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Tired of using the same WordPress theme like others?  Customize it! This theme is highly customizable. Below are some samples with different look using this theme. This theme is best viewed in 1280px resolution.

Latest Version: 1.10
Updated on: 2015/05/22

Simple Style WordPress Theme
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Main Features
  • Easy-replaceable header and footer image
  • Compatible with IE6, IE7, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera
  • W3C XHTML and CSS compliant
  • Gravatar enable
    (click on the image to view the full size)
    Set 1 Set 1 Set 1 Set 1 Set 1 Set 12

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    Here is how to make it work:

    • Custom Header and Footer Images
    • Rename your photos to bg.jpg (header) and bg_footer.jpg (footer)
    • The size of bg.jpg must be 1280×400 pixels and bg_footer.jpg size must be 400×160 pixels
    • Upload them to /images
    • Use light photo/image to get optimum result.

    We have prepared a few sets of samples. You can simply download the one you like or create your own one!

    (click on the image below to download the images in zip)

    Set 1 Set 1 Set 1 Set 1 Set 1 Set 1 Set 7 Set 8 Set 9 Set 10 Set 11 Set 12

    Simply replace bg.jpg and bg_footer.jpg in the /images folder with the one in the zip file and you are all set!

    Change log
    2008-11-14 v1.00 – Release
    2008-12-22 v1.10 – Comment section support paging and threading (WordPress 2.7 feature)
    – Exclude the pages in menu if you set it in widgets.
    2009-07-14 – Theme is compatible with WP 2.8


    1. Very good templatelite. Can customize easily

    2. Hello,

      Great job ! I like it and translated it in french.

      You can now reach fench version of your theme here :

    3. how can I install in blogger…
      I don’t know css and templates
      please help me
      thank you….

    4. Jackie, this theme works on WordPress only. However, if some kind souls converted it to Blogger, I’ll post the download URL at our themes in other blogging platforms

    5. i have downloaded it and customized it for my husband’s blog. thank you for the easy instructions 😉 you can view it here here.

    6. Love your post!! Finally someone got it right!!! Would you mind if I put a blogroll link back to your post? 🙂

      • By all means, you can add my link in your Blogroll.

    7. great template, it is what I was looking for.
      thank you!

    8. one question: I’d like to translate ‘Categories’ and ‘Pages’ in Italian, I edited the sidebar.php file but it did not work.
      Am I missing something?
      Please help!
      Thanks again!
      PS = if possible please respond me using my email

      • Hi, if you are not using widgets, you just need to modify sidebar.php. If you are using widgets, you can set the “Title” for Categories and Pages widgets.

    9. I love this template – I looked through hundreds of templates for one that I could add my own photos to so I was estatic when I found this one. One comment I have is that I found the size of the footer photo a little difficult to work with since it seems to distort the image – any tips on how to avoid this? My blog is probably aimed at the 40+ crowd and the font size on the postings, I think, is too small. Would you please tell me how I can change it. I have some familiarity with stylesheets and html.


      • Mandy, please upload the footer image with size of 400×160 pixels. The images shouldn’t be distorted with this size.

    10. Hi Brian,

      Is there a way to turn off the underlining in a blog post title when the text of the title gets long? For example:

      I tried to find it in the style.css file but to no avail.

      • Hi,

        To turn off the underline, just find

        .title, .title a {
        	color: #3a4a56;
        	font-size: 20px;
        	border-bottom:1px #6b7780 solid;

        delete the line border-bottom:1px #6b7780 solid;

    11. Hello, using it for my site. For some reason the graphic does not come up for the header in Internet Explorer. Works fine for Firefox and Safari. Any ideas?

    12. Ooops, disregard. It is because there was a space in the folder name (“Simplestyle – Copy”). Removed the space and the proper css file was found by IE. Interesting!

    13. I did exactly that, Bill – removed the spaces in the folder name – but my header picture is STILL not showing in IE. Please give more specific instructions – or can anyone help to fix this. I REALLY really want to use this theme!

    14. I installed this theme the other day and absolutely love it. The one problem I had was with the text color of lists in the sidebar – the links show up fine, but plain old text was so faint I could hardly read it. It was a quick and easy fix with the nicely commented stylesheet. If anyone else is having this problem, just find this section in the stylesheet

      #sidebar ul ul li{
      color: #c8c8c8;
      line-height: 1.6em;
      list-style-type: none;

      and change it to this

      #sidebar ul ul li{
      color: #000000;
      line-height: 1.6em;
      list-style-type: none;

      #000000 changes the font color from a light gray to black.

      And thanks for such an awesome theme, Brian!

      • Thanks for providing this tip for everyone. I appreciate it!

    15. Brian,

      I really like your theme.

      I’ve made a small donation to your PayPal account, though you might want to make a link to it more visible on your website someplace.

      Question: comments on blog posts work fine but I can’t seem to enable comments and pingbacks on pages. Is this a glitch or is there a secret setting I don’t know about?

      • Thanks for your donation. I appreciate it!

        I didn’t enable comments on pages because I am following the sample WordPress setting. However, it is easy to enable comments on pages by following the steps below:
        – open single.php and copy all the content
        – open page.php and remove all the content
        – paste the content of single.php into page.php
        – upload page.php to your server to replace the old one

        That’s all!

    16. One of the best themes I’ve used so far. Suits the community website I run perfectly as the three columns mean I can have a ‘magazine’ page and maximise the content. I’ve customised it slightly – mainly just the colours and font sizes. Many thanks for making it and I look forward to more great themes!

    17. Hi, I am trying to use the UpdatedToday plugin that shows a small banner at the top left whenever the site is updated, but on this theme it appears at the top left of the footer. The plugin writer has looked at it and made this comment. Can you look at the footer & see if it can be made compatible please? Many thanks, Andy
      After looking into the SimpleStyle theme, it appears the reason the plugin won’t work with this is they have not created their footer to be completely modular. Their footer is located inside of the actual content area, from what I can gather on their theme coding which means their placement is ‘relative’ and due to this, the plugin is displaying in the relatively placed container and therefore forced to be at the upper left corner of the container it’s placed in, instead of leaving that container. There may be a way to fix this later, but at this time I’d say it’s due to the theme not following very good coding practice and CSS placement.

      • Hi Andy,

        That is easy to fix. Open footer.php and move this line <?php wp_footer(); ?> to above </body> so it looks like this:

        <?php wp_footer(); ?>

    18. Hello,
      Thank you for this outstanding theme! You are extremely talented.

      I have one question. We would like to change the Blog title font. I’ve not done any actual CSS editing, but I understand where it is located in the admin, how one should back up a safe boy of the script elsewhere if trying to edit.

      So I think I could do it, or at least try to.

      Thank you!

      • Hi, just go to wp-admin -> Apperance -> Editor, choose Stylesheet (style.css) to edit.

        Find #blogtitle and edit font-family.

    19. Can we reduce the height of the header image on this theme?
      Is it too much work or can we edit the css / header file to achieve this?
      Apart from this, I’m still very happy with the theme and feedback has been very positive.

      • Hi, as this theme uses many transparent effect, it won’t be easy to change the height.

    20. I love this theme and am using it on all my blogs at I have a question for you though. We want to use Google Analytics to track visits to our sites and instructions say to put the java script above the body tag. WordPress forum says it should go just before /body tag and that the file that needs to be edited is in themes/inove/end.php.

      I can’t find that anywhere in this theme. Can you please help?

      Thanks for a wonderful theme, I truly love that I can customize every single blog to suit subject.

      • Hi, please open footer.php and insert Google analytics code before </body>

    21. I like this theme, but I want a Home Page for my site and I don’t know to put them at this theme. I made some pages, but the Home Page don’t match the home page of the theme. How my visitors return to Home after they visited othe pages in site?

      If anyone can help me, I’ll apreciate it. Thank you!

      • “How my visitors return to Home after they visited othe pages in site?”

        You can simply click on the Blog title (in your case, “”) to return to the home page.

    22. Thank you, Brian!

      Yes, it’s ok, but I want something like this:
      I’m so sorry, but I haven’t more html, css or php knowledge and I want this theme very much.

      Thanks again!

      • Could you be more specific as to what you would like to do with this theme? I think you already knew how to change the header image for the theme.

    23. or Blog Title=HomePage, but I want a special button for that. It is possible?

      Sorry for my questions… Thank you!

    24. Well, I want a Home Page=The Blog Title (the blog itself) and other pages. So, I want a button for this Home Page. For exemple, a visitor visit other pages in site and when he click on HOME button he simple return on the blog page (to see the posts). If I make a page called HOME, it doesn’t match with the blog page. It is just an other page.

      or, other variant is that

      Both variants are ok for my site, but I don’t know to make it to work. Are they possible for this theme?

      Thanks again!


      PS Sorry for my english, too.

      • Hi tinna,

        Please edit header.php, find

        <pre class=""><div id="menu">

        insert the line below between <ul> and <?php

        <pre class=""><li><a href="<?php bloginfo(‘home’);?>">Home</a></li></pre>

        I think this is what you want 😉

    25. Hi! do you know any issue with the WP 2.08 plugins and this theme? I have problems dragging and moving the widgets from list to side bar, at the appearance menu.

      Thanks in advance

      • Hi, do you mean wordpress 2.8.x? This theme is fully compatible with wp 2.8+. Or is it that you didn’t open the sidebar box? please refer the images.

        Sidebar Box

        You have to click on the top right arrow to open the box. After that, you can drag the widget into it.

    26. Hello! I absolutely love SimpleStyle set 10, but when I replace the two images into the original simplestyle and try to install it into wordpress it always says it failed to open stream. Is there any way you could make available to me a version of with set 10 already replaced? Thank you so much, I would really appreciate this.

    27. Hi Brian..

      I’m using these theme right now.
      Yesterday, I did something but I cant remember what.
      Now I lost my 2nd sidebar.
      Can you help me?

      It is still there in the widgets yet it did not appear.
      Help me please!!

      • @YUS, please register yourself an account in the support forum and post your issue there. The comment section is not meant for support anymore.

    28. I was wondering if this theme would be updated soon to deal better with sticky posts – giving them a different style or a fancy border or something.

    29. Nice site you have!!! you really are one of WP gurus… can you teach me some techniques in designing. have a look at my site I designed it my self. but your designs are very beautiful.


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