WordPress 2.8 Features and Themes Compatibility

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The good news is now finally out! WordPress 2.8, with code name “Baker,” is now available. Once you log on to your WordPress you will be receiving a notice on the availability for download of this latest WordPress version.

The most significant feature of the WordPress 2.8-Baker is its capability to browse for themes from the Dashboard of WordPress. This means that you are able to specify your color choice, the number of columns that you require and choose between flexible or fixed width, among others.

WordPress 2.8 comes with a new widgets interface design with enhanced speed. Another great thing about this new version is that it offers solutions for over 790 bugs of the older version.

The other notable features of WordPress 2.8 include:
* Improved widgets API and widgets admin interface
* Plug in and theme editors with function lookup and syntax highlight function
* Improved loading speed of admin pages through compression and concatenation of script

If you had problems with widgets with the older version, this latest release may well be the solution to your problems. This latest release comes with an enhanced widget interface design which is not available in the 2.7 version. This feature provides multi-functionalities like widgets on the fly editing, multiple copies of widgets, and a lot more.

This latest version of WordPress is equipped with an enhanced CodePress Editor which will come in handy when you are making tweaks and edits to plugins and themes from your Dashboard. It also comes with contextual documentation capability which is an essential element for the functions in the file that is being edited.

With that said, will my free themes work on this latest version? I made it clear that my free themes will be compatible with the latest WordPress version so I am taking the time to test my themes on WordPress 2.8 at the moment. I will announce in Twitter and the theme pages whenever a new theme version that works on WP 2.8 is released.

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