IE7, IE8, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera
– W3C XHTML and CSS compliant
– Gravatar enable

Translation Help Needed

If you wish to translate this theme into your own language, you can do so with the use of the Poedit program. To find out how this works, please refer to this comprehensive guide.

When you have completed the localization, kindly send me the translated files so I can share your work (with your credit) with other users.

Automatic Thumbnails
Please refer to this page for the details of how the automatic thumbnails work.

Drop-down Menu
The Green Light theme has a multi-level drop-down menu that is using the latest function in WP 3.0. There are two ways to create the drop-down menu.
1) When you create hierarchical pages, the drop-down menu will show up automatically in the header navigation.

2) You can manually define the header links using the custom menu. To do it, first, click on the “Menus” link found under the “Appearance” tab in WP admin. Then follow the instruction on the page to add your custom menu. This feature only works with WP 3+.

There is a featured content section below the header link. This feature is built in using the Featured Content Gallery (FCG) plugin. Please download the latest version and follow the instruction found in “Readme.txt” to do the setup.

If you do not want to show this feature, just don’t install the plugin.

Blog Title and Description
The demo is showing a special font as below:

By default, after you install the theme, the blog title and description are showing the Arial font.

You can change the font style by following this instruction:
Part 1: Modifying Font Style
– Download this PSD zip file (also included the font that I use)
– Extract and open the PSD file in the Photoshop/ImageReady/Gimp/PaintShop program
– Change the title and description using your desired font (you are free to modify the header image if you want)
– Save the image using this name: bg_header.jpg
– Upload the image to your server in the “/styles/default/” folder

Part 2: Activating the Style
– Login to your WP admin
– Go to the options page of the Green Light theme under “Appearance -> Green Light”
– Find “Theme Style” under “Layout Setting”
– In the pull-down menu, select “default.css”
– Save the setting and go to your site to see the changes.

Ad Widget
An ad widget can be found under the “Available Widgets” section. You can drag the widget to Sidebar 1. This widget allows you to add your advertisement while keeping the sidebar design. Please limit the width of your ad to 160px.

User Showcase
The followings are a few examples of nice modification of this theme from other users. You can view all the nice design in the forum theme showcase.

View my other themes

Change Log

2008-07-28 V1.0 – New release.
2008-09-17 V1.01 – Fixed some bugs and added a few css selectors to make the theme more compatible.
2008-09-29 V1.03 – Fixed more bugs.
2008-10-31 V1.05 – Minor changes. No need to upgrade to this version if you don’t encounter any issues with ver 1.03
2008/12/17 V1.10
– Supported WordPress ver 2.7 with the following changes:
– Comment section support paging and threading (WordPress 2.7 feature)
– Change the comment layouts and use tabs to seperate comments and trackbacks.
– Exclude the pages in menu if you set it in widgets.
2009/04/17 V1.15
– Include h1, h2, h3, h4 in blog title, post title etc for SEO purpose.
– Change the license to Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported.
– Fixed 1 error for comment css.
2009-07-14 – Theme is compatible with WP 2.8
2010/10/16 V3.00
– Added drop-down menu, ad-widget, Options page, advanced automatic thumbnails, custom style and more.
– Added custom menu (works on WP 3+ onwards) and enabled localization (translation).
– Change a lot of things.


  1. Great template, but are you aware it has issues in IE?
    Cuts off posts. Any ideas on a quick fix?
    Dan Savage

  2. Hi Dan, I am not sure what you mean but cuts off posts. However, I just did a check on the coding and found some errors. Please upload the new version and see if you still see that problem.

  3. I was surprised and excited to see your quick response.
    Thanks for responding.

    I clicked on your download link above and installed the template again.
    However, it still says 1.0 on the version number.
    Is it a changed version?
    The problem still exists with IE.

    If you load up my site with a current version of Internet Explorer, you will see the issue immediately.

    It chops the page, acts as if there is only one post on the page, and also chops it off so you cannot read the entire text entered for the partial post it does reveal. It is as if it thinks the page length is shorter than it really is, or the template simply cannot expand below a certain point.

    I have had confirmation from multiple PC Internet Explorer users from around the world since last night. The problem on PCs is not isolated.

    The template does work on Macs with Firefox and Safari, but I assume you want PC users to enjoy your fine work as well. 🙂

    Thanks again for your response to the issue. I will be happy to test for you as best I can, but I am flying to Japan tomorrow, and once there I will have to commit to a working template relatively quickly if yours is still PC incompatible.

    I will keep checking back on your progress and help if I can.


  4. I’m having the exact same IE problems in mine, I’ll be stalking this entry as well! Thanks a million!


  5. PS – I’m using a PC, and with Firefox it works like a charm, of course. What it seems to me is that IE thinks the page is only as tall as the sidebar. HTH!

  6. Hi Dan and Monica,

    Thanks a lot for pointing out this problem.

    I am in the progress of fixing it and it should be done in one day! I’ll let you know when it is completed.

    Have a nice trip to Japan 🙂

  7. I love this template.. THNX so much!!

    I’ll keep checking here..
    I’ve got the same problem..

  8. Hi all!

    The cut off post problem is fixed. Please click the download link above for version 1.01.

  9. Thnx!!! It’s Perfect!! ***BIG HUG***

  10. Hi there,
    I recently applied this cool theme to my site. looks great in Firefox and Chrome, but I’ve found that IE clears the whole home page except for the header, sidebar, and footer. It’s just a big white space.
    Has anyone else had this issue?
    I’ve started pushing it on facebook and now i’m getting worried…

  11. Wierd,
    I just checked my site and it comes up fine… then i started a new window and checked the site. Problem comes back… very odd.Finishes loading both times.
    Don’t understand that.

  12. Ben, I viewed your homepage on Firefox, Chrome and Opera and found no content. You are the first I know to have this problem. Probably the plugins that you installed are not compatible with this theme. I would suggest you to use the original theme without plugins and see if this problem persists.

  13. Just have to say, I absolutely love this theme! It’s just a beautiful design and I’m really happy with it.

  14. Just want to say I really love this theme. I spend hours yesterday just browsing all available themes for WordPress, both free and not, to find exactly the style I wanted. And this was without any doubt the best there is!

    Just great designs in general, and hope to see more from you on the Internet as it is a joy to look and and use.

  15. 2 Points

    1. Yes, the update seems to have resolved the problem that made the template incompatible with Internet Explorer. I finally found the time to get back to work on and was happy and grateful to see that the template works now.

    2. Personally, I would love to see the “previous” and “next” links from individual entry pages more prominently positioned. Moving those up above the comment field and also adding them to the top just above or below titles might not be a quick change to the template, so in the interim, I also wonder if a simple direction to where that line of code is could allow individual users to change parameters to support a larger font and/or bold change to the “previous” and “next” text that currently appears a bit too low on pages to be noticed.

    But moving them up and placing them above “and” below entries could really help retain visitors, if readers have a sense that there is more to discover on a site while reading an individual entry.

    Once attaining a visitor to a site, it is tragic to lose them prematurely.

    Thanks for the nice work. I am happy to find the template functioning now. One of the best aspects of this template for me is the ability to feature larger than average photos without causing the layout to get screwed up as it would in some other WordPress templates I have experimented with.
    -Dan Savage

  16. Dan, to add the previous/next links below the title, first, open and edit single.php

    find this code:

    <div class="entry"><?php the_content(‘more…’); ?><div class="clear"></div>

    Add the following code above it:

    <div class="alignleft"><?php previous_post_link(‘&laquo; %link’) ?></div>
    <div class="alignright"><?php next_post_link(‘%link &raquo;’) ?></div>

    This will add the previous/next link below the post title.

  17. Hello,
    I’m trying to widen your theme which meens that, I’m trying to pass the global width from 888px to 1000 and the sidebar width from 190px to 250.
    But, I’ve some problems, could you give me some tips ?
    Else, very good them !

  18. PYP, it’s rather complicated to change the width and it’s hard to explain it here. I am afraid we don’t have enough resources to custom make for you.

  19. Hello, I love the Green Light theme, and I’ve chosen it after spending many hours looking for just the right one. I am new to WordPress (started yesterday), and had very good luck trying out other themes. But, I am not having good luck with this theme. The entire background is a dark gray. Maybe there’s a step I missed. Can you help?


  20. I’m all set now… figured out my problem. Thanks, and I look forward to using your beautiful theme.

  21. Great theme, but comments doesnt work properly. My visitors would like to comment static pages, but they can’t.
    If there something i could do ?


  22. Easye, which version of WordPress are you using? The comment won’t work in ver 2.3.

    Also, we have released Green Light ver 1.03. Please make sure you are using this version. You can find the theme version in “style.css”

  23. Yes – im using Green Light ver 1.03.
    WordPress ver 2.6.2.
    And on static pages i dont see nothing besides Edit this entry.Thers ane “leave o comment”

    When i changed theme for another one – a see coments.

    See what i mean ?

  24. OK 🙁
    Thanks for your answer

  25. Easye, we don’t include comment option in the “Page” section. We follow the standard used by WordPress’ default themes whereby the comment is removed from the Page section.

    If you want the comment to appear, please create your content in “Post” instead of “Page”.

  26. Thanks for answer.
    Maybe in the future you can put comments in the Page section. It would be fun, if visitors could comment whatever they like.
    Besides I woluld like to have such plugins as WP Wall, with comment archive on Page.

    Though – Green Light is one of my favorite theme ! Great JOB ! Keep it up !
    PS. Sorry for my english – i haven’t use it for a very long time. ;]

  27. I love this theme very much.But I found that it can’t display comm ent on post. when i click to see comment I found this
    “You can follow any responses to this entry through the
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function post_comments_feed_link() in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 19”
    how can I solve it ,please

  28. Oh,I use wordpress 2.3.3 and version of this theme is 1.03

  29. Jediwk, please re-download the theme. I have changed the coding to comments_rss_link() instead of post_comments_feed_link(), which is compatible with the older version of WordPress.

  30. thank you for your kindness ,Brian

  31. Brian it still show the same error!

  32. Jediwk, this is weird. I tested it and found no problem. Just want to make sure you downloaded the latest one. Are you using this download link: ?

  33. Yes,I loaded from this url.When I click to see comments it show “Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_avatar() in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 34”

  34. Jediwk, I found that wordpress 2.3 does not support get_avatar(). 🙁 I have changed the coding. Please download again, sorry for the trouble.

  35. hi,

    i get the following error after trying to choose the theme:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function register_sidebar_widget()

    in /themes/green-light/functions.php on line 22


  36. Brian,THANK YOU very much.You’re nice guy. It works now.

  37. Andy, the WordPress version you are using is 2.05. Our themes only support version 2.3+. The problem will be resolved when you upgrade your wordpress to the higher version.

  38. Hi! Thanks for this nice theme. I’m using it with wp 2.6.2. I have a problem when clicking on a tag – the tag’s page doesn’t have the sidebar; instead, it’s attached to the end of the page. is there a way to fix this? See for an example.

  39. My fault, sorry … one article had invalid markup. Cheers!

  40. I’m just following up from my previous comments. At the time, my home content was not appearing in your theme in IE. It seems that simply naming the page “Home” did the trick. I don’t want to have “Home” written there, but it seems to be the only way it works….

  41. hi,

    we use ths template for a kitchen website, it’s very appreciated by our visitors.Thank’s again for all.


  42. Ben, I think you don’t want to show the title and border in the front page, right? If so, I have modified page.php, you can download it here. Unzip the file and replace it with the original one.

    Also, if you don’t want the “Home” link to be shown in the menu, just edit header.php in any text editor as follows:
    <?php wp_list_pages(‘sort_column=menu_order&depth=1&title_li=); ?>

    Replace it with

    <?php wp_list_pages('sort_column=menu_order&depth=1&title_li=&exclude=X'); ?>

    in which “X” is your “Home” ID.

  43. thx 2 Brian – I had the same problem like jediwk – and now it’s solved – I am happy and by the way – Green Light Theme is really great
    greets captaincut

  44. Hi,

    Even i want some suggestions on increasing width of sidebar as many of the widgets as 200 px default size.

    Please help me.


  45. Prasad, changing the sidebar width to 200px will involve major rewrite of the coding. Since this is not the functionality issue, it will be in our to-do list but not our top priority to change it.

  46. I saw this template and immediately had to snatch it. My blog was pretty visually boring, so this spruced it right up. I love it. No complaints or issues yet, but will post again if I find any.


  47. I want to change the dark gray background but couldn’t find the corresponding code in the style sheet. Is it an image or called out through css? If it’s css, where is it located? Help!

  48. Hi is there a way to convert all the file in the zip archive in to an XML file? because I dont know what to do with theses files. thanks

  49. Sean, you can change the background color, just edit style.css, find

    body {
    margin:0px auto;
    font-size: 12px;
    font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, Sans-Serif;
    background: #4c4c4e;
    and edit the background color.

  50. Lionel, I saw that you are using but our themes work on WordPress only. Also, I have no idea how to convert our themes to XML 🙁

  51. Thanks for your help Brian. I thought that was the code but when I change the background to match the footer.jpg color (#002a06) it doesn’t change the gray background. See here:

  52. Sean, I saw that your background color has been changed. Please use force refresh (Ctrl+F5) to see the change.

  53. A variation on you theme, thought you might like to see it….

    love the theme,

  54. I love this theme, you did a great job on it.

    Some feedback:

    1) Sometimes comments get oddly indented. This seems to be for registered users, but it is quite ugly and should be fixed. Instead, it would be nice to alternate layout slightly for even-numbered comments. For posts with many comments I have found this to improve legibility a lot.

    2) Comments held for moderation currently just do not show up at all. Instead, it would be much better if they did, but with a “comment held for moderation” notice. Confuses people much less. I had several people tell me they thought their comments had been lost.

    3) Marking (selecting) text turns the font color blue. For me, this is almost impossible to see (I am borderline colorblind). I am not sure if this can be styled in CSS, but if it can, please consider making selected text inverted instead.

    4) Please consider adding “subscribe to rss feed” type buttons/links, a good place for that would probably be the top of the sidebar.

    5) Trackbacks are part of the regular comments, but always seem to be at the bottom. Either separate them or, which I think would be better, keep them in the correct chronological spot in the comments list.

    Think that’s all for now 🙂

  55. this thing that I can’t add comments to page sux, because I can’t put some things in posts, because they are seen in front page, but I want them to bee seen only as pages in sidebar!

    You say “We follow the standard used by WordPress’ default themes whereby the comment is removed from the Page section.”

    If this is a standard, why WP has checkboxes when writing posts to allow or disallow comments in page?

    It should be like when I write a page and keep checkbox where is allowed to post comments then I would like to see them there!!!

    Anyway, theme is beautiful. Thanks for that!
    Maybe there is some hack to add comments to page?

  56. When will this theme support thread comment feature of WordPress 2.7? I’m looking for it. Thanks.

  57. Nils, first of all, these are not functionality issues so please use our contact form to submit non-functionality issues in the future.

    1) You can remove the indented comment for the registered users in this way.
    Open comments.php

    Replace this code
    echo ‘ class="adminbody"><div class="adminhead">’;

    with this one
    echo ‘ class="commentbody"><div class="commenthead">’;

    2) I submitted a test comment to one of your posts and I can see it under “Your comment is awaiting moderation”. Please refer to this screenshot.

    3) I have no idea how to change it in CSS at this moment.

    4) There is already a RSS link under the Meta section. We have no plan to add an RSS image to this theme at the moment.

    5) We’ll consider arranging the trackbacks in a better way.

  58. Hi
    I am currently using The Green Lite Theme for my blog site, it is great, thank you!

    However, I feel as though the comment box is a bit small, for writing comments. Is there a way to widen that box?

    Thank you,

  59. SoWhat, to add the comments in the Page section, following this simple step:
    Change the content of page.php and replace it with the exact content found in single.php

  60. Wilderwein, we’ll look into it when ver 2.7 is officially released. It is still in the beta version.

  61. Mark, to change comment box size, follow this step:
    Open comments.php

    <p><textarea name="comment" id="comment" cols="50" rows="8" tabindex="4"></textarea></p>

    and replace the cols and rows to your intended value.

  62. Brian, the comments thing is really weird, because when I tested it, it didn’t show up :'( I did ensure that I used no proxy. The only thing I can imagine is that my ISP uses a transparent one. Oh, well.

    I already figured out how to remove the admin thing, but thanks. When there is an icon, it’s not so confusing, but it still doesn’t look very nice IMO. Maybe a better place for the icon would be inside the comment part, where the name is? Just an idea.

    Either way, thank you very much for taking the time to look into these things, I appreciate it. I really like the theme, and will continue to use it.

  63. How To add code to coment?

  64. Sowhat, the code you added in comment was removed by the spam filter. Please send the code to my email at wpsubmit (at) templatelite (dot) com

  65. Thanks for your fine work. It’s great how easily the header.jpg in the images folder can be adapted to one’s own need. In order to retain the white upper edge of the posting area, I copied it into a new layer over which I placed my own photo.
    cheers, pedro

  66. Hi I am new to blogging and am a real live noobie. I really mean this! I was able to use the 1.03 template greenlite and have written 3 posts so far. Tonight when I went to check out my blog, the right side column with all of the words are “BLANK” just black all the words and calendar are gone. I did have trouble the other nite when putting up my third post, I had hit publish but forgot to uncheck the keep this post private” so I had to fix all of that. I’m hoping that I didn’t undo something. Can you pleeeease help me?? I don’t know what to do or who to ask I’ve gone inside the wp-dashboard and got to the theme section and saw all of the titles that were in the right side column I did try to I went to the ‘RSS (I thought that I couldn’t do too much harm with the RSS) and tried to click on the add to see if it would show up on my site…but I skipped over and it’s still a all black column. Pleeeease help me,,,I’m not a techie at all. Thanks so much. Deeanne

  67. deeanne, I am trying to troubleshoot your issue. Please do the test below:
    1) Change the theme to the WordPress default theme and see if you still find the same problem.

    If no such problem can be found in the default theme…
    Upload the latest version (1.05) to your server and try it again.

    If the same problem can be found in the default theme…
    There might be something wrong with your Widget setting. Please check it.

  68. Hi,
    I was wondering if there is a limitation to the amount of categories that I am able to display, on the sidebar?

    Thank you,

  69. Deeanne,
    Did you go to Design, Widgets, in The Dashboard?



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