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Posted by on Apr 15, 2009 in Latest News | 1 comment

I am so thrilled that this time, my effort has been acknowledged by this super blog,!

They just created a new WordPress theme entry and my Red Light theme is on top of the list!

Why do I say that is a super blog? In my definition, a super blog needs to have 10,000+ subscribers, 10,000+ daily visitors and thousands of useful posts.

And these are the stats of
* Feed Subscribers: 12,000+
* Daily Visitors: 35,000+
* No. of Posts: 1100+

What is this site about? is a mega directory for designers, tech users, and bloggers. It covers a wide range of design and IT topics from design ideas, tutorials to applications. You can find almost everything that is design-related. Visit Hongkiat now and you’ll know what I mean.

It is the one blog that I can’t do without. I incorporate a lot of ideas that I get from this blog in my theme design. To a big extent, I owe the success of my themes to this blog.

And now this wonderful site featured my themes. I am so excited that what I have been doing so diligently are getting some credits from this big guy. Nothing can express my excitement now. Thanks Hongkiat :Big Kiss:

One Comment

  1. congratulation mate i really like your wordpress themes specially this two

    Red Light
    and Watercolor Theme they are both gr8 and iwish you release more cool themes in the future

    and also consider submitting them to my wordpress Site


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