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Posted by on Nov 3, 2008 in About My Themes | 2 comments

This is awesome! Thanks so much for the detailed walk through! The first time I saw this template I was scared to touch it because it looked so hard…yet I downloaded it anyway! Once I took the time to read it I realized how simple you had made it.

The template looks great! Thanks for making such amazing ones!

Phoenix from

The second thing I love about this theme is the customizable, rotating photo at the top. I’ve uploaded about five or six photos, and you should see a different one each time you load the blog. Hit your refresh button to see it change now. This feature makes the blog truly my own, a reflection of my family.

Cindy…more story at

Einige haben sich über das letzte “unpersönliche” Theme beschwert, von daher nun etwas persönlicher…

Ich benutze nun das WordPress Theme Photo-Frame, das oberste mittlere Bild kann man einfach ändern, bei jeder Aktualisierung der Webseite erscheint ein anderes Bild (natürlich nur wenn man viele Bilder hochgeladen hat). Ansonsten steht der Hintergrund auch als JPG zur Verfügung und kann geändert werden.

Ich finde der Hintergrund passt zu dem Wetter – zur Jahreszeit und natürlich auch zu mir 😉

Dieses WordPress Theme ist Wiget – Fähig, daher ideal für meine Spielereien … und damit es persönlicher wird habe ich auch direkt meinen natürlichen Feind (die Blitze) mit eingebaut… mittig findet Ihr nun abwechselnd Bilder von mir – entweder als Motiv oder von mir geschossene Bilder…

So – und nun darf gemeckert werden!

Jens from

This is probably the best theme in whole WordPress theme directory.
Spent approximately 5 hours going through those themes and this was the only suitable one 
Thanks alot and hopefully I’ll see more of these extreme high quality themes from you someday 

OmegaZ from

I would agree with that!
I also spent a very good amount of time, looking at different themes.
When I weighed out looks, with functionality, this was the winner, in my opinion.

Mark from

It took me just one evening to implement your template, create my site pages, and paste in my content. You are a very talented designer. Thanks so much. My site looks wonderful.

Eve from

OMG! I have been looking and looking for a 3 column theme that’s different from all those boring themes that are out there. I had actually bookmarked your page with the RSS icons so I could feature it on my blog. When I saw the word Themes at the top, I had to check it out. And I’m so glad I did. Going to put this one on a couple of other blogs I have too. Thank you so much! Will definitely be watching for more of your outstanding themes!

Beamer from Earnbloggingmoney

I LOVE your CoffeeDesk theme, and have customized it to reflect my own personality. See for a detailed explanation of the changes, if you’re at all interested.

Two complaints I get on this theme, though, I feel are worth passing along:
First, the load time is comparatively slow (though the graphics are pretty small, so I’m not entirely sure why – seems there’s a .js file that’s slowing things down a bit); second, people hate the wide-narrow-narrow column arrangement. It fits the theme, but visitors might be happier if the planner appeared larger and the right side appeared to be cut off, so that the post area could be WIDER, and there would only be the one sidebar. (Does that make sense??) Anyway, I’m mostly willing to put up with those critics and their moaning, for now – but I do get those two comments from a LOT of visitors.

Holly Jahangiri from

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  1. What a fantastic and flexible theme! Been using it for several months on our site, and it always generates great compliments. No desire to look for anything else – thanks for a great theme!

    Bill from Dover Masonic Lodge

  2. Hi,

    Thx for all. It’s a very great work!
    Ema & Onyx from switzerland

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