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I constantly look out for ways to improve my themes. One thing about how special my themes is that I have incorporated a special font in the header title on some of my themes.

Take a look at the demo of our Mouse IT theme, for example. Look at the header title. It doesn’t show one color code but it is the gradient blue.

How do we achieve this effect?
I use a CSS trick to create gradient text effect with a PNG image, no Javascript or Flash.

Can I change the blog title in the WordPress admin?
Definitely! In the WordPress admin, follow this process: Setting -> General. Then key in your blog title in the “Blog Title” field.

Is the title SEO friendly?
Yes. The title passed the W3C Validation so search engines can index it easily.

Is it compatible with major browsers?
Yes. This effect has been tested on IE6, IE7, Firefox, Opera and Safari.

A screenshot below shows the header of the Mouse IT theme.

Mouse IT Header Gradient Font Effect

Yes. You hardly see this in other free themes! Hope you enjoy this effect ๐Ÿ˜›

Themes that are currently using this effect:
Mouse IT

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